The Dufflepuds

Our half-Republican friends (yes, we are optimists and the glass is half full) over at Sound Politics have inadvertently created the perfect environment to grow a species of internet spores; an organic structure whose purpose is the reproduction of rhetoric that can survive for extended periods of time in conditions unfavorable to them (like the Republican Party), multiplying rapidly until they maximize an existing habitat.


This particular species is:




…a curious group of [one-legged] creatures that Eustace, Lucy and their companions come upon [in the Chrionicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Chapters 9-11]… These creatures choose invisibility over ugliness… Their choice isn’t very smart. Indeed, as Eustace of all people points out, the Dufflepuds are certainly not very clever. Even though they are invisible, for example, they are afraid of the dark. They also plant boiled potatoes to save time cooking them when they dig them up. They are such cowards that they force [a little girl] Lucy to sneak upstairs and into the Magician’s room [to attempt] to reverse the spell [instead of doing it themselves]. Most of all, they babble on without ever saying anything important…                          ~ Stephen H. Webb

This entire class of blogger-commentors, a perfect match for their Narnian namsake, the Dufflepuds, are characterized by two primary characteristics, their choice to remain anonymous (“invisible” to avoid personal responsibility for the ugly things they say), and their dogged, stubborn commitment to unreasoned, constantly shifting, groupthink.

Sometimes hilarious and sometimes infuriating, the Dufflepuds cannot be reasoned with. They always act together, repeating over and over again the “Party line” of their “invisible” leadership, never questioning it, even when the message shifts 180 degrees to contradict itself. Faced with logical contradictions or factual fallacies they simply change the subject and keep talking. For instance, their faction, the “big-tent moderates,” fought the conservatism of Goldwater and Reagan, tooth and nail, when they were candidates, but now, posthumously, claim the two were “big-tent moderates,” as if they had been on the same side.

There is no line of reasoning too ridiculous, no string of epithets too scurilous for them to embrace, without questioning. Over on the Sound Politics blog they assert that those who hold to the central ideals of the Republican Party are “on the fringe” and that those who hold consistently to NO principles whatsoever are “mainstream.” 

Spores? When everything they’ve said has been thouroughly disproved and rendered harmless, they will simply vanish, without a trace, like the morning dew when the sun arises.



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