Will the Real Bigots and Hypocrites Please Stand Up?

From ‘Sillie Lizzie”:

Now here is an amazing thing. I was just reading that there are 13 million “disaffected” female Hillary voters out there, women who support Hillary just because she is female. Recall what these women said about men who only vote for men? Male Chauvinist Pigs!  

Let’s add that figure to the tens of millions, both black and white (Rev. Wright’s “black liberation theology” notwithstanding) who will vote for Obama just because he is black, including some black Republicans. Recall what blacks say about “white supremacists” who only vote for white people? Racist Bigots! Continue reading


June 16, 2008 MassResistance Update

This is what’s coming to your public schools. A major organizer and promoter of this event is also a major figure in the state-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which runs homosexual programs in public schools across the state. (The Legislature is giving them $850,000 of [taxpayer’s] money in 2009.) Gunner Scott, a woman with a beard and sideburns, runs the ultra-radical Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, but in her role as a Mass. “GLBT Commissioner” travels to public schools, works with kids, and helps set up transgender programs in schools with your money. Continue reading

How To Find a Good Wife (or Husband)

There are libraries full of dysfunctional psychological books about how marriage is an impossible proposition.  Prior to the feminist revolution, most books were about how to establish a marriage or how to make one better. 


One of the reasons marriage is on the rocks is because most of us are programmed from birth to fear the opposite sex and to adopt behavior patterns and beliefs that make it impossible to find a good marriage partner, and make us poor marriage partners as well.


Both men and women must fully understand that feminism is an optional illness.  Continue reading

California Gay Marriage: A State In Irreversible Decline

In California, any two women will soon be able to “marry” each other (sexual orientation being completely irrelevant), have as many “love children” they want by bedding down boy-toys, and get paid tremendous sums of money for doing so.  Such a marriage will feature an average of four to six incomes: the incomes of the two women, at least two sets of child support orders, and two sets of welfare entitlements.




[Dave Usher occasionally writes a landmark article. This is one of them ~ editor]

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Paternity fraud in Colorado (Thanks Rep. Gardner!)

From Dr. Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.:

     It is an ancient principle that it is in the best interest of a child to have paternity established and left undisturbed by the courts. Insofar as practical that principle should be obeyed. But that principle was formed on the basis that children were almost always born within a marriage, and that the couple would raise the child together. Obviously that is no longer true but in support of that principle Colorado law at present makes it impossible for a divorced man, or an unmarried man against whom a paternity judgement has been entered to remove the obligation for child support despite DNA evidence establishing he is not the father of the child. Continue reading

McCain liberal takeover under way

novak094-33.jpgWho knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The “Prince of  Darkness” knows for he walks by night.

The “Prince of Darkness” is paleo-conservative reporter Robert Novak and his reputation for inside-story scoops is legendary (see: Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame). His latest is the following: Continue reading