Rob McKenna says you’re a RACIST.

It was a sunny morning in 2004. Rob McKenna (now McCain chair) was on the stump and looking like a young Slade Gorton or Rudi Giuliani (but with hair). He was smart, politically savvy and liberal enough, at least on social issues, to be re-elected, unopposed, as Councilman in Soviet King County. And this was to be his banner year, the year to be elected State Attorney General


It happened at the King County Republican Convention, where, later that day, McKenna’s speech would extol the imminent success of the Washington State GOP: we were well financed, organized, unified, and with a newly shrunken and “broadened” platform! Nothing was missing! Victory was assured!  [McKenna, thanks almost entirely to the Builders Industry Association of Washington, did, indeed, form a one-two winning combination behind Dino Rossi, but the balance of the Republican ticket was, generally, slaughtered in November.]


But the watershed incident happened before the speeches, quietly that morning at the registration tables, when the candidates mill around among the PCO’s, schmoozing and trolling for votes.


Rob could remember people’s names, and associate a name with a face, even after several months. The Precinct Officer, one of thousands, statewide, had only met him twice before, and when McKenna spoke to her by name, she was surprised and impressed. She thought he seemed both charming and talented.


Having recently had a family member nearly killed by a car full of drunken, unlicensed, uninsured, illegal Mexicans, Illegal Immigration was at the top of her “issue” list, and time was short, so she got right to the point.


“As Attorney General, what are you going to do about all these Illegals running around all over the state?” she asked. She did not mention the personal tragedy illegals had caused her family, nor the fact that those particular illegals were Mexican.


Rob looked her straight in the eye, and said, “You are a racist!” as he turned away to talk to someone else. It was no more, no less. It was not the last time McKenna would become an advocate for radical OPEN BORDERS and AMNESTY and even an outspoken opponent of the Constitution on immigration issues.


So there you have it.


Rob McKenna is a civil rights candidate! Specifically, he upholds the rights of Mexicans:

  • to ignore our laws with immunity from prosecution and freedom from enforcement,
  • to alter the interpretation of laws, specifically to favor themselves,
  • to 1.2 billion dollars a year of our Washington State tax money,
  • to get benefits actual Washington State citizens do not,
  • to hold no loyalty to our nation despite siphoning off its wealth,
  • to live by tax evasion, identity forgery or welfare, and
  • they have the right to be free from your racist attitudes if you do not recognize these rights the Mexican people hold over Americans. 


And Mr. McKenna is not alone in the GOP. He represents the elite, the leadership, the establishment empowered by the John McCain Campaign. They believe that capitulation to the Criminal Invasion will win votes for the Republican Party. Right.


The future success of the Republican Party depends on replacing that leadership.


But how will they be replaced if the story is not told? And how will the story be told if no one has the courage to speak up? Does it not seem “divisive?” Impolite?


We are the Reagan Wing of the Republican Party. We’re speaking up.


39 thoughts on “Rob McKenna says you’re a RACIST.

  1. I know this is off topic a bit but I just wanted to remind all those conservatives in King County out there that time is running out to file to be a PCO this year.

    The great thing about this is that there is nothing the King County Republicans can do about you becoming a PCO as long as you file directly with the County. And they can’t kick you out of your PCO position either as long as you are elected to the position. The only thing the King County Republicans can do is to find some Republican in your exact precinct to run against you and then the person of course would have to get more votes than you. But short of that once elected you are a PCO and they can’t do anything about it.

    And you don’t have to take any of those offensive 11 Commandment oaths either if you file directly with the King County Elections.

    All you have to do is download this form.

    Fill this form out.

    Mail it in an envelope to the following address:

    Elections Division
    Department of Executive Services
    919 SW Grady Way
    Renton, WA 98057-2906

    Remember its now 42¢ to mail a letter or if you are in the area I guess you can hand it to them personally. However they must have it in their hand by 4:30 PM this next Friday June 6.

    And don’t forget to put a dollar bill into the envelope as that is the amount they require to file.

