Ron Ewart to Ruth Gibbs

Ms. Gibbs:
A couple of years ago I ran into a lady in Federal Way who was a victim of your vitriol and over-bearing personality.  I had never met you before but this lady’s description of you made an indelible picture of just who you are.  Upon occasion we all run into a person who has a mean spirit, ugly on the outside and the inside and that is also over-enamored with their own importance.  They are rare, but they do exist.  They build themselves and their inflated egos up, by tearing others down.  Somehow it empowers them, in their own mind.  It probably stems from an unsettling childhood.  In fact this characteristic is more prevalent in young children.
I ran into you in person at the Eastside Republican Women’s Club in mid March, where Dino Rossi was the guest speaker.  I was seated at the Head Table with Mr. Rossi and his wife.  You came up to me, presumably to introduce yourself and when you found out who I was, you beat a hasty retreat.  Now I know why.
At that time I was not aware that you were going to take me to task on Sound Politics because of some beef you have with Doug Parris and the Reagan Wing.  Your attack on me personally and the National Association of Rural Landowners, was totally unwarranted and a further indication of your true character.  But let’s be clear about one thing.  I, nor the National Association of Rural Landowners has ever endorsed any presidential candidate, nor will we.  Your allegation is without basis.  However, we have endorsed Dino Rossi for governor.   On the other fronts that you attacked me on Sound Politics, I admit, I am either an agnostic or an atheist.  But the jury is still out because I don’t have enough information and I am incapable of taking things, just on faith.  I have read well over 100 science books in all disciplines and it is within the scope of that knowledge that I base my observations and my beliefs.  But then, so what Ruth?  I haven’t attacked you nor will I, because you are a Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Muslim.  I have no idea which and I don’t care.
The second issue where NARLO is calling for a rural landowner boycott the week of July 4th, is a form of protest against what the tyranny of the majority (city folk) do to rural landowners, a distinct, unrepresented, minority.  Closing the roads is a form of protest and has been very effective in redress of grievances that others have sought.  It is neither anarchy, nor are we hatching some diabolical plot against the government.  We merely want to send a powerful message to those that would oppress us.
The final issue you brought up was a disagreement we had with the Financial Securities Department way back in 2001, seven years ago.  We had invented a specific product and used the U. S. Mail to seek funds for its development.  It turns out that we were in error and were not authorized by law to do what we did.  We were immediately notified by the state to cease and desist, which we did.  No money was raised and no one was hurt.  Unfortunately, Google has seen fit to keep the Order from the State as a listing under my name for these seven years.  I have tried to have it removed, but to no avail.  We made a mistake and we have paid dearly for that mistake and will probably continue to pay.
I won’t dignify your personal attack on me and NARLO with any further discussion.  You are what you are and it is quite clear that you can’t help being what you are.  It is indeed unfortunate however, that you find yourself a conservative and a PCO in the Republican Party.  The Democrats must rub their hands together knowing that you are not a PCO in the Democrat Party.  It would be easy for me to conclude from your behavior, that you are an infiltrator, or a spoiler.
And I have used up way more of my time on this exchange than it warrants.  There will be no further exchange.

Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848

(Fax No. 425 222-4743)



2 thoughts on “Ron Ewart to Ruth Gibbs

  1. Ron,

    Wow! That was awesome. Now have a
    suggestion. Why don’t you have Doug
    link this story to
    Sound politics through their public blog section.

    Anyway great column
    As always.


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