Pro-Life Conservatives confront Rudy in FLA: Giuliani Rattled, Cancels Remarks

florida-protestsm.jpg A third of my generation is dead because of politicians like Giuliani.” — Steven Pokorny, age 28, at Giuliani during meeting in Miami, Sunday, Jan. 13

MIAMI, Jan. 13 /CNW/ — Rudy Giuliani was rattled by pro-life advocates and canceled His speech at his first bus-tour event Sunday in Miami. Activists have planned confrontations with Rudy for every stop of his Florida bus tour. Continue reading


Ronald Reagan’s favorite publication endorses Fred Thompson

hot-dog-cap.jpgHuman Events, in its announcement of endorsement, enumerates the reasons for their decision, including a detailed breakdown of each of the six major candidates based on conservative principle. You may disagree with their criteria, but it is a very good synopsis of the characteristics of the men and the differences between them. 


Two men. Three first names.

paul-huck-julie-mitt-fred-75.jpgFrom what I can tell, Fred Thompson was the consensus winner of the South Carolina Fox/GOP debate Thursday evening and, for his candidacy, not a moment too soon.

Having seen what Fred can do rhetorically back in April, 2007, having investigated his positions as his candidacy “unfolded” in the “testing the waters” period, I expected three things to happen: Continue reading

You Watch. Fox decides.

the-fox.jpgAt one time there was a virtual media monopoly.

“Mainstream” media (MSM) were the only media. Broadcast news had four sources: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. They were all liberal. Wm. F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” which was broadcast only irregularly, at the mercy and whim of liberal PBS affiliates, was the only exception. You may not remember it.

Four events changed that regime of distortion and censorship:

Continue reading

The European Union is an Evil Empire


…if you are interested in the continued existence of the United States of America, these 3 would seem to be the only viable options to you. Continue reading

Anti-Abortion Legend, Joan Andrews Bell and Companions Refuse to Pay Fine; Jailed for 5 Days

nh-protest-2.jpgThere should be 1,000 pro-lifers sitting in at Giuliani’s offices nationwide; he is like Joseph Stalin when it comes to killing the innocent.”
— Joan Andrews-Bell

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, Dec. 21 /CNW/ — 14 arrested outside Rudy Giuliani’s headquarters in Manchester. Among them were dedicated anti-Abortion leaders, Randall Terry (founder of Operation Rescue), Joan Andrews-Bell (who has served multiple years in prison and is the Author of “You Reject Them, You Reject Me.”) and her son Emiliano (whom suffers from “frozen joint disease” and was adopted after being rescued from a dumpster after being born with no legs.) Continue reading