Will the Real Bigots and Hypocrites Please Stand Up?

From ‘Sillie Lizzie”:

Now here is an amazing thing. I was just reading that there are 13 million “disaffected” female Hillary voters out there, women who support Hillary just because she is female. Recall what these women said about men who only vote for men? Male Chauvinist Pigs!  

Let’s add that figure to the tens of millions, both black and white (Rev. Wright’s “black liberation theology” notwithstanding) who will vote for Obama just because he is black, including some black Republicans. Recall what blacks say about “white supremacists” who only vote for white people? Racist Bigots!

Now consider what percentage of the gay/lesbian/transgendered perversion du’Jour crowd will vote for Obama just because he supports gay marriage a/k/a “civil unions”? Recall the shrieking obscenities against Christians and Jews who believe homosexuality is a sin and reject politicians who support homosexual rights? Homophobes!

Now that Queers and Queens claim to be “born that way”, just like blacks and women, even successfully managing to redefine sexual degeneracy into a “civil rights” issue, it seems to me that supporting a candidate on that basis is no different than racial and gender bigotry.

Hello?! Will the real sexist, racist, homosexualist, bigots please stand up? Okay, pretend you’re at an AA meeting and repeat after me. “Hi, I am (insert your name here), and I’m a racist, sexist, gender-biased hypocritical bigot just like those mean old grumpy conservatives”.

Golly… to think that all this time I thought we had the exclusive right to be bigots!!! Oh, I get it – you guys are just practicing being “inclusive” now!

Ah. Don’t you feel the love? the “unity”? The “tolerance”?


Conservatives have ALWAYS defended our PRINCIPLES by debate and persuasion by appealing to an authority outside of ourselves, e.g. the rule of law, starting with the foundation of God’s law. Those ideas and values are what liberals love to hate. Fine. So we argue on the merits then, that’s what free speech and liberty are for. Instead of operating “democratically” by engaging in real debate, persuasion, referendums, amendments, etc. the humanist liberals mask their subversive agendas and resort to “group identity politics” instead. The goal, of course, is to the demonize their opponents as racist, sexist, homophobic bigots in order to silence them. Obama couldn’t even wait until Republicans “commit the crime” before he unleashed his accusations. Added to that tactic is political correctness, judicial activism, election fraud, public intimidation via street marches and “pride” parades, and coming soon will be the criminalization of non-conforming viewpoints. In the name of “freedom” and “rights”, they have stolen our liberty and our peace, and have polarized our society into a bunch of “haters” from top to bottom.

Ahhhhh… yesssss… the crowning achievement of liberal humanism is this new “unity”. We’re all practicing hate and bigotry now. What a beautiful thing it is to see them ummasked for the haters they truly are, and have always been. After all, they are the ones that thought “group identity politics” up, not us. 🙂




The shocking irony of all this is that, in the name of “tolerance”, this happenned because they really do believe that they are the final authority on what is right, wrong or true just because they say so. And they have no conscience to stop them from crushing anyone that disagrees or gets in their way. That’s what I’ve always deplored about the liberal (translation: humanist) mindset whether it appears on the left, right, moderate, democrat, republican, libertarian “wings” of society. The Soviet Union didn’t disappear, they just “re-branded” it “liberal”, “left” and “progressive” and moved their humanist idolatry here.How did we arrive at this sorry state of affairs, anyway? Have you noticed how many people today substitute clichés, mantras, conspiracy theories, sports statistics or the latest Oprahfied brainwash in place of sound critical thinking? Too much to sustain reasoned, informed discourse based on something other than emotion or hormones. especially in politics. The so-called “marketplace of ideas” has degenerated into a flea market of meaningless, yet expensive, carefully scripted, hot air.How else does Obama get away with the use empty rhetoric to “wow” us with manufactured “charisma”? Why do people swoon at his vacuous promises of “hope” and “change”, words devoid of any meaning other than tired, old Marxism rehashed? It sells because people want a “messiah figure”, desiring to be ruled by anybody but God. They seek to quench their parched empty souls with hot air rather than living water – anybody but Christ. Instead, they prefer Obama, a two faced demagogue, a puppet performing for whoever pulled the purse strings that propelled him from obscurity.Well, a kingdom divided, especially by lies, shall not stand. We will not be the first or the last nation to implode from within due to corruption, moral rottenness and intellectual incoherence. Even if its not Obama in 2008, another will surely follow because liberal humanists of all stripes LOVE TO HAVE IT SO. That is the condemnation of the American liberal electorate — when a demagogue rises to the summit of federal power it is fueled by the racist, sexist, bigoted, perverted hypocrisy of a substantial percentage of our society. When the price is paid, it will have been earned. “The wages of sin are death.” 





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