FOX-TV Plans “Bad Dads” Colosseum Lynching of Poor Men

I was astonished to see that FOX Television, in its nauseating quest for ever tawdry reality-TV shows, plans to turn the problems of poor fathers into an extermination in the Fox Colosseum. Continue reading


Pentagon Corruption: Two Marines need your help

We’re seeing the long-term liabilities of politically correct war: from NewsMax, through Human Events: 

time-smear.jpgTwo Marines need your help . . . again.

Last year, I wrote to you about the plight of three American heroes, Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum, Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, and Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich.

The three were under investigation for allegations that they committed atrocities in Haditha, Iraq, in November 2005.

When I first wrote to you about these courageous men, they were under Article 32 investigation – the military equivalent of a grand jury hearing.

The hysteria against these Marines was set off by a Time magazine reporter whose only sources were known insurgent propagandists, civilian supporters of al-Qaida, or civilians intimidated by al-Qaida thugs. Continue reading

Who are the real terrorists, the arsonists or the Herald?

street-of-dreams-fire.jpgThe Everett Herald is totally out of touch…  

The following is from Bob Clark:

This morning my wife and I walked the ½ mile round trip down to Old Owen Road to get this morning’s Herald and were stunned to see this on the front page:

This irresponsible and morally objectionable story by Jeff Switzer offers indirect JUSTIFICATION for the criminals who engaged in the TERRORISM at Echo Lake.  Continue reading


fox-news-logo-main.jpgThe willful manipulation of the election process by media is the first reason to oppose campaign finance laws. Those laws always exempt news media and, if we want to continue to have free speech protected by the First Amendment, they should exempt media. But that gives an immense advantage to the working press to contol access to communication with  the general public. Continue reading

Washington Supreme Court Lineup 2008

burrage-1-cap.jpgJohn Groen of Bellevue is going to challenge Chief Justice Gerry Alexander. The pair ran against each other in 2006. John Groen will be our pick because he has proven himself to understand the Constitution as written.

Justice Susan Owen will be facing three challengers from her last race in 2006 and a new challenger.

Steve Johnson will be running again in this race and Michael Johnson will once again run against Steve Johnson to confuse the voters, even though it is a felony to do so. Continue reading

You Watch. Fox decides.

the-fox.jpgAt one time there was a virtual media monopoly.

“Mainstream” media (MSM) were the only media. Broadcast news had four sources: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. They were all liberal. Wm. F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” which was broadcast only irregularly, at the mercy and whim of liberal PBS affiliates, was the only exception. You may not remember it.

Four events changed that regime of distortion and censorship:

Continue reading