Part 4: One man two first names: a Republican Obituary?

lucy-strange-feeling.jpg No more Mr. Nice Guy. I said a REVOLUTION, and that’s what I meant.

“I’ve a most horrible feeling – as if something were hanging over us,” said Lucy.

Wednesday Night, in the final debate before “Super Tuesday,” Huckabee pressed his class warfare and complained about the debate accomodations on the second tier, Ron Paul focused on the one issue where it would seem he can’t win a majority of Republicans, and McCain and Romney wrestled over which of them was the “true conservative.” Continue reading


The Only Way for the “Next Four” to Beat Giuliani and Stop Ron Paul

rudy-the-next-four-and-paul.jpgIt goes without saying that Ron Paul can rocket to frontrunner status…

 Any foreign male, especially any foreign Muslim or Russian male, can see at a glance that the 2008 US Presidential race is all about whether American men are willing to let a radical feminist lead them and if they will even bother to try to put up a fight by even mentioning the word Continue reading

Pro Life Leaders Implode While Pro-Life Rank and File Soar

Politics Jaded. Prayer Works. Who Knew?

FredThe Trigger

It started Sunday, November 4th. Fred Thompson, the man whom many conservatives hoped would be “the next Ronald Reagan”, committed the un-Reaganesque thumbing of nose at the pro-life plank of the Republican Party platform. It happened on “Meet the Press”.  Tim Russert, his persistent interviewer, read the entire plank aloud, and asked for Thompson’s position on it.  He opposed it.  It was a serious blow to many of his pro-life supporters.

Committed pro-lifers who are fairly new to the 30 year debate over how best to strategically end legalized abortion, might consider his mere opposition to supporting a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution acceptable, especially in light of his support for overturning Roe vs. Wade.  If one considered it long enough, one would realize that his position, supporting the overturning of Roe, and then leaving it to the states, would have allowed slavery to continue in some states. 

But it gets worse.  When pressed, Thompson said, that although he believes that life begins at conception, and that abortion is the taking of a human life, he doesn’t believe it ought to be “criminalized” (read: made illegal).

The blow set off….  Continue reading

Oil Price Gouging: From Enron With Love

Giant speculative investment funds and oil companies now make tremendous profits raiding the oil spot-market, playing seemingly separate but implicitly cooperative roles serving up the same end-effect as Enron wreaked on California.  

Remember what Enron did to California and millions of investors?  It took advantage of deregulation in California, manipulating electricity prices by raiding the futures market, overscheduling power lines, and creating fears about shortages.  PG&E went bankrupt because it could not raise rates to customers.(1) The whole thing unraveled, and Enron went down in flames in the biggest bankruptcy in American history. Continue reading