From the most successful Washington State Conservative leaders in the last 50 years,

Eyman, Fagan, Fagan and Dunmire:

30 initiatives have qualified for the ballot since 1999, voters approved 19

1999’s I-695 put us on the political map.  When we turned in 514,141 voter signatures, the 2nd highest total in state history, Olympia was put on notice that the taxpayers wanted a seat at the table. 

Working with our thousands of supporters and thanks to their overwhelming support and enthusiasm, we’ve done everything possible to fight for the taxpayers ever since.  We haven’t always hit home runs, but we’ve always been willing to swing the bat.

Since 1999, out of the hundreds of initiatives filed, 30 measures have successfully qualified for the ballot. 

Gathering hundreds of thousands of voter signatures in just a few months is astronomically difficult. 

Of that 30 that did, voters approved 19 — 10 were ‘liberal’ measures, 8 ‘conservative’, and 1 ‘non-partisan’ (2004’s I-872, the Top Two Primary). 
19 from the people, 3895 from the politicians.
Less than 1/2 of 1% of all laws came from the people, more than 99.5% from the politicians. Hardly ‘the end of representative democracy’ that the politicians repeatedly claim.

From past campaign reports, we’ve calculated that the average amount of money raised to qualify for the ballot is $612,221 — the least expensive was 1999’s I-695 ($30 tabs) at $79,515 (approved by voters), the most expensive was 2004’s I-884 (higher sales taxes for education) at $1,207,979 (rejected by voters).  Once Tim’s huge loan to the campaign is paid off, we estimate the cost to qualify I-985 for the ballot will be a little below that average.
So, we’ve seen about 3 measures per year on the ballot. Interestingly, this year will exactly match that average — 3 will qualify for the ballot, 2 ‘liberal’ and 1 ‘conservative’ (I-985 the Reduce Traffic Congestion Initiative).
We sincerely appreciate everyone’s hard work and support in making sure that I-985 makes it over the finish line.  We thank you all for your enthusiasm and junkyard dog determination.  We knew that offering a no-new-taxes transportation proposal this year would be a big winner with the voters IF WE COULD GET THE NECESSARY VOTER SIGNATURES TO GET IT ON THE BALLOT.
We’re on the verge of doing just that — thanks to all of you.  By
working together, we’re about to reach our goal.
Everyone should be very proud of their contribution to this effort.

If you’ve got petitions, fill ’em up and send ’em in.  If you haven’t signed yet, send us your mailing address and we’ll send you a petition and a return envelope.  We must turn-in another 50,000 signatures (prefeably more) by July 3rd.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, please click the link below or write to the address at the bottom & send us a donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more (there’s no limit on amount that can be given) to our offices in Spokane.



You can contribute online using VISA or MasterCard or PayPal:  However you want to do it, please send in your most generous contribution RIGHT NOW.


Best Regards, Tim Eyman, Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, & Mike Dunmire, ph:
425-493-9127, email:,
P.S.  Here’s a quick summary of this year’s initiative: I-985 implements the State Auditor’s recommendations to reform the Department of Transportation and reduce traffic congestion by using existing public resources more effectively.  It opens carpool lanes to everyone during non-peak hours, requires local governments to synchronize traffic lights on heavily-traveled arterials and streets, and increases roadside assistance funding to clear out accidents faster with the implementation overseen by the State Auditor.  These policies are funded by taxes and charges we already pay:  15% of vehicle sales taxes, revenue from fines generated from red light traffic cameras, and a percentage that previously went to art on transportation-related public works projects.  Finally, I-985 doesn’t impose tolls, but it institutes
critical taxpayer protections if tolls are created and levied.
 (Reduce Traffic Congestion Initiative) .
PO Box 18250
. WA . 99228 . PH:  425-493-8707 . FAX:  425-493-1027 . . email:
[Editor’s note: While the Washington State Republican Party has spent decades working to get a conservative grassroots base to elect the Dan-Evans-liberal-candidates shoved down their throats from the elitists (like Mike McGavick), Tim and Company have been going directly to the People through the Initiative Process and proving, beyond any doubt, that there has always been a market for conservative leadership.
We could be a winning conservative Party.
We’ve never had conservative leadership of the Party. 
Now is the time. Demand Change.] 















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