How To Find a Good Wife (or Husband)

There are libraries full of dysfunctional psychological books about how marriage is an impossible proposition.  Prior to the feminist revolution, most books were about how to establish a marriage or how to make one better. 


One of the reasons marriage is on the rocks is because most of us are programmed from birth to fear the opposite sex and to adopt behavior patterns and beliefs that make it impossible to find a good marriage partner, and make us poor marriage partners as well.


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California Gay Marriage: A State In Irreversible Decline

In California, any two women will soon be able to “marry” each other (sexual orientation being completely irrelevant), have as many “love children” they want by bedding down boy-toys, and get paid tremendous sums of money for doing so.  Such a marriage will feature an average of four to six incomes: the incomes of the two women, at least two sets of child support orders, and two sets of welfare entitlements.




[Dave Usher occasionally writes a landmark article. This is one of them ~ editor]

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Paternity fraud in Colorado (Thanks Rep. Gardner!)

From Dr. Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.:

     It is an ancient principle that it is in the best interest of a child to have paternity established and left undisturbed by the courts. Insofar as practical that principle should be obeyed. But that principle was formed on the basis that children were almost always born within a marriage, and that the couple would raise the child together. Obviously that is no longer true but in support of that principle Colorado law at present makes it impossible for a divorced man, or an unmarried man against whom a paternity judgement has been entered to remove the obligation for child support despite DNA evidence establishing he is not the father of the child. Continue reading

Who’s Tired Of Pink?

femilogo-fist-on-swastika.jpgThe Huffington Post (colloquially known as the “Ton of Huffing Post”) insulted American intelligence last Friday by publishing a pretzel-logic rant by one Erica Jong, titled “Who’s Tired Of Pink?”.

Fortunately, Ms. Jong speaks only for the few sociopathic women who wouldn’t know what to do with a good man if he fell out of the sky and landed right in her lap.  Continue reading

Hillary: Deadbeat Politics Comes Home

Christmas is the season when feminist  judges and aspiring prosecutors round up all those guys who can’t afford to pay fixed-sums of “child support” demanded to finance feminist divorce-for-the-hell-of-it, so as to appease the do-gooders in the Pink Aristocracy. Combine this jolly style of secular Mussolinism with a Presidential election, and it all comes straight back down the chimney.


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