The Bio-Diesel Hook

From the email underground:
Hello All,
Think it is VERY important to share my experience with Bio-Diesel with you. Three years ago this August I had all the hoses on my ’81 MBZ 380 Turbo Diesel replaced so I could switch from Diesel to Bio-Diesel…..…even Though it was 30 cents a gallon more than diesel……..because it was supposed to be the GREEN thing to do…and I wanted to be supportive. Now the Bio-diesel is $5.254 per gallon…GULP!!    
Last week I opened my trunk to get my little basket of garden tools to plant some herbs on my Condo deck.  I noticed a strong diesel odor and what turned out to be bio-diesel leaking into the trunk!! 
My fishing tackle box was stuck to the trunk pad and I could not pry it apart.  I turned the tackle box over and discovered that a hole had been eaten into the bottom of the box. 
I stuck my right index finger into the hole thinking I could get more leverage to pull the pad from the box.  I was impaled by a hook, blood spurted everywhere (a good thing, I guess) and it hurt like H_ _ _!! Fortunately I had had a tetanus shot last November.
Took the car to my maintenance man and he said that the ethanol in the bio-diesel was the culprit.  It had eaten away/dissolved the ring around the gas tank opening.  And that is just from the occasional drip ‘cuz I never “top it off” – even hold the nozzle in for the last couple of drops so not to soil  the gas station cement.  
Here I am trying to be a conscientious citizen and if has totally backfired.  
  • Corn prices have sky-rocketed…..
  • people are starving globally……

and all because of this “toxic” bio-diesel. 

With the past hose changes, the new ring around the gas tank opening and the “detailing” that will have to be done to clean the trunk pad, etc., etc. (a two day operation ‘cuz the stench of the cleaning solvent is so horrific they don’t want me in or near the car!!!) I’m in hawk for this conscientious effort to the tune of some $500.00!!  

I wonder how many others across the country have had similar experiences? And we have several new bio-diesel plants being built in the Seattle area?????  










2 thoughts on “The Bio-Diesel Hook

  1. This was a gross oversight on the part of the person who updated your existing fuel system. That is exactly why some vehicles are labeled as “FlexFuel”, because their rubber components were not designed to stand up to certain levels of ethanol. You really should have demanded that they absorb the cost of the clean-up and fuel tank change.

    You’d have been much better off just adding a secondary system that feeds filtered vegetable oil into your diesel lines once the lines warm up with an initial burn of diesel. With that you’ve got to baby it more and can’t just stop without purging the vegi oil from the lines on stopping, due to it becoming too thick on cooling. Vegi oil is not toxic and will only become rancid in a worst case scenario. I think people are setting up waste-oil co-ops in many cities to use the copious amounts of oil available from restaurants.

    Top off the entire thing with a propane injection setup and you can get a real boost in efficiency since the LPG will displace the air being force-fed into your Benz. It uses a very small amount of LPG, so a 1 gallon tank should last you quite a while.

    Corn-based bio-Fuels are hype and, of course, contribute to the federal subsidy nightmare that feeds higher food prices. “Bio-diesel” from biomass is a great alternative since we just convert organic matter and not extract from any particular plant. The timber industry has plenty of biomass to turn into fuel, and we know how much logging goes on here in the northwest.

    To summarize, make the shop pay for their negligence.

  2. There are cases where the tax man has come after users of vegi-oil replacements. The State figures you owe them the fuel tax for every gallon of vegi-oil used and they will estimate it in their favor.

    No good deed goes unpunished!

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