The Washington State Gop: Going… Going… almost Gone

Since 2004 I have watched this once great political party continue to fall apart. It saddens me greatly to see this happening, but it doesn’t surprise me at all: from the shenanigans that went on at the State Chair elections in 2004 to the derailing of Susan Hutchison’s bid for the US senate in 2006.


And now this.


The State Gop has blown a golden opportunity to grow the party in a pretty sizable fashion. It’s estimated that the Ron Paul candidacy attracted over 12,000 new participants to the State GOP this past year.


Now, you would think this would be a good thing for the party. Unfortunately it has not worked out this way so far. Instead, what you have is a systematic attempt by the leadership of this party to drive away Ron Paul supporters. Luke Esser, by his own actions, has demonstrated he is not interested in uniting the members of the party. From the very beginning of his reign as State Chairman he has consistently been dividing this party,  Luke has completely blown off the 44 state committee members that didn’t support his

election to State Chairman.  Instead of embracing the thousands of new potential party members, he, with the willful aid of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington State, has done everything he could to keep them out.


Which brings me to Dino Rossi.


Where in the hell has he been during all of this? What kind of man (who is the defacto leader of the GOP in this State) sits on sideline and watches his own political party disintegrate?

Is it really worth kissing off 12,000 new voters just so you can be in the good graces of the Mainstream Republicans?


Dino, I will say this again: if you want to win you need to follow the Bobby Jindal model for success. Sir, stop hiding in the corner ~ you won’t win that way.


While I have painted a pretty dark picture of the outlook for the party, there is one man that can right this ship and unite this seriously divided party and that’s my friend Mark Hulst. I have known this man for over 14 years. I have seen Mark do just that in Skagit county many years ago. He was probably the best county party chairperson in this state bar none. I watched Mark clean up a huge mess and turn that county party into a winner again.  What’s more, he is a conservative through and through. In the coming weeks my friend, the “Washington Activist” and I, will launch a site where all of you can go help encourage Mark Hulst to run for State GOP chairperson. For now check out and to learn more about him. If everyone pulls together we can make this a reality.


32 thoughts on “The Washington State Gop: Going… Going… almost Gone

  1. I agree 110%

    I have been stating this exact same thing to all my close friends ever since I got back from Spokane.

    The GOP state leadership is daft for all the chicanery they pulled in Spokane for several reasons and here a just a few:

    1) It alienates the new Ron Paul supporters.

    2) Expect the Democrats to exploit the Spokane chicanery in the media.

    3) Ron Paul supporters are EXTREMELY active and would be a great asset to the party and now they just want to kick them out.

    As I stated in a previous comment, the GOP can afford to make this sort of blunder in a state like Texas where the voters consistently elect Republican candidates.

    But to alienate an extremely active group like the Ron Paul supporters in a state that hasn’t seen a GOP governor in over 22 years… Well calling it incompetence does not do this justice.

    It borders on stupidity.

  2. I’m with you!

    I learned about the Reagan Wing as a Ron Paul delegate to the state convention. I really appreciated your help.

    We’re in this for the long haul! Let’s take back this state and take back this country!

  3. I happen to be one of those 12,000 new participants in the GOP this year, thanks to Ron Paul. Because of him, and people like Mr. Parris, I have come to realize that I’m much more conservative than I ever thought I was. But you’re absolutely right Phil, the WSRP has done everything it can to make sure that I am not part of the party because of my support for Ron Paul. That doesn’t exactly make me want to help them out in any fashion when they pull up the welcome mat and lock me out. I’m not by any means going to be voting Democratic this year, but it makes me think twice about supporting those who seem to have no interest in my support.

  4. Mr. Spackman has one thing very correct: A party that wants to grow and succeed should NEVER slam the door on active, issue oriented, supporters of a presidential candidate. It is a fact that people get involved in politics because of an issue, or a candidate. With Ron Paul acitivists, we had both because they supported Paul BECAUSE

  5. …..because he advocated issues like limited government and accountability.
    The WA GOP needs to right itself on this issue, apologize to the great potential members it offended, and get back to truly being the ‘big tent’ that elected Ronald Reagan.

