American Right to Life Misunderstands Ron Paul

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SpeakerI would much rather be writing a positive and promotional post about the American Right to Life.  I have lauded their organization, their efforts and their leader from their beginning, early this year.  I agree with their approach, to focus on the personhood of the unborn.  Restoring the unalienable right to life ultimately depends on our recognition of personhood.  It’s right there in Roe vs. Wade: “(If the) suggestion of personhood is established, the [abortion rights] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”  Whether we do that separately in all 50 states or through a federal Constitution Amendment (ratified by all 50 states), that is the goal.  No amount of child killing regulation will restore the right to life.  We can’t just “chip away” at Roe vs. Wade.  We must challenge it outright. 
The decision to “focus on the strategy” is a good one, so long as it includes an approach that is lawful.  The American Right to Life Action league would do well to consider constitutional arguments from a presidential candidate who shares the principles and goals of their organization, but instead, they have chosen to slander him.  That’s right.  Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who has given the pro-life cause enough thought to write a book about it, has championed the cause of personhood in his Sanctity of Life Act, and has even won over former pro-choicers to his principled pro-life position.  Ron Paul has been ignored or written off by the media, and now more than ever, is assumed to have no chance at winning the Republican nomination, barring a miracle (which I still hope for and still believe can happen) yet is now being slandered by American Right to Life in their hit piece, “Ron Paul is pro-choice, state by state.”  The timing of their anti-Romney campaign made much more sense, when he was leading in the polls, unless they know something now that we don’t know about Ron Paul and his chances.   

Before the piece went public, I was even contacted and given the chance to respond, Continue reading



If you think Ron Paul blames America for 9/11, or that he is an “isolationist”, or if you wonder why he’s always bringing up monetary policy when he’s being asked about foreign policy, then you need to watch this video: 

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Simplified

I promise, it’s worth your time.

Republican Candidate Immigration Rankings

Based on their published positions, political promises and past actions in public office on the Immigration issue, both legal and illegal, we have rankings of the Republican  Contenders for the 2008 Presidential Nomination. There are still two tiers and a few surprises. Here, not on hype, but detailed analysis,  is the clear winner; the surprise, down to the wire, photo-finish loser, and the six runners-up:


As you can see, the Media/elite’s first tier is the conservative Illegal Immigration second tier, and vice-versa. I wonder why that is? Continue reading

“Why Won’t People Vote for the Most Viable Candidate?”

time-paul-3.jpgIn recent months I’ve slowly become aware, and, I must admit, a bit astonished, at a recurring pattern among Giuliani supporters. They support an imaginary candidate, running against reality and when reality appears they become angry. We’ll call it “9/11 Syndrome.”

I encountered it again at the KCGOP’s Mike Huckabee Dinner. I need to set the scene.

I went to help work a literature table for the Duncan Hunter campaign ~ so I have to admit that I spent a lot of time at the display table for the only “whole” conservative represented at the dinner (we were flanked by Romney and McCain tables and there was one for Huckabee), and I can’t claim to have spoken to a balanced cross-section of the audience. Nevertheless, a surprising number of the people I talked to leaned over to me and, literally, whispered a confidential secret that, unbeknown to each Continue reading

There’s Blood in the Water

blood-water.jpgWhat a week.

In our last episode Hillary took both positions on driver’s licenses for illegals under the polite, but persistent questioning of (Democrat) Tim Russert and began falling precipitously in the polls.  

Her campaign’s reaction did not work: getting NY Gov. Spitzer to reverse himself on the issue, assuming girl-victim status, attacking Russert and threatening Wolf Blitzer, tonight’s debate moderator . This should be a really interesting debate. Continue reading

Pro Life Leaders Implode While Pro-Life Rank and File Soar

Politics Jaded. Prayer Works. Who Knew?

FredThe Trigger

It started Sunday, November 4th. Fred Thompson, the man whom many conservatives hoped would be “the next Ronald Reagan”, committed the un-Reaganesque thumbing of nose at the pro-life plank of the Republican Party platform. It happened on “Meet the Press”.  Tim Russert, his persistent interviewer, read the entire plank aloud, and asked for Thompson’s position on it.  He opposed it.  It was a serious blow to many of his pro-life supporters.

Committed pro-lifers who are fairly new to the 30 year debate over how best to strategically end legalized abortion, might consider his mere opposition to supporting a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution acceptable, especially in light of his support for overturning Roe vs. Wade.  If one considered it long enough, one would realize that his position, supporting the overturning of Roe, and then leaving it to the states, would have allowed slavery to continue in some states. 

But it gets worse.  When pressed, Thompson said, that although he believes that life begins at conception, and that abortion is the taking of a human life, he doesn’t believe it ought to be “criminalized” (read: made illegal).

The blow set off….  Continue reading