I have a draem that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the quality  of their spelling but by the content of their character.

Occasionally, on a blog, you find one commenter making fun of the spelling of another, usually in conjunction with calling him “an idiot” or “a moron” and attempting to reject his argument on this ad hominem basis.

It is my view of rhetorical morality that making fun of a poster’s spelling and grammar is entirely appropriate when RESPONDING to such posts, but rude and immature without that justification. Making spelling mistakes is not a failure of political reasoning or an indication of low intelligence, but the the promulgators of such derision fully deserve to have their own mistakes pointed out.

But if you are a certain brand of McCain loyalist, it would appear that you think it is entirely proper to assert, without evidence or reason, that a Ron Paul supporter is a “nut,” “looney,” a “paultard,” a supporter of illegal drug use,  “not a republican,” a “kook,” a “liar,” a “racist,” a “member of the KKK” and/or a “disrupter” of process.

This behavior has been taught to these brats by their political parents, the Washington State McCain campaign, who, to engineer a Caucus/Convention procedure organized aroud blind loylaty to the “presumed nominee” (to wit, to acquire a “pro-choice,” pro-amnesty National Delegation) themselves engaged in a carefully orchestrated campaign of hate speech, rules violations and open, scurrilous slander.

May the Lord judge between us.



7 thoughts on “I HAVE A DERAM!

  1. Yeah, this is off topic but if anyone knows of primary races where there are two Republican candidates this would be a good forum to find out whose the worse one.

    Like in District 2 for State Senate

    Randi Becker is running as a Republican


    Kelly Mainard is running as a Republican

    But I don’t know if either of them have a chance against Marilyn Rasmussen as she has been there a long time.

    In the 3rd District State Representative Pos. 1

    Laura Carder is running as a Republican


    Chris Bowen is running as a Republican

    In Legislative District 5 for Senate Republican Cheryl Pflug has an opponent Sterling S. Strickland

    In Legislative District 7 State Representative Pos. 1 there is actually FIVE people running as Republicans in the Primary, Sue Lani Madsen,Shelly Short, Mike Davis, Peter Davenport, and Kelly White.

    In Legislative District 8 position one there are four Republicans running in the primary, Brad Klippert, Rick Jansons, Steve Simmons, and Skip Novakovich.

    And in the same District District 8 state legislator position 2 you have two Republicans running and NO DEMOCRATS so it is important not to elect a RINO here (under this new system don’t they both go on to the general even though they have both designated the same party?) Anyway the two candidates are Rob Welch and Larry Haler.

    In Legislative District 14 you have SIX Republicans running for Pos 1. state legislature. They are J.J. Sandlin, Norm Johnson, Al Schweppe, Aubrey C. Reeves, Jr., Robert (Bob) McLaughlin and Scott D. Hess. Wow with so many people running it makes it all the more important to find the most conservative of that bunch.

    In Legislative District 16 Legislative Position 2 there are three Republicans Running: William Glenn (Walkley) Jesernig, Terry R. Nealey, and Tom Cornell.

    In Legislative District 17 Legislative Position 1 the Republicans are Joseph James and Jim Dunn.

    In Legislative District 20 for State Senate there are three candidates who have designated themselves as Republicans. They are Dan Swecker, Neal Kirby and Ted Shannon.

    In Legislative District 21 for State Representative Pos 1 the Republicans are Brian M. Travis and Douglas Ivar Kerley.

    Here is something interesting in Legislative District 22. Not having to do with Republicans unfortunately. If I am reading this right in the State Representative Pos. 1 office someone named Brendan Williams has designed the party he belongs to as Progressive Dem. Party. I don’t know if that is as different party than the regular Democrats or if that was just a fancy way for him to say Democrats. But he is running unopposed so he will be the legislator. No doubt he will vote alongside the regular D’s even if the Progressive Dem Party is different than the Democrat party.

    Well back to the Republicans in the Primaries. In Legislative District 27 State Representative position 1 the Republicans are Brent Wiley and Dale Woodard.

    In the 31st District State Representative Position 2 Josh Hulburt and Sharon Hanek are running as Republicans.

    In the 35th District State Representative Position 1 Marco Brown is running against (Blue Collar) Brad Gehring as Republicans

    In the 35 District State Representative Position 2 Herb Baze (well I guess he is running as a Republican as it just says Prefers R Party whatever that means) is running against Randy Neatherlin.

    Oh, in legislative district 37 State Representative pos 2 there is a Libertarian running against a Democrat. There are only two candidates so both automatically makes it to the general. I don’t know what kind of Libertarian she is as Libertarians can be very liberal or very conservative but if I have to guess I would go that she is Liberal. Anyway her name is Ruth E. Bennett and she is running in the general against Eric Pettigrew.

    In Legislative District 41 for State Senate Valerie A. Chan and Bob Baker are both running as Republicans but do either of them have a chance against Democrat Fred Jarrett in the General?

    In Legislative district 49 Representative Pos. 1 the Republicans running are John A. Nyberg and Debbie Peterson.

    Well that is the outlook for the 2008 primary season. Now if there is something I missed I apologize and quite honestly most of the people I listed are just names to me so we need to know from people in the area what is going on. Also if there are any other local races worth watching hopefully people will post here too.

  2. In Legislative District 5 for Senate Republican Cheryl Pflug has a Republican opponent for State Senate by the name of Sterling S. Strickland as well as there being a Democratic Candidate, Phyllis Huster.

  3. Kate.

    Thanks to the Reagan Wing the party is going to eat itself and have 5 or 6 legislators left in Olympia.

    Outstanding work there Doug, you and your merry mob should be proud of yourselves, just like drunken fraternity brothers are when a neighborhood is smoldering at 3 am.


  4. Regarding Legislative district 8, Novakovich has been endorsed by the departing Shirley Hankins (R).

    In a previous Benton Co. GOP meeting each of the candidates running for office in the Leg. 8 district were allowed to give a speech and then those present voted on whether to consider them as “Republicans in good standing.” I found this quite odd, but I am told that this is something that came down from the state party.

    Any idea what the state party will inform us what a “Republican in good standing” is???

  5. Brian,

    The State Party considers anyone to be a “Republican in good standing” if:
    1. He has no “dogmatic” committment to any particular principle, and
    2. Falls in line with whatever agenda they happen to be running at the time, particularly, the endorsement of the GOP-leftist-du-jour candidate.

    Careful use of language is very important to “Republicans in good standing.” At the State level they support amnesty for illegals almost universally, but also demand that it never be called “amnesty.” They are also “Pro-Life” as long as that doesn’t extend to supporting candidates or legislation that would unduly inconvenience Abortionists.

    So be careful little mouth what you say.

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