    Once you do that and if there is no other person filed as PCO in your Precinct then you are in, King County Republicans be damned. They can’t remove you. And forget about them trying to make you work on campaigns stamp licking and sign waving. You are busy. There’s a PCO meeting next week, sorry that is the day I am washing my hair. You don’t have to do anything for them and still they can’t remove you. But you are there when the critical votes are needed.

    So, as much as you might hate the Republicans file as a PCO and then just don’t do anything for them (if that is what you want). But it is important that if you are a conservative that you do file so at the critical times when you are needed you can be there to vote.

    Pass this link on to other conservatives in King Country. Remember the King County Republicans can’t stop you from filing and gaining this position unless they make an effort to find someone in your precinct to run against you and that person is successful in that effort. So please file so that you can make a difference when it counts but realize they can’t fire you or make you resign as long as you were elected to that position so you can do as little with them (or nothing) as you want. Just say you are busy when they have all the distraction work they want you to do. Again, even if you don’t participate they can’t remove you, but you will be there when critical votes take place.

    Friday, June 6, that’s the drop dead date. So be sure to put it in the mail by Thursday June 5 or the earlier the better.

  2. If you are elected as a PCO then for two years while they might ask you to resign, pressure you to resign, they can’t actually force you to resign if you were elected and not appointed.

  3. Oh, and when they give you campaign material for your local RINO that they want you to pass out, take the material, thank them very nicely and then when they are gone throw it in the recycling.

    Remember as long as you are an elected PCO they can’t do anything to get rid of you. They have to wait two years to find someone in your specific district they can run against you (that is often not easy to do) and that person has to get more votes than you. And that is in two years. Until then you can be as uninvolved in the Republican party as you want but still have your PCO position so you can be there for the critical times you can make a difference.

    So sign up next week and email like minded friends in King County. Yeah, we all hate the Republicans but this is actually a way to stick it to them because they can’t remove you once you are elected.

  4. “your specific district they can run against you’

    Sorry, I meant specific PRECINCT. While someone can be appointed to a Precinct that isn’t their own that can only happen when that position isn’t already filled by an elected PCO. Being elected gives you standing that being appointed doesn’t. For if I haven’t emphasized it enough the King County Republicans can’t remove you once you are elected.

  5. Great example of how your ilk is destroying our conservative party. You apply shallow, non nonsensical comparisons, and apply characteristics that you use to attack your perceived political enemies.

    Overall, the diatribe against Rob is juvenile and non nonsensical – you dismiss the tireless work he has done to attack real issues that impact washington citizens, like Meth problem, child protective services accountability, resolving the mess is predecessor left

    Ø Your slur about his dominating victory in the State wide election is disappointing, even for the likes of your kind, who routinely slur those who do not follow your doctrine 100%. You throw out claims about the BIA of Wa, but so what? You offer no evidence, and even if that org. did contribute to his campaign, good!

    Ø You assign blame to Rob for the poor showing in the rest of the elections? How is that his fault? Because Dino was stripped of his victory, and the overall swing to the left, is somehow Rob’s doing?

    Ø The PCO “story” about Rob response- Very easy to repeat 2nd, or 3rd hand versions of fables? It is easy to write about absurd claims, of what someone claim Rob said, but knowing him as well as I do, it does not pass the smell test. I defy you to offer proof of that outrageous claim (who is this tragic PCO?, did anyone else hear him say that?, what was the context of the conservation) Before you publish unsubstantiated claims, you need to provide believable evidence.

    Ø Based on this heresy evidence, you then assign a laundry list of sins that Rob is supposedly for? Childish example of Junior High debate- you can do better.

    Doug, what concerns me most, your use of these type of personal attacks based on flimsy, non existences, or at best, your tortured and twisted logic base on things taken out of context, is wrecking the efforts of conservative republicans. Your efforts, far from promoting real solutions, only contribute to the re-election of her heiness, as well as Hussain Obama.

  6. And sadly, as it seems in the case of “Greg” above, encourages people who are not even Republicans at all to be welcomed in with open arms.

    “Yeah, we all hate the Republicans but this is actually a way to stick it to them because they can’t remove you once you are elected.”

