Direct assault on the Catholic Church

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

All across America, giddy with their new majorities and super majorities, Democrats and their liberal Republican Allies have set themseleves to the task of dismantling American Freedom.

Leaving no stone un-turned, we see, in the Conecticut Legislature, a bill introduced by co-chairs Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor to end the control by the Catholic Church of its own parishes in direct and obvious violation of the Constitution. Continue reading


Freedom Is Always Won by an Irate Minority


From Ron Ewart: 

We are not blind.  Most of us with eyes to see, know what is happening.  The “give me’s” have won …… for now!   They have succumbed to the siren call of the government’s free lunch, that the wise ones know, is not free. 
But don’t despair.  It has always been this way.  Continue reading

Bad at Science. Great at Math.

Giving new meaning to the word brazen, Planned Parenthood has spent the most recent legislative session lobbying for even more money for the state’s largest chain of abortion centers.
It’s not enough that Planned Parenthood affiliates across Washington already receive close to $15 million from state and federal tax moneys. Nor is it enough that Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (PPWW) makes a profit of $9 million in contraceptive sales each year. And let’s ignore the fact that all Washington Planned Parenthood branches have seen their revenues soar and coffers swell in recent years under the state’s Take Charge program. (In 2002 Planned Parenthood of Western Washington was listed as the fourth richest Planned Parenthood in the entire nation.) Continue reading

Viguerie: Conservatives prepared to sit out 2008

apigintux.jpgThe farther we go down this road, the longer it will take to repair the relationship between conservatives and the Republican Party. 

(Manassas, Virginia) – Republicans’ loss of the House seat held for two decades by former Speaker Dennis Hastert is “proof that conservatives are prepared to sit out the 2008 elections,” Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, said. 

   “Instead of contributing and volunteering, conservatives are closing their checkbooks and staying home.  Liberals and Democrats are enthusiastic to a degree not seen in decades, and grassroots conservatives are sitting on their hands,” Viguerie said. Continue reading

To a Politician, Tough Love means YOU pay More Taxes

moneytruck.jpgDemocrat Governor of New Jersey has come under fire for proposing to increase highway tolls 50% every four years for the next fourteen years and add tolls to some State highways. This is to pay off a 32 Billion dollar deficit. How does a State get 32 Billion in the hole in the first place? To his credit, he does advocate a State spending freeze to 2007 levels – but anyone in Washington State knows how well spending freezes work. Continue reading