Two men. Three first names.

paul-huck-julie-mitt-fred-75.jpgFrom what I can tell, Fred Thompson was the consensus winner of the South Carolina Fox/GOP debate Thursday evening and, for his candidacy, not a moment too soon.

Having seen what Fred can do rhetorically back in April, 2007, having investigated his positions as his candidacy “unfolded” in the “testing the waters” period, I expected three things to happen: Continue reading


You Watch. Fox decides.

the-fox.jpgAt one time there was a virtual media monopoly.

“Mainstream” media (MSM) were the only media. Broadcast news had four sources: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. They were all liberal. Wm. F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” which was broadcast only irregularly, at the mercy and whim of liberal PBS affiliates, was the only exception. You may not remember it.

Four events changed that regime of distortion and censorship:

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Republican Candidate Immigration Rankings

Based on their published positions, political promises and past actions in public office on the Immigration issue, both legal and illegal, we have rankings of the Republican  Contenders for the 2008 Presidential Nomination. There are still two tiers and a few surprises. Here, not on hype, but detailed analysis,  is the clear winner; the surprise, down to the wire, photo-finish loser, and the six runners-up:


As you can see, the Media/elite’s first tier is the conservative Illegal Immigration second tier, and vice-versa. I wonder why that is? Continue reading


From Don Feder at Grasstops USA:


donfeder.jpg For a connoisseur of hypocrisy, the shifting immigration stands of three GOP candidates is a banquet.

Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney have begun doing passable impressions of Lou Dobbs. But can you trust a candidate whose record contradicts his campaign rhetoric? (That was a rhetorical question.)

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Tancredo Sets the Standard

While conservatives continue to find the first tier candidates unacceptable on a range of issues, and continue to experience the let downs from the MSM’s chosen alternatives: Thompson and Huckabee, there’s a candidate that still sets the standard.  Though top blogger Michelle Malkin hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate, and her partner at Hot Air Bryan Preston is likely a “Fred Head”, it’s obvious they both see a standard bearer in Tancredo on the issue of illegal immigration and possibly beyond. 

Here’s Preston’s submitted question for the upcoming CNN/You Tube debate