    What kind of person writes this “we all hate Republicans,” except a Democrat that is happy to throw a little bit of red meat into a bowl of hungry Pirahna who have no discretion or restraint, but will strike at anything that is percieved to be against your so-called “establishment.” I agree with RBN here, but it saddens me further that you attack alwasy, and cannot see good in anything except your sad orthodoxy, which loses supporters every day.

    You are slowly becoming a faction of one.

    Doug, it is so sad what you have started. The blood that is on your hands. This hatred of yours is tearing the GOP apart, and someday you will find that like Robspierre said, “Revolutions always eat their own children.” And your “Revolution” will someday eat you, your followers, and all those things that you have decieved yourselves into thinking that you love.

    I continue to pray for you and this country.


  7. Doug.

    Are there any candidates in WA that you support? Are there any elected officials in WA that you support or have something good to say about? Except some fringy candidates here and there that are typically routed in blow out elections, I don’t know that I have ever seen you identify any local, state, or legislative candidates that are in office, have won, or can win, that you support.

    We all know who you don’t support, and who you hate.

    But I want to know something Doug.

    Who in our state do you support?

    I am truly curious.


  8. Doug.

    I am wishing peace to you and to others. A light burns ever brighter the darker it gets, but I remain ever hopeful. But even as we wish for peace, it doesn’t mean we cannot speak to darkness and hate and call it what it is.

    I pray for my adversaries as well as my friends – like Lincoln said the best strategy for dealing with enemies is to make them no longer your enemies and make them your friends. Maybe someday you will be the latter.

    Peace be with you.


    PS I would still like to know who you support. Not just who you are against.

  9. There are two points that people shouldn’t forget about McKenna. One is that he is a Catholic and we know how the Catholic church has tried to interfere with US policy on this matter.

    I don’t know how much that weighs upon McKenna’s decision making process. Perhaps it doesn’t so my second point is probably the most relevant one.

    Rob McKenna before becoming State Attorney General was a member of the King County Council. In his time there he voted to support an organization that was promoting the interests of illegals.

    Boy, I love the Internet. In the past, I could make a statement like that, the politician could deny it and most people would probably believe the lying politician and he would get away with it.

    But now all I have to do is to type see the following web page:

    And then people click, and go to the web page, and they find out that indeed what I say is true. In this case it is true that Rob McKenna voted to have King County support the so called “immigrant worker freedom drive” which of course is nothing more than a group of people supporting lawbreakers when it comes to our immigration policy.

    Yeah, he supports lawbreakers and we elect him state Attorney General. Great state we live in or what!

  10. Joel, you are probably as much a Christian as a Conservative. And from what I have read of what you wrote you sure aren’t a Christian.

    Most Christians were taken in when Bush called himself a Christian, but they have learned their lesson. It is going to take more than politicians talking the talk to ever get their support again.

    Click here:

    [audio src="" /]

    Or Here:

    to hear a podcast about how upset Christians are with Bush’s performance.

    I would say when it comes to Christian sounding politicians fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me, but I can’t do it because McCain isn’t even talking the talk so how can we ever expect him to walk the walk. If anything he has shown open hostility towards conservatives especially Christians (except for Hagee for some reason).

  11. Sorry, Joel I meant to type you aren’t much of a conservative.

    Yeah, I don’t think you are much of a Christian either but I don’t have the proof of that as much as I do about you not being a conservative.

    If I had to guess I would say that you are an Urban agnostic who is liberal on most social issues but support Republicans on their pro-big business policies and their so called “free trade” pro-NAFTA position. You couldn’t care less about issues of freedom, government restraint, low taxes, sovereignty, etc. And you are openly hostile to discussing issues relating to the culture war.

    In fact you are a Bundy Republican aka Evans Republican. Or known nationally as Rockefeller Republican. If you were of voting age back then you probably supported Ford over Reagan in 1976 and perhaps even voted for Anderson in 1980 being unable to support “an extremist like Reagan who could quite literally cause a nuclear war”.

    You are the kind of “republican” who joyfully supported Nixon even though he supported price and wage controls and affirmative action. And lets not forget William D. Ruckelshaus and his banning of DTT. Do you know how many millions of deaths that makes him responsible for? You wonder how such a man could sleep at night with so much blood on his hands. But then you realize that part of what makes them so evil is that they can sleep quite easily despite that. For they lack any sense of conscience. And quite honestly I don’t know if you have any conscious too.

