From the most successful Washington State Conservative leaders in the last 50 years,

Eyman, Fagan, Fagan and Dunmire:

30 initiatives have qualified for the ballot since 1999, voters approved 19

1999’s I-695 put us on the political map.  When we turned in 514,141 voter signatures, the 2nd highest total in state history, Olympia was put on notice that the taxpayers wanted a seat at the table.  Continue reading


Less than 30 days left – please help make I-985 a reality

From Tim Eyman:

We’re sick and tired of tax increases.

We’re sick and tired of Olympia’s refusal to implement Auditor Sonntag’s $3.2 billion in tax savings.


We’re sick and tired of politicians telling us there’s not enough money ‘left over’ to fulfill the citizens’ top transportation priority: reducing traffic congestion (the top priority should be funded with the first tax dollar, not the last).


We’re sick and tired of not being given the chance to choose what we really want at the ballot box. Continue reading


Leaders in the White House, the Congress, and the Republican National Committee and its affiliates, along with most Republican leaders at the state level, have failed – or outright betrayed – the conservative voters who put them in their positions.

Echoing the sentiments expressed by Rush Limbaugh, the last few days, is the following from Richard Viguerie:

MANASSAS, Va., May 14 /CNW/ — The Republican Party must have new leadership, or conservatives will continue to withhold support, and the Party will crash in flames in November, Richard A. Viguerie, publisher of, said. “Accordingly, Republican Party leaders must resign.” Continue reading

Tim Sutinen’s Open Letter to Senator Honeyford

sutinen-reagan.jpgCowlitz County’s Republican State Committeeman, Tim Sutinen, though young, is a longtime Reagan Republican running for the Washington State Legislature from the 19th District.

Frustrated with the status quo of a Party that seems to stand for nothing, he sent along this open letter to Senator Jim Honeyford (R?), of the 15th District, who just endorsed a bill that would create a new bureaucracy for regulating Home Inspectors, and comments: “This is profoundly sad.  Not only are we fighting the Democrats, but also big government supporters within our own party!” Continue reading

Republican Candidate Immigration Rankings

Based on their published positions, political promises and past actions in public office on the Immigration issue, both legal and illegal, we have rankings of the Republican  Contenders for the 2008 Presidential Nomination. There are still two tiers and a few surprises. Here, not on hype, but detailed analysis,  is the clear winner; the surprise, down to the wire, photo-finish loser, and the six runners-up:


As you can see, the Media/elite’s first tier is the conservative Illegal Immigration second tier, and vice-versa. I wonder why that is? Continue reading

Duncan Hunter in Las Vegas Monday!

duncan_hunter0504.jpgCraig Keller, who arranged for Duncan Hunter’s live address to the Reagan Wing’s Illegal Immigration Summit, is leaving from SeaTac airport in the wee hours, this morning (Sunday), to prepare for a quick whistle-stop campaign swing with the candidate, himself, in Nevada.

Craig sent this note along for the Reagan Wing of the Republican Party:

Hunter supporters in Nevada!

Wherever you may be in the state, we wish you to share that Mr. Hunter will see many of you again this Monday. Continue reading