Freedom Is Always Won by an Irate Minority


From Ron Ewart: 

We are not blind.  Most of us with eyes to see, know what is happening.  The “give me’s” have won …… for now!   They have succumbed to the siren call of the government’s free lunch, that the wise ones know, is not free. 
But don’t despair.  It has always been this way. 

Only about a third of the Colonials got freedom fever and joined General Washington against the British.  Even in the middle of the battle, many of those walked off before a pending engagement, bound for home with their government-issue musket.  One third of the colonials were ambivalent and the last third were loyalists to Britain.  So, in the words of Samuel Adams:
“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”   But for that tireless, courageous colonial minority, to whom we owe our very freedom, our American English language might have a considerable British twang to it.
Unfortunately all governments eventually use our human weaknesses against us, to maintain and increase their control over us.  They appeal to our emotional side and dangle government carrots in front of our noses, paid for with our money.  They tell us that in order to protect us, we have to give up a “little” liberty to maintain our security.  They appeal to our national pride (as did Hitler) and dupe us into believing that “our nation, right or wrong, but our nation” is the only priority.  They use heavy, guilt-laden propaganda to convince us that collectivism is the only true path in order to make sure that life is fair for everyone, thus sending the God-given rights of individuals into obscure oblivion.  They use the same logic to steal our taxes to fund their collectivism and since collectivism is a self-fulfilling prophecy because of human weakness, the cost to fund it keeps going up.  In the end, we the people become our own worst enemy and give up our freedom for the hollow promises of government that uses our own money to seduce us.
In addition, government appeals to that same deep-seated emotion that wells to the surface when we see a little puppy, or a baby anything and longs to save it from the ravages of nature, or from the inhumanity and the bestiality of man.  Government uses lies, distortions and emotional propaganda to indoctrinate an entire society in mass hysteria and drag us into the cult of environmental protection at any cost, or loss of freedom and property rights.  In the name of the religion of environmental protection we must give up our hard-won lifestyle and feel guilty that our lifestyle is harming the little creatures of mother Earth.  They admonish us that we are evil and we are causing global warming and they must punish us with higher taxes and draconian regulations.  And way too many of the naive, let them get away with this fraud.
So the difficult job to maintain freedom is left up to an enlightened minority, keen to set brush fires in peoples minds.  The inept and corrupt government types will not detour us.  Human weaknesses will not be a permanent obstacle.  The one-world-government crowd will not prevail.  The radical environmentalists will eventually be shown the door, perhaps sent in exile to start their own perfect world, that will, in the end, collapse.  The socialists will be shown the error of their ways and will join the rising crescendo of the enlightened ones, crying out for freedom.  Because man craves freedom, like the air bubbles in the sea, that always rise ever upward towards the surface to burst forth into the open air and take their first “drink” of freedom.  Freedom is infectious, because once you have it, you fight like Hell to defend it and you will enlist others in the fight as well, as we are doing.  In the natural order of things, freedom is right and slavery is absolutely, unequivocally wrong.  Those who attempt to steal our freedom are evil.
Once again, the vanguards of freedom, that irate minority, will have to lead the way.  The principle of freedom is clear and succinct.  Self-reliance breeds freedom, where dependency leads to slavery and all governments want you to be dependent on them, because they know that you will not bite the hand that feeds you.  Once you succumb, you are their slave.
To this enlightened, irate minority of the U. S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, or other freedom-loving people of the world who have not given in to government’s empty promises, we implore you, do not be discouraged.  If freedom was easy, there would be more of it throughout the world.  Unfortunately, the evil in man is always striving to relieve other men of their freedom.   It takes the Vanguards of Freedom, the enlightened ones, that irate minority, to make sure that it never happens.   Freedom has and always will prevail, but at a significant price and it will prevail because of that irate, courageous, tireless minority that will continue to set brush fires until the individual brush fires join together and light up the world in the mother of all forest fires, sweet liberty.

Man-caused global warming is a government-issue fraud for the purposes of control and more tax revenue.  So in open defiance:
We are increasing our carbon footprint!
Won’t you please join us?
 Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)





One thought on “Freedom Is Always Won by an Irate Minority

  1. Freedom prevails in the hearts of Bible-believing people. The heart that desires to be free from accountability to God will establish other gods or institutions of his own creation to give testimony for his actions.

    Third world nations are prime examples. The people may long to be free from tyranny but they are not willing to throw off the chains of their dictator. The Chinese, while longing for material wealth, view the stability of their nation and the need for national dominion to be greater importance than their personal freedom.

    The underbelly of freedom in China is the growing Christian body. Fully one-tenth the population and growing by 25,000 people per day. Only they are willing to throw off the shackles of the state because they understand their perfection is not in the rules of man but individual accountability to God – and this was the engine of freedom with our founding fathers.

    The reason the state grows more powerful in America is because we have thrown off the shackles of God and donned the shackles of man. As Bob Dylan said in the song, “You’ve got to serve somebody.”

    Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” He also said, “If you hold to My teaching . . . THEN you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” This is why Christians are free, even when faced with terror and persecution. But it is mans’ desire to be accountable to God that causes him to throw off the chains of man – if we refuse to be accountable to Him, we will look for rules and laws elsewhere.

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