    You are the kind of republican who more recently supported liberal republicans like Foley who’s personal behavior as well as their run away spending lost the GOP the legislature.

    Nothing good has ever come out of supporting Rockefeller Republicans. They have always set the Republican party and especially the conservatives back.

  12. Actually, I think the only reason Joel isn’t a Democrat is because “then I would have to socialize with all those blue collar people, eww!”

    He is the type of person who people are talking about when they talk about “Country Club Republicans”.

  13. “And sadly, as it seems in the case of “Greg” above, encourages people who are not even Republicans at all to be welcomed in with open arms.”

    From what I saw from what Greg wrote he is encouraging Conservative Christians and other Conservatives to file as Republican PCOS despite how the GOP have stabbed them in the back over the years.

    He doesn’t seem like he is a Kay Trepanier who openly in the press supported extremely liberal Democrat Mike Lowry over Republican moderate Ken Eikenberry. If you want to talk about “welcoming back with open arms” that is certainly what the King Country Republican party did with her even after her betrayal in 1992.

    And how about Sid Morrison who in return for giving his mailing list to the Lowry campaign became his transportation secretary. You mainstreamers elected him the HEAD of your organization AFTER he betrayed the party in such a direct way.

    And now we have Juan McCain, a man who actively sought to become John Kerry’s running mate against Chaney-Bush. He had a campaign director recently quit on him because he didn’t want to run a campaign against Obama who he supported so strongly. And you have the nerve to talk about “welcoming non-republicans into the party with open arms.” How many Democrats will McCain “welcome into his administration with open arms”? I guess we won’t ever know will we since I haven’t seen such a poorly run campaign since Bob Dole’s.

  14. Think it is silly to suggest that Juan McCain would have Democrats in his Administration?

    Well Bush did.

    Guy’s name was Norman Mineta who was a Democratic Congressman from 1975 to 1995.

    I remember the cartoon after 9-11. It said ‘the one Democrat in the Bush administration, guess what he is the secretary of. ” The answer TRANSPORTATION!

    But even after 9-11 he served past Bush’s first term only resigning in 2006. During that time he put roadblocks in the way of efforts to make our transportation system, especially our aviation system more secure. Despite that he became the longest serving transportation secretary in our history.

    And Juan McCain he has been talking about so called “bipartisanship” even more than Bush ever did. If I had to guess I would say he will have several Democrats in key positions in his Administration.

    But again, we will never know for sure will we!

  15. Joel, what is your last name?

    The reason I ask is because one of my favorite games is to go to the following website:

    You see the box next to “Partial Contributor Name?”

    I type in the name (last name then space then first name) of someone who says that he or she is a Republican, and then it lists which candidates (if any) the person has given money to over the last few years.

    You can’t imagine how many times you find out that the so called “Good Republican” has often given money to Democrats over the years, even if the contributor is a Republican politician.

    I mean sure, sometimes there’s a good reason like the Democrat was running against some RINO who you couldn’t stand, especially if that RINO was an incumbent. I have never donated money in that case but I have sure been tempted to, and I would not hold it against, in fact I would respect a conservative who does that.

    But most of the time it’s a “Kay Trepanier” type of case where they actually did actively and positively support the Democrat and not because they hated who the Republican they were running against was but like in the case nationally with the Juan McCain campaign person who quit actually thought the the Democrat would be good in office. Or you will see a case where the Republican politician donates to a Democrat “colleague” . It happens a little less than it used to but its quite interesting when it does happen and people find out about it.

    Yeah, it can be a fun game. Yeah, almost as fun as when you go to the following web page:

    And search by Candidate/Committee.

    It really tells where despite the politician’s rhetoric (even if he or she SOUNDS Christian) the politician is more likely to be at when it is time for the politician to do the “people’s business”.

  16. Joel. do you smoke marijuana?

    The reason I ask is that as you most likely know smoking marijuana aka cannabis, causes an effect that has come to be termed “stoned” which is a behavior by the user of the drug of passivity to the extent of being near catatonic.

