Ruth Gibbs on John McCain (in February)

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    For months on debates, Senator McCain has been saying he will secure the borders and has been deliberately refusing to call out his plan after that.


    Everyone says he has learned his lesson and has changed on amnesty.  NOT SO!  Continue reading


Rob McKenna says you’re a RACIST.

It was a sunny morning in 2004. Rob McKenna (now McCain chair) was on the stump and looking like a young Slade Gorton or Rudi Giuliani (but with hair). He was smart, politically savvy and liberal enough, at least on social issues, to be re-elected, unopposed, as Councilman in Soviet King County. And this was to be his banner year, the year to be elected State Attorney General


It happened at the King County Republican Convention, where, later that day, McKenna’s speech would extol the imminent success of the Washington State GOP: we were well financed, organized, unified, and with a newly shrunken and “broadened” platform! Nothing was missing! Victory was assured!  [McKenna, thanks almost entirely to the Builders Industry Association of Washington, did, indeed, form a one-two winning combination behind Dino Rossi, but the balance of the Republican ticket was, generally, slaughtered in November.] Continue reading

Part I. WSRP 2008: Prologue to Dark Sentences

In the summer of 2007 The Reagan Wing was in preparation for our Washington State Immigration Summit (that would, that June 30th, present national Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, and direct messages from three Presidential Candidates). In conversation, after the planning one evening, I can remember saying “We should begin to see the hand of God in the 2008 Presidential elections.”


It was true… but, of course… He’s not a tame Lion.


I’ve been at this awhile and I have a sense for the players, the forces at work: the challenges that have prevented the GOP from having a conservative Presidential Nominee since 1984. And yet, in the months since then, I have been astonished at the events. Continue reading

Mexican Tractorcade

130,000 farmers protest in Mexico against NAFTA


Thousands of farmers marched through the streets of Mexico City to express their opposition to the agricultural section of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Protesters also burned a tractor in front of the Monument to the Revolution, and also demanded the dismissal of Alberto Cardenas, the head of Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico.

I wonder what Ron Simms would have thought of that. Continue reading

You Watch. Fox decides.

the-fox.jpgAt one time there was a virtual media monopoly.

“Mainstream” media (MSM) were the only media. Broadcast news had four sources: ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. They were all liberal. Wm. F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” which was broadcast only irregularly, at the mercy and whim of liberal PBS affiliates, was the only exception. You may not remember it.

Four events changed that regime of distortion and censorship:

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