Ruth Gibbs on John McCain (in February)

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    For months on debates, Senator McCain has been saying he will secure the borders and has been deliberately refusing to call out his plan after that.


    Everyone says he has learned his lesson and has changed on amnesty.  NOT SO!  Continue reading


Ron Ewart to Ruth Gibbs

Ms. Gibbs:
A couple of years ago I ran into a lady in Federal Way who was a victim of your vitriol and over-bearing personality.  I had never met you before but this lady’s description of you made an indelible picture of just who you are.  Upon occasion we all run into a person who has a mean spirit, ugly on the outside and the inside and that is also over-enamored with their own importance.  They are rare, but they do exist.  They build themselves and their inflated egos up, by tearing others down.  Somehow it empowers them, in their own mind.  It probably stems from an unsettling childhood.  In fact this characteristic is more prevalent in young children.

“If Ruth Gibbs were alive today, she’d roll over in her grave”

McCain  Gibbs  HageeAttention Gibbs watchers! Over at Salon:


Texas televangelist John Hagee has called the Roman Catholic Church “the Great Whore,” the “apostate church,” the “anti-Christ” and “a false cult system” that inspired Adolf Hitler to initiate the Holocaust. He also endorsed John McCain‘s presidential campaign after the Republican senator sought out his support.


Ruth believes that if you support a candidate you are responsible for all his positions AND all the positions of people who support that candidate AND the positions of all the people who support the people who support the candidate AND all their behaviors. So Ruth now, by her own logic, believes that Catholicism is behind the Holocaust.


We don’t know if Ruth ever intended Gibbs logic to be applied to Gibbs, but we’re certain that this is just the beginning of the fun.

Ruth Gibbs and Lies. Part ONE

On March 4, by publishing an article about Ruth Gibbs’ 11th District GOP Caucus (Ruth Gibbs opens GOP hunting season on Ron Paul delegates), I drove Ruth into her obsessive/compulsive mode and she began working to discredit me and the article (by any means necessary) with all the Rain-Man tenacity of Dustin Hoffman preparing a case for Judge Wapner.

Ruth spent countless hours on her vengeance project calling dozens of people (and if you’ve ever been on the business end of a phone call from Ruth Gibbs, you know how long each one of them took), making false claims, pressuring people, inspiring people to attack me, trying to get my allies to make politically “incriminating” statements or disavow each other, and doing muckraking research to find anything that could make me or anyone on the slate I supported, or anyone who endorsed the slate, or anyone who worked with anyone who endorsed the slate, or who worked with anyone who worked with anyone who endorsed the slate or their family or their friends, look bad on any basis whatsoever. The Clintons employ whole offices of people doing this sort of thing. Continue reading

Ruth Gibbs opens GOP Establishment hunting season on Ron Paul delegates


Saturday, I watched as Washington State’s eleventh Legislative District Republicans held their caucus. If it is any indication of what is to follow we’ll get to watch John McCain defeat Dino Rossi this year.  

It was the first of 49 legislative districts to elect delegates to the State Convention (in various ways), thus beginning the second stage of a five-step caucus/convention process to determine who will be our national convention delegates and, hence, to determine which Presidential Candidate gets the most loyal nominating delegates from Washington State. (When Wash. State GOP Chair Luke Esser announced to the Media last February 9th that John McCain had already “won the caucuses”, he was really, really stretching it.) The struggle over the actual process in the 11th was cold-blooded.   Continue reading