    Most people are familiar with the stereotype of the 1960s hippie going around saying “peace man”. Of course this comes from the feeling of passivity the user gets from smoking cannabis.

    So, I was wondering if that is the reason you type “peace” so much. For you sure sound like some pot smoking Kumbayaher to me.

    Joel wants us all together to sing the following

    Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
    Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
    Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
    Oh lord, kumbaya

    Someones singing lord, kumbaya
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    Oh lord, kumbayah

    Someones laughing, lord, kumbaya
    Someones laughing, lord, kumbaya
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    Oh lord, kumbaya

    Someones crying, lord, kumbaya
    Someones crying, lord, kumbaya
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    Oh lord, kumbaya

    Someones praying, lord, kumbaya
    Someones praying, lord, kumbaya
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    Oh lord, kumbaya

    Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
    Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
    Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
    Oh lord, kumbaya
    Oh lord, kumbaya

  17. Joel hates conservatives, lord, kumbaya.
    Joel is pretending to be a Christian, lord, kumbaya.
    Joel is really an leftist Republican, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya.

    Because of “republicans” like Joel millions of people have died, kumbaya.
    For they elected Nixon, lord, kumbaya.
    Nixon’s adminstration banned the use of DDT, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya

    Juan McCain believes in Man-Made Global Warming, lord, kumbaya.
    He has all these plans to harm industry, lord, kumbaya.
    How many deaths because of this will be his responsibility, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya.

    Juan McCain wants to give Amnesty, lord, kumbaya.
    Give millions of illegals citizenship, lord, kumbaya.
    They will still vote for the Democratic Party, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya

    Juan McCain claims he will be tough in Iraq, lord, kumbaya.
    Yet Juan McCain wants to give lawyers to terrorists in gitmo, lord, kumbaya.
    In the end he will probably surrender in Iraq like he did in Vietnam, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya.

    Juan McCain seems to be Joel’s dream candidate, Lord, kumbaya.
    He will purge conservatism from the GOP, Lord, kumbaya.
    And in the end America will be left with just one party, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya

    Juan McCain seems half crazy, lord, Kumbaya.
    Got a temper he can’t control. lord. kumbaya.
    Will he be the one to start World War Three, lord, Kumbaya.

    Oh, lord. kumbaya.

    Juan McCain wanted to be Kerry’s VP lord, kumbaya.
    Now he says he wants conservatives to be loyal to the GOP, lord, kumbaya.
    Isn’t that just the greatest of hypocrisy, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya.

    McCain’s campaign is sure to lose, lord, kumbaya.
    Regardless of what Joel thinks we should do lord, kumbaya.
    Bush’s legacy is for Republicans to lose this campaign, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, kumbaya
    Oh, lord kumbaya.

  18. My vote is solely on what will be the best LONG TERM interest of America.

    And McCain isn’t.

    He is the one that turns up the heat gradually and in the end is the one who successfully boils the frog.

    Whereas Obama turns up the heat too quickly and the frog takes a great jump away from the pot preventing it from being cooked.

    And that is why although I know it is going to be tough, I am supporting Obama. Looking ahead the next few years things are going to be bad. Regardless of who wins, things are going to be bad in America. And so, that’s just the way it is going to be and that can’t be changed with which party wins this year. The only choice we have this year with the Presidential election this year is which party is going to be blamed for how bad things get.

    And I want the Democratic Party to be blamed for how bad things get, Joel.

    But you Joel, seem to want the Republican party to get blamed for how bad things get.

    That makes me think you might be really a Democrat Joel for you might understand the fact that whichever party wins this election will win the next.

    But like Alex says by the way Juan McCain has shown to be running his campaign so far, and the way he says he is going to run his campaign, it is like he has lost already. He doesn’t have a chance, so why should we argue about what seems all but fact. The writing is on the wall for all to see except “Kool-Aid drinkers”.

    And because of Jorge Bush and because of Juan McCain, Roberto McKenna is going to lose his seat as state attorney general. A sweep like that is what we saw for Democrats in this state in 1992 and this election year has same feel 1992 did – another Bush induced Democratic Sweep is all but a fact of history.

