My Time-Travel Dream.

I had the strangest experience. I guess you’d call it a dream, although it was really more of a nightmare. It was as if I were taken back in time and lived a previously unknown part of U.S. history. And it seemed so real at the time I felt like I might find my own picture in one of the surviving early 20th century photographs of the participants.      

I was on the great ocean liner, the Titanic.
All around me the ship and its surroundings were beautiful, but eerie and foreboding in that dreamlike way… and, of course, I knew, in advance, of the ship’s eventual fate. Then, suddenly it was evening and I saw the fateful iceberg on the horizon. I warned a crewmember. “We know,” he said, “we’re not worried.”
I demanded to see the captain and, instantly, (in that way dreams have) he was there, professionally “calming” me. I explained to him the ship’s fate if we did not change course, and he seemed very kind and sympathetic. He assured me he was “personally opposed” to icebergs, but he did not change course.

Convention Song

(Lyrics altered by Doug Parris, Music by (and apologies to) Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

Though your brother’s bound and gagged
And they’ve chained him to a chair
Won’t you come to
Minneapolis to sing?

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Is There Life Without Toilet Paper?

Let’s follow these events to their illogical and deleterious conclusion.”

From Ron Ewart:

Forgive us for entering into a subject that is best left in the bathroom, but without certain items of biological comfort we could be sent back to the dark days of outhouses and Sears catalogues.  With the insanity that is radical environmentalism aside, our lifestyle and its comforts are a direct result of industrial ingenuity in turning trees (a renewable resource) into highly useful paper products from toilet and computer paper, to Continue reading

Aparent rigged convention in Pierce County

The GOP Left appears to be at it again.

The following, open letter to Washington State Republican Chair, Luke Esser, is the second report I’ve gotten pointing out UNBELIEVABLE balloting procedures and the sudden, unexpected victory of the more liberal candidate for County Executive. First Liberal Rob McKenna and Liberal Sam Reed endorse the “Mainstream” guy, then, suddenly, ballots are everywhere, replicated, replaced, no account taken of how many are handed out or where the legitimate delegates are seated, and then a one vote loss for the conservative announced. Continue reading

Winifred Parris (1/8/1920-4/11/2008)

On March 31, at her insistence, we moved my mother to a new residence. She said goodbye to her friends and departed.

Last night at 23:11, despite my raging and partially desperate efforts, in conjunction with medical professionals to prevent it, she departed altogether.

We continue, in this manner, not as if it is our intent, to send personal representatives to the Far Lands, though we already have, there, the best possible Advocate, His pledge to our cause written in His own blood.

Are You A Right-Wing ‘Super’ Patriot?

…a left-wing patriot, to government, is a real American patriot.  He or she is a good little wimp who believes in the power of the collective instead of the God-given, inalienable rights of the individual, that millions sacrificed their lives to defend. 

From Ron Ewart:

scene_at_the_signing_of_the_constitution_of_the_united_states-crop.jpgYou had better run for cover if you are a right-wing ‘super’ patriot.  The FBI could be looking over your shoulder right now and watching your every move.  If you don’t think so, then see what FBI Director, Robert F. Mueller, had to say in a speech before the U. S. Senate Committee on Intelligence, on February 16, 2005 Continue reading