Rob McKenna says you’re a RACIST.

It was a sunny morning in 2004. Rob McKenna (now McCain chair) was on the stump and looking like a young Slade Gorton or Rudi Giuliani (but with hair). He was smart, politically savvy and liberal enough, at least on social issues, to be re-elected, unopposed, as Councilman in Soviet King County. And this was to be his banner year, the year to be elected State Attorney General


It happened at the King County Republican Convention, where, later that day, McKenna’s speech would extol the imminent success of the Washington State GOP: we were well financed, organized, unified, and with a newly shrunken and “broadened” platform! Nothing was missing! Victory was assured!  [McKenna, thanks almost entirely to the Builders Industry Association of Washington, did, indeed, form a one-two winning combination behind Dino Rossi, but the balance of the Republican ticket was, generally, slaughtered in November.] Continue reading


Party Winding Down

From the email underground:

“I am a fellow RP supporter, registered in precinct _____. I was the only republican to show up from my precinct and became a delegate to the state convention. Unfortunately, I have had to watch from the sidelines due to some dramatic life changes.

I wanted to write because 2 days ago I received a call from a Congressional District Leader. Continue reading

Crocodile Tears And Cow Flatulence

Our government is jumping aboard the global warming bandwagon in a big way. Ignoring any facts to the contrary, they continue to fuel a juggernaut that will result in more government, more taxes, more ‘crises’ and more useful idiots.

Even Republicans are on board, with John McCain turning green with a twist guaranteed to garner liberal votes. He’s proposed a ‘cap and trade’ system (called redistribution of wealth) to help battle climate change. It used to be only liberals who had the hubris to think man can control climate. Continue reading