Note to boors and buffoons

From the email underground:

This was a post on Mark Shea’s blog today.  I thought of your friend “Joel”.
Suppose I walked over to your house, opened the door, walked in, and proceeded to deliver myself of a discourse in this vein: “You putrid scum! I loathe you and your vile ideas!”.

Probably you would steer me toward the door and, if I resisted, push me out. If I kept trying to shove my way back in, spewing insults and profanity and shouting that I have a right to be heard, you’d call the cops. If I kept it up day after day, you’d get a restraining order to keep me off your property. I’d be recognized as a buffoon and a barbarian by any civilized person.

But people do this every day in my comboxes and actually have the utter lack of self-awareness to whine that I am “censoring” them when I boot them for being boors and buffoons. They seem not to grasp the simple words “Get your own damn blog.”

Note to boors and buffoons: I owe you no forum. If you are such a loser that nobody reads your blog, that’s not my problem. I have zero responsibility to give you a place to insult me or those I care about. Please clip and save this news flash.


3 thoughts on “Note to boors and buffoons

  1. Maybe not his intentinm but his actions/statments have the effect:

    Parris/Obama plan for America = ruin, vulnerability, socialism

  2. To the contrary, RBN, it is your modus operandi that has led to the long-term erosion of the Republican Party, its long-term compromise on every issue of freedom, the long-term dissolution of the Constitution and the long-term slide of our nation into Socialism.

    From the Roosevelt administration forward, with the brief interruption during the Reagan Administration, Goverment has been steadily growing.

    When more than 50% of the GNP is Government it will be legitimate to call us a Socialist nation. We’re almost there and our financial structure is teetering.

    Our only hope is to form a Political Party that works to go in the opposite direction, to make government smaller, but YOU OPPOSE IT.

    You and your kind assert that we can elect the lesser of two evils and grow governemt slower for a while (without changing direction, mind you) until the Democrats get in power and grow it faster, alternating back and forth while the Republic burns.

    This is l-o-n-g-t-e-r-m-s-u-i-c-i-d-e.

    We’re now quite near the breaking point in the deterioration of social and economic infrastructure.

    You refuse to heed the warnings.

    You support a candidate who would hasten the ruin and blame me for it.

    You attack the supporters of freedom and exalt treason.

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