Part II, WSRP 2008: The McCain Problem that made Ron Paul the final solution.

(Earlier: Part I. WSRP 2008: Prologue to Dark Sentences)


When Rob McKenna and Michael Young and Luke Esser woke up the morning of February 10, 2008, they knew they had a major problem. The day before, Washington State Republicans had held Precinct Caucuses and Esser had announced John McCain had “won.” Good enough. But on the other hand…


1. Here is one way to express the problem: 


Former State Party Chair and McCain operative Chris Vance explained it this way (right here on

It is well known by now that most people who choose “undeclared” are actually Paul supporters. However, it is my understanding that in some counties there has been no disclosure at all.”


This was not a “victory” of anything at all. It was the first Wind of Disaster. It was a prescription for the loss (to McCain) of every Washington State National Delegate.


 2. Here is an even more graphic depiction of the McCain problem:


Across the nation McCain operatives (the GOP/elite pragmatists) were telling people that their man’s early lead (fashioned by Democrat and Independent crossover votes) was insurmountable, and skewing the figures in collusion with the media to make it appear so. But they knew they were walking on ice. McCain’s 8-year war of “reaching across the aisle” to coalition with Democrats against his own Party and attack the Constitution has always threatened to turn into a wholesale revolt of Reagan Republicans. McCain held a MINORITY POSITION everywhere and only the GOP Left/Elite were loyal to him. It was a nomination not yet acquired and already in trouble.


3. Here is a more narrative viewpoint of the McCain problem:



“Clearly, the framers of the First Amendment crafted it in such a manner as to ensure that individuals such as John McCain would never have the prerogative to use the laws of an out-of-control government to subdue their opposition.”



“The United States Senate, on May 25th, 2006, passed the single most reprehensible and treasonous bill in the history of America.”



“Enacting any variant of [McCain/Lieberman] would be tantamount to issuing a congressional declaration of war on the fuels that power the U.S. economy. Worse, it would establish the institutional framework for a succession of legislative, regulatory, and litigation assaults on carbon-based energy.”


The Gang of 14

“…the seven Republican participants knowingly betrayed their own party’s leadership.”



Public FUNDING for the destruction of human embryos.

“Embryonic stem cell research is just a less messy form of child murder. From McCain’s own website…”


This was a candidate much of the grassroots despised.

The McCain Campaign was faced with a desperate struggle to acquire National Delegates both to avoid a brokered convention and to get a McCain-friendly (read “liberal”) Republican Platform.


Impossible task? You might think so. But don’t jump to conclusions.


The Washington State McCain team devised brilliant means and they were ruthlessly effective. Means to promote “LOYALTY” and “UNITY” behind a leader who had no other reason to command it.

Means that had been devised before.


By Joseph Goebbels.   


12 thoughts on “Part II, WSRP 2008: The McCain Problem that made Ron Paul the final solution.

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  2. Doug, help me with your math here. Despite what Mr. Vance stated, why would you assume all, or even 76% of uncommitted would have been Paul supporters? When I ran my caucus, the uncommitted, were truly just that, uncommitted. If those 16% (or 12.4%) voters were truly Paul supporters, why in the world would they not state that? If they were involved in some sort of scheme to hide their allegiance, then their votes should not be applied to any other candidate, and the results of those who voted for a name, should stand. Unless you are saying WSRP did not count the votes accurately, or worse, threw out Paul supports votes, then there is no argument, not debate. Luke is correct when he reported McCain got the most votes for those who correctly identified their presidential preference.

    What I am suggesting is your entire rationale for this conspiracy theory is on very shaky ground. To use the quote “It is well known by now that most people who choose “undeclared” are actually Paul supporters…” to suggest McCain did not get the most votes seems tenuous at best.

  3. I don’t think Doug is assuming that all of even 76% of uncommitted are actually Paul supporters. He said “this is one way to express the problem” and quoted Vance. Doug is making the point that McCain doesn’t have a majority. Not even close. And he’s right.

  4. Agreed, but neither is the WSRP. They are saying McCain won, by getting more votes that anyone else. Paul and the others lost because they failed to attrack more committed delegates than McCain. Just seems like simple math, as displayed with the numbers Doug uses.

    How anyone can attribute results they do not like, to grand conspricies commited with Nazi tactics (…By Joseph Goebbels), seems way over the top and full of hyperbole.

  5. RBN (at 1):
    1. “…why would you assume all, or even 76% of uncommitted would have been Paul supporters?”

    Paul delegates were being instructed, by the Paul campaign, based on the experience of other states, to state “uncommitted” if they felt there was strong anti-Paul prejudice in their caucus. Many, many did so and were elected, not based on their Presidential preference, but on the substance of their candidacy, what they actually believe in. And I believe 76% reflects fairly accurately the percentage. The reason we don’t have an absolutely accurate number is because in order to engage in ballot fraud, and other nefariouis schemes I have yet to report, most of the delegate election results WERE NEVER ANNOUNCED OR REVEALED by the McCain/Party administrations, the voting results being kept secret. (Confusion and secrecy are the keys to ballot fraud – ask Dean Logan.) Luke Esser hasn’t even released all the State Delegate information yet. (!!!!)
    Remember, McCain was already the “presumptive nominee” and most Repubicans believed no one could catch him. That was the McCain plan. That was what the press was trumpeting on his behalf. He was and is the liberal media’s favorite Republican. This part of the problem he created himself by trying to get people to believe that the election was all over. People quit caring so much about Presidential Preference (and that makes perfect sense) and started thinking about who they wanted to represent them at the next level. Paul delegates are ALL small government delegates. This is a small government Party. McCain is a big government candidate. Think about it. NO ONE believed he could lose and he still got only 25.5%.

    2. “… their votes should not be applied to any other candidate, and the results of those who voted for a name, should stand.”

    It’s clear that you don’t understand the process. NO ONE “VOTED” for any Presidential candidate. The State ran a straw poll of all attendees. The outcome of that poll affects NOTHING any more than their answers on the “Issues Questionaire” that most County Platform Committees round-filed. That’s why when Luke Esser said “McCAIN won!” experienced activists knew he was engaging in propaganda. No presidential candidate could win anything for another three months. All the delegates to be decided out of the caucus process (under the current rules) are to be decided by a vote of delegates to the State Convention at the end of this month with the interceding step of County Conventions and District Caucuses. Nothing before then.

    3. “Unless you are saying WSRP did not count the votes accurately…”

    It is known, for a fact, that that the count was not accurate, but it doesn’t matter. It was a straw poll as explained above. That’s why the “Huckabee Lawsuit” was laughable. You don’t “sue” to overturn a staw poll. The “Win” was no more or less than the hundreds of straw polls that Ron Paul has won online and around the nation, himself.

  6. RBN,

    These weren’t votes. They were preference polls.

    The elected delegates to the national convention will ultimately decide who are nominee is. We haven’t chosen our national delegates yet.

    The only vote we’ve had is the primary, in which Democrats were free to vote, and even had much more incentive to vote in ours (so they could influence our outcome), since their vote in the Democrat primary was meaningless.

  7. If you haven’t heard the first hour of he Mark Levin show today you have missed a critical piece of information.

    He said that what McCain has planned for America is just like the Soviet Union.

    You can hear it here.

    The episode was May 12, 2008

    You can actually download the program and keep it on the Internet by clicking here.

  8. Here’s the link.

    [audio src="" /]

    I actually dare people to listen to it. For if you were even thinking of voting for McCain you will not be after listening to this.

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