Is There Life Without Toilet Paper?

Let’s follow these events to their illogical and deleterious conclusion.”

From Ron Ewart:

Forgive us for entering into a subject that is best left in the bathroom, but without certain items of biological comfort we could be sent back to the dark days of outhouses and Sears catalogues.  With the insanity that is radical environmentalism aside, our lifestyle and its comforts are a direct result of industrial ingenuity in turning trees (a renewable resource) into highly useful paper products from toilet and computer paper, to feminine napkins, Scot towels, packaging and grocery bags, etc., each product making our lives a little easier.  Industry keeps coming up with new ideas to turn trees into paper, in all of its various forms.  Of course, there are always the 22-year old brain-dead actresses telling us we can get along with one square per event.  Obviously she never had a ………………………….., no, we won’t go there.
But oh my God!  When you make paper from trees it takes energy and in the process CO2 is emitted and we kill trees.  But even worse is that we reduce the absorption of CO2 by removing the trees as well, except that we re-plant the trees.  Obviously, we must be killing the planet by our hedonistic lifestyle of greed and avarice and this practice must be brought to a halt immediately.  The environmentalists and the government tell us it is so and they have brainwashed a significant number of us (including our young school children) that it is true, except for several little scientific “things” that the government and the radical environmentalists choose to ignore, for reasons that border on incarnate evil. 
Two of these scientific “things” come to mind.  CO2 (carbon dioxide) is heavier than air.  It is a fact of physics, it sinks.  Yes, a small portion of CO2 that doesn’t sink to the ground to feed the trees, plants and plankton, ends up in the upper atmosphere due to churning, a very tiny portion.  Of all of the greenhouse gases, CO2 makes up 0.177%.  But what is even more striking in these statistics is that the CO2, supposedly caused by man, is a small fraction of that 0.117%.  In fact, the greatest greenhouse gas (95%), over which man has absolutely no control, is water vapor and obviously has the greatest effect on planet warming, or cooling as the case may be, if any, not withstanding the effects of that giant yellow orb in the sky.
So the government and the radical environmentalists would have us believe that a miniscule fraction of a gas, that is heavier than air, a gas that all living things on this planet could not survive without, is somehow heating our planet into a runaway global warming event and we are all going to die, if we don’t repent to the God of Green!  If you believe this poppy cock, we question your intellect.
Let’s see now, actions by our government have allowed the price of a barrel of crude oil to double in just two years by pandering to the environmentalists who don’t want us to drill for oil anywhere in the U. S., or won’t let us build any new power plants or refineries.  Meanwhile, other countries, like China and India are exploiting their sources of energy every day, in spite of their greenhouse gas emissions.  But these same insane folks who run our asylum called a government, want to lock up as much of our land as possible from livestock (food), resource extraction (minerals, oil and trees) and people.  They then implemented by law, the positively outrageous and questonable practice of turning our food into fuel, thereby driving up the price of almost every food group.  Anyone with half a brain could see this coming 30 years ago.  Some did and warned us, but the warnings went unheeded.
Let’s follow these events to their illogical and deleterious conclusion.  Crude oil is the very foundation of the energy that powers our civilization in the western world.  Just about everything is effected by the cost and availability of crude oil.  A large fraction of crude goes into the production of fuel for cars, trucks, airplanes, ships and heating our homes and businesses.  The rest goes into the production of plastics and resins and many other products.  But transportation and the infrastructure that supports transportation is absolutely vital to the distribution of every product we buy or sell, including food.  If trucks and trains don’t roll and ships don’t ply the open seas, Albertson’s, Safeway, QFC, Costco, Fred Meyer and a host of other retailers and big box stores don’t get products to sell to you.  Have you ever thought of where you will get your food, if your local grocery store’s shelves are empty?  Perhaps from your neighbor at the point of a gun, if he has any and if government has taken away your guns.  Food is kind of important to survival you know.  Some think that if you can’t buy it, then you will have to take it by force, if necessary.  Now of course in such a scenario, your benevolent government would step in, nationalize all food production and distribution and ration it out as they see fit.  Do you want to be at the end of the long line of how the government sees fit?  How easy it is to control people when you own food and energy production.  Could that be our future?  Many think it is.
But this all fits a very evil pattern, driven by international environmentalists, one-world-order types, as well as the United Nations and Europe, in their eternal quest to bring the United States and other prosperous nations down to the lowest common denominator by re-distribution of our wealth, our property rights and our freedom.  By driving up the price of everything, the thinking of governments and the radical environmentalists is that you will use less of things and move into cities where you won’t have to drive as far for your food or gas, where you are much easier to control by government.  And of course they are encouraging you to bicycle or walk.  It’s good for your health you know and the government and the radical environmentalists are very concerned about your health.   Hardly! 
Throughout history dictators have herded the people out of the countryside and into large cities where they can be controlled to a much higher degree.  Remember the Nazi’s Warsaw ghetto?  A dictator’s worst enemy is a free-thinking rural landowner, who just might start a revolution.
So the next time you have the opportunity to send a donation to an environmental group, or vote for a politician that will do whatever the environmentalists or socialists want them to do, think twice, or maybe four times.  You could be funding and voting for your own demise, not to mention the high possibility of losing your freedom and control over life-sustaining food.  Right now government controls your money, your land and your livelihood.  How long will it be before they control your food and energy?
WE THE PEOPLE have a choice, either become the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, or be slaves to the GOVERNMENT, where they take your money, your land and control the distribution of your food and energy.  There is very little time left.
Imagine what the world would be like if there were no toilet paper, or worse, no food at your local grocery store.  A hungry belly has nothing to lose by stealing, looting, killing, or going to war.  It is happening in many parts of the world right now.  And don’t be fooled.  It could happen here!
Ron Ewart (rymes with “Stewart”) is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners,