    That’s what happens when self proclaimed “Mainstream Republicans” get in control of the Republican Agenda. The last time Republicans had a Presidential Victory with coat tails was under that extremist nuclear war causing candidate Ronald Reagan. You know the one that all you leftist Republicans voted for Anderson instead of. Yet, that didn’t stop you from singing his praises at his library this year when all your candidates were pretending to be him when it was so obvious that they were not even remotely close.

    That whole night during that debate at the Reagan library I wanted someone to use that line that was used against Papa Bush’s VP. No, they WEREN’T and Juan McCain ISN’T Ronald Reagan. They were not even worthy of being in his library that night, much less to declare that they are assuming his mantle!

  19. Roberto McKenna will probably lose too, lord, kumbaya.
    A Democratic Sweep like in 92 we will see , lord, kumbaya.
    The Republican Left has only themselves to blame, lord, kumbaya.

    Oh, lord, Kumbaya.

  20. “…whichever party wins this election will win the next.”

    I sure typed that wrong. I meant to type whichever party wins this election will LOSE the next one.

    For as I wrote, regardless of who wins this year things will get worse in America.

    So all we are voting for is which party gets the blame.

    I want the Democrats to get the blame.

    You, Joel seem to want the Republicans to get the blame.

  21. Here is a good question. Which Republicans voted to give in state tuition rates to illegals?

    Here’s the answer.

    In the Senate the vote was (I am listing all the Senators here as it is easier so you can pick out your own RINO from the list of both Republicans and Democrats.


    Yeas: 48 Nays: 0 Absent: 0 Excused: 1

    Voting Yea: Senators Benton, Brandland, Brown, Carlson, Deccio, Doumit, Eide, Esser, Fairley, Finkbeiner, Franklin, Fraser, Hale, Hargrove, Haugen, Hewitt, Honeyford, Horn, Jacobsen, Johnson, Kastama, Keiser, Kline, Kohl-Welles, McAuliffe, McCaslin, Morton, Mulliken, Oke, Parlette, Poulsen, Prentice, Rasmussen, Reardon, Regala, Roach, Rossi, Schmidt, Sheahan, Sheldon, B., Sheldon, T., Shin, Spanel, Swecker, Thibaudeau, West, Winsley, and Zarelli

    Voting Nay:

    Excused: Senator Stevens

    In the House:


    Yeas: 75 Nays: 20 Absent: 0 Excused: 3

    Voting Yea: Representatives Alexander, Bailey, Berkey, Blake, Buck, Cairnes, Carrell, Chandler, Chase, Clibborn, Cody, Conway, Cooper, Cox, Darneille, DeBolt, Delvin, Dickerson, Dunshee, Edwards, Eickmeyer, Ericksen, Flannigan, Fromhold, Gombosky, Grant, Haigh, Hankins, Hatfield, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Jarrett, Kagi, Kenney, Kessler, Kirby, Lantz, Linville, Lovick, Mastin, McCoy, McDermott, McIntire, McMorris, Miloscia, Moeller, Morrell, Morris, Murray, Newhouse, Nixon, O’Brien, Pettigrew, Priest, Roach, Rockefeller, Romero, Ruderman, Santos, Schoesler, Schual-Berke, Sehlin, Shabro, Simpson, G., Skinner, Sommers, Sullivan, Talcott, Tom, Upthegrove, Veloria, Wood, Woods, and Mr. Speaker Chopp

    Voting Nay: Representatives Ahern, Anderson, Armstrong, Benson, Boldt, Bush, Campbell, Clements, Condotta, Crouse, Hinkle, Holmquist, Kristiansen, McDonald, McMahan, Orcutt, Pearson, Pflug, Schindler, and Wallace

    Excused: Representatives Mielke, Quall, and Sump

    Voters might have a short memory but thank God the Internet doesn’t.

  22. Or if you want to know which candidate they are giving money to you can go to the expenditures search page.

    Or, again just to make it easy for you all you have to do is to click here:

    And for their Federal PAC here.

    Don’t use the CSV files for either the contributions or the expenditures if you are seeing this page later than a week than this post was posted. As I don’t believe they would be current.

