How the Failures of Welfare Reform Created Our Lawless Courts (Part One)

Moreover, during Dave’s incarceration he was subjected to physical torture for refusing to acquiesce to the false claims of domestic violence…” 

by Terri Lynn Tersak

clinton-gingrich-cropped.jpgDespite the best of intentions, the programs developed within our “Welfare Reform” of the 1990’s served as the major funding sources used by the states to promote single-parent families. This resulted in the decay of the cornerstone of our society, marriage and intact, functioning family. Continue reading


Tri-City Herald “Choice” & Censorship Policy Clarified

feminazi-orange-pink.jpgSubmitted Letter to the Editor:

On the morning of September 4th a small group of concerned Tri City citizens met to pray in front of the Kennewick Planned Parenthood (where abortions are  performed). Groups have shown their concern here for years. Today would be different.  As a young pregnant distraut woman walked over to the praying people, she voiced her distress at going in for an abortion. She said she didn’t want to  have the abortion, but didn’t know what else to do. She was looking for guidance and help in this pregancy. As we were speaking, an employee of  Planned Parenthood, stepped outside, exchanged negative remarks about our  presence there and firmly pulled this young woman by her arm, across the parking lot and into the building. There was noticable resistance by the young woman. Continue reading

Wastin’ Away Again in Willard Romneyville…

...searchin' for my lost freedom of speech...
some people claim it's the Democrats to blame...
but I think... it's the RINOs' fault. 

life11-smaller.jpgAs a participant, this year, in the Marches for Life (opposing abortion) and for America (opposing illegal immigration), I witnessed the progression of police protection as conceived by left-wing administrations in Olympia and Seattle. In both cases, conservative events were the targets of opposition by extremist fringe protestors, in both cases, prominently bolstered by a loud homosexual presence. Continue reading

Who are the “Top Staff Reporters” at Character Assassin Central? Nathan Johnson? Matthew Lundh?

On October 3rd, I was alerted to the existence of a character assassination website designed to ruin the reputation of Republican Jane Hague‘s opponent for the King County Council. I went there and was immediately confronted by a blatant lie in large red type, right under the fake newspaper title banner. Here is a snapshot of what I saw…


(Click on the picture to see a PDF of the whole paper.)

The hit piece against Richard Pope has King County Chairman Michael Young’s fingerprints all over it, but, glaringly, not his signature. Continue reading

Part VI: The King of Character Assassination

michael-young-06.jpg“It takes large murder to turn rocks in the shade and expose the strange worms beneath. The lives of our discontented madmen are revealed.”           

~ James Douglas Morrison, “THE LORDS, Notes on Vision,”©1969

I will never forget those few minutes last year, seeing the ferocity of a beast on the face of a man; the Chairman of the King County Republican Party, no less, sitting a few feet away. It was a suddenly open window on the soul of Michael Young. I won’t forget it and you shouldn’t either. It was during the second official meeting of the County Platform Committee. Continue reading


1916-nomination.jpgIn “Why Fred Thompson Will Win,” Peter Mulhern, over at Real Clear Politics, with only one glaring exception, recapitulates much of my view of the Nomination Race.

The article is so full of insight, penetrating analysis and incisive rhetoric, that I thought for a moment I had written it. Lol. Continue reading

40 Days for Life

cliff100.jpgIn the ninth century B.C. the prophet Elijah, convinced that his people had abandoned the foundation principles of civilization, had forsaken belief in God and morality, and had eliminated all the voices of reason; and being, himself, pursued by king’s soldiers, whose objective was his death, he journeyed for 40 Days into a mountain wilderness seeking the face of God.

He was fasting.


Continue reading