12 thoughts on “Is There Life Without Toilet Paper?

  1. One of my son’s websites might lend perspective here:

    It is humorous. Also, along Ron Ewarts arguments, I have been working lately to get “Under the Tower of Babel” online. I have nine more chapters to post and it will be ready for viewing at my website.

    Our education system is teaching a twisted logic and our children do not understand that resources are God-given and are for our benefit to improve our lives and build our estates. Furthermore, Christians do not understand that God is our Creator, He created us in His image and we reflect that image by producing from the resources He provides. That is why we “go to work” – to reflect His image. Secondary to that, is to make a living i.e.; making a living is a side benefit for reflecting the image of God. Instead of a Biblical worldview, Christians are often deceived into a green philosophy via unfounded theories of stewardship.

  2. Although your points may have merit; your biblical authority for why we go to work is flawed. The reason we have to “work” is the curse of Adam’s fall. See. Genesis 3:19 “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Hard work can be a good thing, but in the Garden, Adam & Eve’s sin was the cause of many things, not the least of which was mankind’s (specifically man’s) need to work to survive instead of it being given freely (as a hand out) by God.

  3. RE “. . . your biblical authority for why we go to work is flawed. The reason we have to “work” is the curse of Adam’s fall. See. Genesis 3:19 . . .”

    Joel, please, look again at the Scriptures: Gen 3:19 does not say we go to work because of the curse. Starting in verse seventeen, God told Adam that because he listened to his wife, ignoring God’s command, the ground was now cursed and he would produce from the soil only upon painful toil and the sweat of his brow.

    God created work well ahead of the curse. Most of the first chapter of Genesis recounts the creation – God’s work. At the end of every day, God looked back upon His work and said that it was good. He enjoyed His work.

    The second chapter of Genesis begins with a problem: “no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no man to work the ground.” The next few verses describe how God remedied the problem: He sent springs of water that watered the whole surface (and rain would not come until after the Flood) and he created man to tend to His creation – to work the soil.

    This chapter also describes the beauty and wonder of the Garden of Eden, where God placed the man, to tend to it. Adam was given a wonderful place to work, it is implicit that the man took joy in his work. He worked the soil and God brought all the animals to him to be named (studied and classified).

    You are correct, in that there is a curse upon our labor. However, you are mistaken if you think that we work because of the curse. Not to worry, this is a common misperception. Jesus said on several occasions, He was going about His Father’s work. He also said He was going to go to the Father and that He would build a mansion for His chosen. He said the believers will rule and reign with Him: that is, we will work in Heaven and it will not be a curse. On the other hand, those going to Hell will not be working.

    Solomon lamented in the Book of Ecclesiastes of the futility of life. Within several passages, he recounts the futility of work, building wealth and leaving an estate for those who will squander it and not remember him. In the end, he comes to the conclusion that the whole duty of man is to fear God, keep His commandments and work to please Him (for He will bring every deed into judgment). Paul affirms this conclusion in several passages, where he reminds us to do everything as working unto the Lord.

