Rudy McRomney’s Preference: Presidential Primary, Not Caucus

240x400_rino In an effort to be “relevant”, the Washington GOP State Committee met Saturday June 2 and voted to determine the majority of its delegates (51%) to the Republican National Convention based on the results of the presidential primary rather than the caucus and convention system.  Simultaneously, Republican and Democrat leaders have had ongoing meetings to determine the date of the presidential primary.  This series of meetings resulted in Continue reading


Young and Sotelo’s support for Illegal Alien Amnesty

On January 7, 2004, standing in the East Room of Ross peeks from behind Lorithe White House, George Bush announced his plans to legalize millions of foreign criminals.

The reverberations from that announcement have been becoming more intense for three years. In less than a year all four cabinet members standing with the President, that day, would resign. In the 2006 national election Republicans would be voted out of majorities in both houses of Congress – a political advantage that had taken 40 years to obtain.

The day following the announcement, January 8, 2004, the King County Republican Party administration of Michael Young and Lori Sotelo through their paid executive director, Ross Marzolf, announced their full support of the Amnesty scheme with a multi-bulleted email message of such platitudes and distortions as to bring tears to the eyes of an aluminum siding salesman.

A year later they moved their pro-Bush Amnesty choice into the Republican Party’s State Chairmanship and then filled the National Cmmitteewoman postion with a Washington State Republican national Hispanic Assembly member who insists on being called “Mexican.” In January ’07, another member of the National Hispanic Republican amnesty group became State Party Vice Chair. How do you suppose they were able to score Amnesty Architect Karl Rove for their Lincoln Day Dinner?   Continue reading

Tom Tancredo’s Speech to CPAC

To view the video click here. Below is the condensed version in text.

I a€™m simply troubled, and maybe you are too, by this recent influx of hyphenated conservatives. Neo-conservatives over here. Paleo-conservatives over there. Compassionate conservatives out in the hallway, and the latest nonsense—commonsense conservatives.

Now I am glad to see that at least today, €”March 2, 2007 €”everybody running for the top office is some kind of conservative.

But for those of us who have been unhyphenated conservatives since before Al Gore invented the Internet, Continue reading