  6. Doug,

    I want to introduce you and everyone else to my
    friend the Washington activist Jason Vorva.

    The two preceeding posts in this comment section are indeed from Jason himself.

    I can assure you this is just the beginning.

  7. Phil,

    This is a great article.

    However, you must be updated about new developments with Mark Hulst. He played along with the GOP leadership to cut off all debate on the issues.

    Not to mention, he stands accused of massive cheating at the Skagit Co. convention as the chairman of the convention. We STILL have not given the case a full hearing. The majority of the credentials committee voted to dismiss the challenge due to alleged “untimely filing”. It was brought up again at the convention with the proof that the challenge was filed in time. The leadership acted swiftly to cut off debate on the issue, and again, it never got a full hearing.

    If he is innocent of the charges, that is one thing. Still he participated in the McCain chicanery. For that he doesn’t deserve the position as chairman.

    Sorry to disappoint you. I’m disappointed as well. I really liked the guy.

  8. Michelle,

    I have known Mark Hulst for fourteen years. What you have
    described he would never do. Before you pass judgement on
    Mark I strongly suggest you speak with him personally about it. What I told you earlier about the conversation he and I had
    yesterday was the truth. I have known Mark for to long for him
    try and pull the wool over on me. He is an honest man and he
    told me the truth. If he said he is all for the Ron Paul supporters being part of the State Gop (which he did) then he

  9. Phil,

    I spoke with him too at the credential committee. He told me the same thing. But he acted completely different at the convention, just as I described.

    I was willing to reserve judgement about what happened in Skagit, to hear the case. But the GOP desperately worked to sweep it under the rug for him. If he wasn’t guilty, he should have insisted that the case be heard so he could prove himself!

  10. Michelle,

    Mark and I talked about what happened at the skagit convention. It appears you and he have a strong difference of opinion about it.

    That doesn’t make him a liar or a cheater though.

    Sometime ago I asked
    Mark whether he thought the Ron Paul supporters.
    were trying to takeover the party.
    He told me that he does not think that about Paul supporters.

    Again he is all for them being part of the party and Pco’s
    if they are serious about it.

  11. Michelle,

    Let me add one more thing here. You
    remember when I strongly backed Susan Hutchison in the beginning and no one believed me about her. Eventually all of you realized I was right about her and
    Came on board.

    I will state the same thing about Mark Hulst. I know I’m right about him.
    He is the best choice we have or Gop state chair.

  12. I was a PCO in Skagit County many years ago, under several Chairman, all who worked hard. Mark Hulst was one of those chairman. I also was involved in re-forming the YR group in Skagit with Mark and his brothers and their wives. I worked on campaigns with him, including his own campaigns. I have known Mark since 1994.

    I have never known anyone to work as hard and smart as Mark Hulst. Also, I saw him welcome ALL Republicans, from all points of view, into the party as Skagit Chairman. He is a committed, conservative man, but was completely fair to all who were involved.

    I have never known him to be underhanded or duplicitous in any way. I would reject any accusation of wrongdoing against him. If someone has a beef, let him or her speak with Mark. If there is evidence of chicanery, bring it forth for it to be judged. But without such evidence, I will not tolerate anyone slandering the good name of my friend and longtime fellow activist Mark Hulst.

  13. All.

    When people use the term “stands accused” and having “cases” given “full hearings”. What is this exactly, the court of Doug Parris and the Reagan Wing, where all accused are guilty until they can exonerate themselves?

    Doug, you should be proud of the environment of division that you have created, where each faction breaks further into yet smaller factions, and accuses the other of being a RINO, a cheater, a felon, a minion of Satan, whatever the proper epithet du jour is today.

    Ironically, it will be only a matter of time before you yourself are accused of treason to conservative principles by someone like Brian Thomas (or some other looney here) and the two of you will devolve into some kind of “I know you are but what am I” kind of diatribe where each of you tries to prove that the other is more of a RINO than the other.

