From the most successful Washington State Conservative leaders in the last 50 years,

Eyman, Fagan, Fagan and Dunmire:

30 initiatives have qualified for the ballot since 1999, voters approved 19

1999’s I-695 put us on the political map.  When we turned in 514,141 voter signatures, the 2nd highest total in state history, Olympia was put on notice that the taxpayers wanted a seat at the table.  Continue reading


Less than 30 days left – please help make I-985 a reality

From Tim Eyman:

We’re sick and tired of tax increases.

We’re sick and tired of Olympia’s refusal to implement Auditor Sonntag’s $3.2 billion in tax savings.


We’re sick and tired of politicians telling us there’s not enough money ‘left over’ to fulfill the citizens’ top transportation priority: reducing traffic congestion (the top priority should be funded with the first tax dollar, not the last).


We’re sick and tired of not being given the chance to choose what we really want at the ballot box. Continue reading