Advertising Age’s Jonah Bloom, Peddler of Organized Misandry

not-jobs-bloom-60.jpgJonah Bloom, the editor of Advertising Age recently took an outrageous position backing advertising that either severely denigrates men, pictures them as subjects for sexual or social abuse, or portrays them as fools in a world of wonderful women. 

In his article “When It Comes to Whining About Ads, Father Knows Best”, Bloom makes the grave mistake pontificating there is something wrong with real live men who object to men being generically treated like manure by writers unable to find one ounce of respect for anything other than women. Perhaps Bloom would so ardently support agencies if they crudely portrayed women as brain-dead sex objects, or broad-brushed blacks with Klannish racist insults?  Continue reading

BLACKLISTED! Michael Young’s anti-Republican War

gossett-addresses-reunion-cap-50.jpgIn honor of Dr. Martin Luther King we’d like to re-publish this article that originally appeared in 2005. It centers on the revisionism that opposes the things that Dr. King stood for and it upholds the true meaning of his life.

If you’re old enough to have known the America of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne you must regard the fact that a man like Larry Gossett could even hold public office as stuff of the Twilight Zone. That “Mainstream” King County Republican Chair Michael Young would work to keep Marxist Gossett in office is off the charts for irony. Continue reading

DEMOCRATS SMEARED Martin Luther King IN THE 1960’S

nbra-square.gifFrom Frances Rice, of the National Black Republican Association:

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the month of his birth, let us also pause to remember the indignities he endured, who caused his suffering  – the Democrats – and how.

Character assassination.  That’s the tactic used by Democrats in the 1960’s to discredit Dr.  King, a Republican who was fighting the Democrats and trying to stop them from denying civil rights to blacks.

The relentless disparagement of Dr. King by Democrats led to his being physically assaulted and ultimately to his tragic death.

Continue reading

If you are having an affair – Don’t drink at staff parties!

colleen-cuts-the-cake-w_caption.jpgFederal Way Judge Colleen Hartl was having an affair with an attorney who appeared regularly before her court. Nobody knew about this until she got drunk at a staff party and began bragging about it. Her supervising judge learned of it about noon the next day and asked her to take the rest of the day off. The following day she resigned.  Continue reading

Democrats Continue to Push Death as Solution to Suffering

gregoire-gardner.jpgFormer Democratic Washington state governor Booth Gardner will formally file his assisted suicide initiative with a press conference tomorrow in Olympia.

Governor Gregoire, long-time supporter of killing unborn children who present a problem for their mothers or others, says her “heart goes out to his condition” but says “I find it on a personal level, very, very difficult to support assisted suicide.”  Despite Postman’s headline, one wonders if she is preparing to take a Giuliani-Cuomo “personally opposed” but “it should be legal” approach to the topic. 

A Declaration of Rural Independence

the-unanimous-declaration-50.jpgGovernment’s egregious actions have stirred the deep anger of rural landowners throughout America and an uprising against the tyranny of the majority is brewing.” 

Fron Ron Ewart: 

Rural landowners are not the play thing of cities, to be whipped around like a dog shaking a rag doll in his mouth.   Continue reading