    This is exactly what happens to fringe groups like yours, once the blood letting and blaming really gets started, it doesn’t end until everyone “stands accused” of being a “traitor to the cause.” Maximilien Robespierre comes to mind. It is only a matter of time before those that have followed you offer you up to Dr. Guillotine’s gruseome device. (it is an interesting and eerie read – he eventually became the victim of his own accusations of treason).

    To say that this group has become an embarrasment to conservative principles would be being generous.


  14. “stormed meetings”
    “frivolous and I daresay obnoxious motions”
    “attempting to take over meetings and to disrupt”


    “outgunned by people using “procedure.”
    “guilty until they can exonerate themselves…”
    “environment of division that you have created…”


    “each faction breaks further into yet smaller faction”,
    “…a RINO, a cheater, a felon, a minion of Satan…”
    “ Brian Thomas or some other looney”


    “fringe groups like yours”
    “blood letting and blaming”
    “everyone “stands accused” of being a “traitor to the cause.”
    “those that have followed you offer you up to Dr. Guillotine’s gruseome device”
    “an embarrasment to conservative principles”


    Joel, you are a walking oxymoron, “as a madman who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death.”
    When challenged, you obfuscate.
    Nothing you say is true.

  15. Doug.

    Nothing I say, nothing at all?

    It is amazing how much a sentance changes meaning when you edit it properly, removing clauses and other essential elements that modify or qualify the idea as a whole.

    Doug, you are a republican that someday Ronald Reagan will greet at the Day of Judgment, and say “well done good and faithful servant.” You are a patriot, a genius, a blessing to all who hear your prophetic words. Doug, you ar the most amazing person that has ever walked the earth.


  16. Joel:

    I think the only accusations made in this this post/comments was by this michele lady who seems to have a grudge against Mr. Hulst. Doug did not write the post, or even comment until you brought him into it. Strange.
    The point of Mr. Spackman’s post was how poorly the state GOP has been performing, and how it has treated Ron Paul activists. Also, he pointed out Rossi’s lack of comment on the situation. Finally, he was advocating his belief that Mark Hulst should be Party Chair. Why exactly did you take on after Mr. Parris in your comment? Here is my advice: switch to decaf.

  17. Phil,

    Before we supported Susan Hutchison, we had not met her yet. Yes, you were right about her, but that does not make you supreme judge of character about everyone.

    Mark Hulst was once considered our ally. But he joined the McCain team (with his McCain hat on) in the walk out to squash the debate. The McCain campaign couldn’t stand the idea that Paul supporters might have the more persuasive arguments on the issues. We still haven’t heard the merits of the challenge against Skagit Co. (I’m waiting for Doug to make them public).

  18. That is because you (Phil) are not the supreme judge of everything, but Doug is. His disciples are waiting for the words of their master.



  19. Michelle,

    First of all I never claimed to be the supreme judge of
    character. But I have known Mark Hulst a hell of a lot
    longer than you have. So I think I can vouch for his character. Not to mention the fact that unlike yourself I
    took the time to talk to Mark and get his version of the events. If you had bothered to do that you would know he
    was telling the truth.

    So you haven’t heard any of the merits of the case against
    Skagit county? Yet your willing to come on here and claim there was massive cheating. As to whether he was part of the organized McCain walkout. I’m going to let Mark answer that one for you. I think you made a big enough fool out of yourself for one night.

  20. Phil.

    Doug, the Oracle of the Reagan Wing, has not yet spoken. You must await, as Michelle does, as we all do, to the words of the prophet, to hear him speak and to tell us what we must know.

    Put aside what you think, or what Mr. Hulst tells you, for all is false if Doug says it is, and all is true if Doug says it is. For in Doug is all truth, and all that is hidden from plain sight by workers of evil and darkness are brought to the light by Doug.

    Doug has the answers, Doug is the answer.

    All hail Doug, may his words live forever and illuminate us all.

