The Bio-Diesel Hook

From the email underground:
Hello All,
Think it is VERY important to share my experience with Bio-Diesel with you. Three years ago this August I had all the hoses on my ’81 MBZ 380 Turbo Diesel replaced so I could switch from Diesel to Bio-Diesel….. Continue reading

Crocodile Tears And Cow Flatulence

Our government is jumping aboard the global warming bandwagon in a big way. Ignoring any facts to the contrary, they continue to fuel a juggernaut that will result in more government, more taxes, more ‘crises’ and more useful idiots.

Even Republicans are on board, with John McCain turning green with a twist guaranteed to garner liberal votes. He’s proposed a ‘cap and trade’ system (called redistribution of wealth) to help battle climate change. It used to be only liberals who had the hubris to think man can control climate. Continue reading

Eco-friendly Clothes

Team McCain,

This week our campaign is promoting John McCain‘s long-term commitment to climate change and highlighting ways we can all protect and expand our environmentally-based bureaucracies and regulations. We’re also taking this week to launch a new section of our store – complete with eco-friendly items.

In our new store section, we’re proud to offer eco-friendly t-shirts, polo shirts and campaign promises made from biodegradable fabric, as well as organic cotton hats and shopping bags. You can also buy travel mugs, notebooks and conservative buzz-words made from recycled materials. Please show your support for John McCain by purchasing these items (or any other store item) by following this link. Continue reading

Part II, WSRP 2008: The McCain Problem that made Ron Paul the final solution.

(Earlier: Part I. WSRP 2008: Prologue to Dark Sentences)


When Rob McKenna and Michael Young and Luke Esser woke up the morning of February 10, 2008, they knew they had a major problem. The day before, Washington State Republicans had held Precinct Caucuses and Esser had announced John McCain had “won.” Good enough. But on the other hand…


1. Here is one way to express the problem: 


Former State Party Chair and McCain operative Chris Vance explained it this way (right here on

It is well known by now that most people who choose “undeclared” are actually Paul supporters. However, it is my understanding that in some counties there has been no disclosure at all.”


This was not a “victory” of anything at all. It was the first Wind of Disaster. It was a prescription for the loss (to McCain) of every Washington State National Delegate. Continue reading

There Will Be No Property Rights If ……………….

house-of-cards.gif…what if we told you that this event… could be prevented?  What if we told you that an arm of the Federal Government has already made this prediction and that they have already come up with suggestions on how to forestall a financial meltdown?”

 Ron Ewart, President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, points with alarm to

America’s Financial House of Cards: 

As we keep saying, “the inmates are in charge of the asylum” and we have the proof.  A “House” who does not have its financial affairs in order, is doomed to collapse and for our “house”, the United States of America, collapse is where we, as a nation, are headed.  We know what you are saying, Continue reading