Rob McKenna says you’re a RACIST.

It was a sunny morning in 2004. Rob McKenna (now McCain chair) was on the stump and looking like a young Slade Gorton or Rudi Giuliani (but with hair). He was smart, politically savvy and liberal enough, at least on social issues, to be re-elected, unopposed, as Councilman in Soviet King County. And this was to be his banner year, the year to be elected State Attorney General


It happened at the King County Republican Convention, where, later that day, McKenna’s speech would extol the imminent success of the Washington State GOP: we were well financed, organized, unified, and with a newly shrunken and “broadened” platform! Nothing was missing! Victory was assured!  [McKenna, thanks almost entirely to the Builders Industry Association of Washington, did, indeed, form a one-two winning combination behind Dino Rossi, but the balance of the Republican ticket was, generally, slaughtered in November.] Continue reading


Hope for Jim Gilchrist

Gilchirist with Reagan Wing president, Doug ParrisLast week, Minuteman founder shocked the Minuteman movement, which is already divided over a history of disputes and spin-off groups, with his personal endorsement of Mike Huckabee, an advocate of Big Government incentives for illegal immigration.  Continue reading

Republican Candidate Immigration Rankings

Based on their published positions, political promises and past actions in public office on the Immigration issue, both legal and illegal, we have rankings of the Republican  Contenders for the 2008 Presidential Nomination. There are still two tiers and a few surprises. Here, not on hype, but detailed analysis,  is the clear winner; the surprise, down to the wire, photo-finish loser, and the six runners-up:


As you can see, the Media/elite’s first tier is the conservative Illegal Immigration second tier, and vice-versa. I wonder why that is? Continue reading

Quote of the Week 12/08/2007

anncspan-cropped.jpgAnn Coulter:

Ninety-five percent of outstanding homicide warrants in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens. But in fairness to the other side’s argument, they’re coming here to kill people Americans won’t kill. That’s when you know you have an illegal alien problem: When American murderers are losing their jobs to foreign murderers.

From “If Democrats had any brains, THEY’D BE REPUBLICANS”


From Don Feder at Grasstops USA:


donfeder.jpg For a connoisseur of hypocrisy, the shifting immigration stands of three GOP candidates is a banquet.

Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney have begun doing passable impressions of Lou Dobbs. But can you trust a candidate whose record contradicts his campaign rhetoric? (That was a rhetorical question.)

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