    If you do not heed and bend to the words of Doug, we shall begin chant the words: “Shun the the non-believer shuuuuunnnnn.”


  21. Michelle was a member of the Credentials Committee. She has read hundreds of pages of affidavits and case presentations and saw the illegal tactics and procedures, as well of the falsehoods promulgated in that Committee, by the staff of Luke Esser, to prevent the Skagit case from being ajudicated by the Committee.

    And whatever position you take on the substance of that case, there is absolutely no question on which side the cheating in the Credentials Committee, itself, took place. The case was dismissed on the false assertion that it was filed too late, although the Esser Staff knew for a fact it was filed early.

    They cheated for Mark. Why is that?

    Michelle is a precinct committee officer, wife, mother and the one who maintains the “Life of the Party” blog with its committments and relationship to RNC for Life. She upheld the responsibilities of a member of the Snohomish County Platform Committee, immediately followed by the responsibilities of a member of the State Credentials Committee, simultaneous with being the Snohomish County Ron Paul organizer and a primary 2nd Congressional District organizer, simultaneous with running a “Life of the Party” booth that ran a “life pledge” committment at the State Convention, offering to do the work to collect the commitments and publish which candidates for National Delegate had signed it.

    She has known I intend to publish a more comprehensive report on cheating throughout the State, including the Skagit County Convention. She has every right to wait. It makes sense for her not to attempt an abriged version of the case, nor to stop and write an unabriged one. She has already done much more than her share.

    Again, Joel, your acid-tongued derision of a lady. You are not a gentleman. I would welcome the opportunity to defend Michelle’s honor in the splendid medium of your soft tissues. But, alas, you have committed to leave (in your words) “this bloge.”

    Farewell, dark prince!

  22. Doug.

    If she (Michelle) decides to step into the ring, then she should be willing to fight, if she wants to be a “lady” who rises above the fray, then I would advise the lady to stay home and on the manor.

    I think that Michelle, whoever she is, is a big enough girl to fight her own battles. If shs’s not, maybe she should take off the battle armor and put down the sword. You should only draw a blade that you are ready and able to wield.


  23. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a single allegation you’ve made, here, from the moment you arrived, that isn’t, both, false if applied to your intended victim (in this case, Michelle) but true if applied to you, Joel.

    In another thread you seem to boldly accept the challenge I put forward in post 22, above, but then allege I’m “not worth the powder.”

    Aparently you, yourself, are not “a big enough girl” to fight your own battles.

    Stand out from behind your internet anonymity and answer for your scurrilous insults.

  24. Phil,

    Buddy, I think we’re still on the same team. So, please calm down. I’m not your enemy here. I realize you’ve known Mark for a long time, but people do change.

    As Doug says, I did read the challenge against Skagit county and heard testimony. I did not say that I didn’t hear any of the merits of the case, I just said that most us haven’t heard the entire case. The state party made sure of that. I spoke with Mark too.

    The problem is, he has chosen to throw all of his support behind a candidate that doesn’t stand for Republican principles, and worse has participated in their tactics to squash debate. He did it again when the Skagit Co. case was brought up on the floor. He “moved the question” before the merits could be brought up.


    I don’t find your comments worth my time.

  25. Michelle,

    So just so I understand you correctly. You spoke with Mark
    personally and he was able to explain to you his version of
    the events? Then after he did you still think he cheated?
    You know from him personally that he is a big supporter of McCain?Making an assumption because he is a wearing a hat is not what I mean. Tell you what why don’t you ask Ian Wolfenden if he still thinks Mark Hulst cheated. you may just be surprised at what he has to say.

  26. The Washington State Gop: Going… Going… almost Gone
    June 4, 2008 by Phil Spackman

    #13 Joel

    “ …. like Brian Thomas (or some other looney here) … ”

    Joel, I am not even a part of this thread and you make a point to slander me. That is not very Christian of you.

    As if you would ever know.