    Best bet for current information is for contributions go here:

    And for Expenditures go here:

    Or if you want to know which candidate they are giving money to you can go to the expenditures search page.

  23. Immigrants make more contributions to the economy than costs.
    We should focus on weeding out terrorists, and allow the peaceful people who want to come here and work to do so. They make us better off.
    But we should eliminate welfare to non-citizens so that is not the main incentive to move here.

  24. “Immigrants make more contributions to the economy than costs.”

    This would be true, Bruce, if there were not so much socialism already built into the U.S. economy. But the fact is that the average Mexican Immigrant, who actually is employed full time, costs over $19,000.00 more in government goods and services than he pays in total taxes and that’s a fact.

    You’re right in principle that producing human beings should be a net plus to any nation, but if we continue to use government to re-distribute wealth we can’t open our borders to the third world or we will swamp our social services with more costs that the economy can bear.

    There are enough people below that cost/benefit line in Mexico alone to increase our Federal budget by more than a trillion dollars PER YEAR…. NET within the next several decades. And that’s figuring they continue to be given “cuts” in line (before Africans, for instance, who would be even worse, economically, under our curren level of socialism).

    This covers the facts:

    The Back-Breaking Cost of McAmnesty

  25. Alex & Kim (throughout)

    I am truly facinated at how much Alex and Kim know about me just from the few posts. I will leave it up to God to judge whether I have been a good and faithful servant to Him, not you.

    In answer to your question, Kim, no I do not smoke Marijuana, I have never smoked it, and I have never taken any illegal drugs either.

    I say “peace” as an ending because it is what I wish to others, a christian tradition. It also makes sense for me because I follow the teachings of and believe in the “Prince of Peace,” so I guess I am just listening to the words of and following my master. I am a hearer and doer of the Word.

    Alex, your attacks on the Holy Catholic Church are unwarranted and sad.


    P.S. What is your last name, so I can check you out on the PDC website? Are you ready to give that out to this group?

  26. You are just pretending to be a Christian. I can recognize an urban leftist agnostic pretending to be a Christian any day.

    For one thing Christians by and large don’t go around saying Peace Man.

    Pot smokers do though.

    “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. ”

    Luke 12:51

    So I guess you Joel are going against our Lord for our Lord doesn’t want peace!

  27. Alex

    “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

    I am not going to go toe to toe with you on bible verses, I can match you if I wanted to, but it serves no purpose. Becuase you are using the Word of God for a reason wholly different than the purpose for which it was intended, and if I am diverted from the path to fight with you, then I too do the same.

    I will not battle with you, and show you the verses that disagree with your proposition.

    I will say that one should always read a verse in context, and not in isolation as you have done here. I disagree that you can assert that God wants “no peace” because you have found one verse that has been lifted from a series of parables told by the Christ. That one verse must be read in context of the whole passage, the whole chapter, the whole book from which it came (“The Gospel According to Luke”), and the whole Word (from Genesis to the Apocalypse).

    I will pray for you Alex, as I have no interest in being your enemy, even as you seem hell bent to be mine.


  28. The fact is, if government is used top redstribute wealth to the upper classes it is productive, and thery deserve it for being productive and otherwise will leave and then where will you leftists be, the difference is a LOT more goes to the poor and shut up.

  29. But the fact is that the average Mexican Immigrant, who actually is employed full time, costs over $19,000.00 more in government goods and services than he pays in total taxes and that’s a fact.

    That’s right, liberal. Challenge that. Oh, so sorry. You have no facts being a liberal. Now shut up.

  30. Doug,

    You are a complete lunatic. All one need be is a.) successful, b.) elected and c.) conservative and you are instantly and intensely enraged over some meaningless issue or more likely . You have achieved nothing in politics becaiuse you have attempted nothing. Reagan would have had you beaten and arrested had you ever appeared at the gates of his Bel Air mansion.



  31. Jack O.
    You are the prototype of the New Republican Party, full of baseless, subjective accusation, to wit, that I am a “complete lunatic” and “enraged”; full of irrelevant personal spite, to wit, that I “have achieved nothing”; and finally, driven to violence.

    “Ye do the deeds of your father. ”

    Thanks for the demonstration.

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