    When we work the resources God has given us, we reflect His image as our Creator: He creates; we produce. We bring glory to God in our labor and we are able to reflect another aspect of God’s image: Paul tells us to work so we are able to share with those in need (Eph 4:28, see also Rom 12:13). God is our Provider; we reflect that image of our Creator when we share.

    You see, Joel, work is good. We are to take joy in our labor; in everything God has given us to do. We reflect God’s image as Creator by producing from the resources He has given us and we reflect His image as Provider by sharing with those in need. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” [Col 3:23 NIV]

  4. Other than the “work” done by God during creation, please show me one reference in Genesis, prior to the fall of man, where Adam and/or Eve worked? There is no refererence to it other than being a paradise (a garden) where all things were provided. Even “Shabbat” “Sabbath” the day of rest is meant to be a kind of brief return to “the Garden” where no work is done. It was man’s desire to “be like God” in the act of eating from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that led to many things, including the requirement to work as the passage that I referenced points out. I have seen no such passage.

    Perhaps one of the curses put on man to teach him an on-going divine lesson was in essence this – “if you want to be like me (a creator), then so be it – you have to work hard to create. ” God knew that such a job was not easy.

    Thank you for your response however.

    Peace, Joel.

  5. You should take note that most of the biblical authority from from which you write was originally in Hebrew among other langauges – in Hebrew (specifically applying to Solomon above), the word “work” is the same as the word “serve,” and when that additional meaning is incorporated into your interpretation, work in the biblical sense takes on new meaning.

    The problem with most American evangelicals and other “American” denominations is that they have taken American values, American virtues, and American Patriotism, and have reverse-engineered scripture to support a uniquely American interpretation of the Christian Faith. It is so insidiously performed that it is often hard to tell American Patriotism and American Values apart from Biblical principles. American Biblical interpretation has simply conformed biblical teachings to American views of the world, and molded those understandings to be consistent with what are otherwise secular views, based more on Roman and Classical ideas rather than the teachings of the Christ.

    The result has been to torture scripture in order to reach the results needed to justify positions and viewpoints not consistent with Christian faith. Not unlike the Romans that tortured the Christ.

    But, as the Book says, “iron sharpens iron.”

    I await your response,

    Peace, Joel.

  6. Joel,

    Regarding your request for a Scripture to support the premise that man worked before the Fall: Gen 2:15 “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” And in verse nineteen, God brought the animals to man to be classified.

    Along your other arguments re Sabbath and previous referring to God intending to give us handouts: God is always at work, Christ was at work, the angels are at work, and God intended man to work. Work is a blessing, however, the curse has made it a task.

    Our problem is that we think we provide for ourselves via our work and we forget, God provides and our job has little to do with it. God gives us our ability, talent and skill; He provides our job. More than that, everything that our work provides for us, is from Him.

    Regarding your comments of Americanizing the Scriptures, I have no idea how my comments lead you into that line of argument.

  7. Then in a sense it is always God, and not us that is actually working.

    With reference to your last paragraph; specifically your comments do not do that. I was simply remarking generally on my own experience in witnessing the “Americanizing of Scripture” which branched from my comments on the interpretation of the word “work” from the Hebrew and its deeper and multifaceted meanings in the original tongue.

    The comment was general in nature, but not directly related to what you said. I did not mean to infer that you had done that necessarily yourself.

    Peace, Joel

  8. No problem.

    RE “In a sense it is always God . . . ” In actual fact, it is always God. James tells us every good and perfect gift is from above. Not to mention the multitude of verses that affirm it is God who gives us our bread, who shelters us and feeds us. We worry about these things because we work hard and have to pay the bills, but in all actuality it is God, and God alone, who is providing for us all along.

    Give God the glory! Amen.

  9. RE: the avatar. That has been my avatar for a while. I finally figured out, when I comment while NOT logged in, it does not show up. Now, I am more faithful to log in.

    Thanks for the comment on the avatar. I still have that truck.

  10. BTW: If you want to see a photo of me and my Peterbilt (which I do not have any longer), go to my website ( or click my avatar) and click the menu ->Site->Contact Us (or something like that).

    For all those who are interested, Under the Tower is almost posted, just have three chapters to go before I publish the link. If you are a crack URL hacker, you might be able to figure it out (but I doubt it – so there is the challenge).

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