  27. Phil (at 26):
    Mark was not just ‘wearing a hat.’ He was wearing THE hat that the McCain team used to designate floor leaders. Their floor leaders were the people who directed their designated areas on the convention floor how to vote according to the McCain team Convention strategy, including:
    1. shutting down Credentials discussion,
    2. shutting down Rules discussion,
    3. adopting rules that violated National rules, a. expunging the right of free election of delegates and, b. the right to speak to the issue of delegate elections,
    4. opposing Pro-Life language for the platform,
    5. rejecting inclusion of the individual right to keep and bear arms from the platform,
    6. opposing ALL platform debate and
    7. attempting to close down the entire convention by walking out to deprive the delegates (who spent a lot of money, sacrificed a lot of time and traveled, on average, several hundreds of miles for the privelege) of the right to participate in the State Convention, WHILE REFUSING TO YIELD THEIR DELEGATE BADGES TO WAITING ALTERNATES.
    Perhaps Mark became disenchanted with the process… he should have removed the hat.
    You don’t stand up during an ovation for Hitler and later claim you were just stretching. By the same token you don’t walk out with the McCain/cheatership team, wearing a cheatership hat, while they are illegally attempting to shut downt the democratic process and later disclaim your intentions. At least not with a lot of credibility.
    I will listen to Mark.
    Let him admit what happened. Let him join us in condemning the SEVEN atrocities I list, above.

    We all will listen.

  28. Doug,

    How do you know he was a designated floor leader? Are
    you just this assuming because of the hat that he wore? or did
    you ask Mark if he was one?Maybe you have talked to Mark about this already. If you haven’t spoken with him yet its probably not a good idea to come to these conclusions. Remember there are two sides to every story. Since Mark has
    always been honest with me.I’m willing to give him the benefit
    of the doubt. Something you and Michelle haven’t done throughout this entire ordeal.

  29. Phil,

    The McCain floor leaders were designated by the hats they wore. The Red Hats were in communication with the leadership by radio. They relayed orders from the leadership to the larger number of yellow hats.

    If this guy Mark was wearing one of those hats he was a member of the McCain team. You know…. the team that is working for the Republican nominee. Only here would that considered a bad thing!

  30. Phil,
    How do you know I have come to the conclusion Mark Hulst was a designated floor leader?

    It probably was a coincidence that Mark was wearing the same hat as the McCain leaders. I’m sure he frequently wears a baseball cap indoors with a business suit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Really. I can’t.

    I’m sure it is no measure of the esteem in which he holds McCain, either. I’m sure his support is tepid, everyone else’s is.

    And, of course, except for his motion to close the door on all the evidence in the Skagit case, I’m sure he voted exactly the opposite of all the other people wearing those hats who were the ones holding up “YES” and “NO” signs to close debate and close debate and close debate and close debate and adopt illegally autocratic rules without debate and to adopt a radically eviserated, postage-stamp platform without debate.

    I’m sure Mark was not a part of the walkout to attempt to close the Convention, shutting the door on participation for the majority of delegates who sacrificed to be a part of it. I’m sure he was just expressing frustration with the McCain people. After all, it was their actions that made his hat look so bad!

    I’m sure it was just a coincidence that he was demonstrating his frustration with the McCain leadership by walking out at the same time the McCain leadership, wearing those same hats, were walking out to try to close down the Convention.

    Or, perhaps, he just had to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water – and that’s why he didn’t give his badge to a waiting alternate – who made the same sacrifices as a delegate but never got on the floor to participate in a State Convention.

    It’s not me, Phil…

    I just want Mr. Hulst to clarify his actions for those hasty people who judge based only on appearances. Because some people tend to trust their eyes and don’t have Mark’s phone number. Or should I say numbers? I called his business number and his home number and his cell number and left messages. More than once. Starting a couple of months ago. Long before District 1 of Skagit County elected an entire slate of delegates and alternates on an undisclosed plurality vote on a single ballot in open violation of the rules, against repeated objections, on the direct order of the County Chair, and long before Mark asserted on the floor of the State Convention, that there were “no parliamentary violations.”

    He has yet to return those calls.

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