Aparent rigged convention in Pierce County

The GOP Left appears to be at it again.

The following, open letter to Washington State Republican Chair, Luke Esser, is the second report I’ve gotten pointing out UNBELIEVABLE balloting procedures and the sudden, unexpected victory of the more liberal candidate for County Executive. First Liberal Rob McKenna and Liberal Sam Reed endorse the “Mainstream” guy, then, suddenly, ballots are everywhere, replicated, replaced, no account taken of how many are handed out or where the legitimate delegates are seated, and then a one vote loss for the conservative announced.

From Reagan Winger Frank Rogers:

Tacoma, WA
Chairman Esser,
As an almost 30-year member of the Republican Party in PIerce County,  and a PCO and a central committee and executive board member most of that time,  I want to go on record as saying the polling that took place at the Pierce County Convention on April 12th was certainly the most poorly planned and conducted Republican party election/polling that I have ever experienced.  This apparent deviation from Deryl McCarthy’s usual exemplary planning and executive abilities make the sloppines of the event look all the more intended.  And Chairperson Shabro displayed an unusual incompetence.
It was so poorly planned that it looks like it was designed for confusion.  Why were not proper ballots prepared in advance?  Plenty of time was available as the last candidate to file for County Executive indicated he was going to run as a Republican probably 10 days before the convention.  And blank sheets of 8×10 paper for ballots, with the tellers allowed to accept half or quarter sheets as valid ballots?  Why wasn’t roll call taken prior to the election; the mixed up seating allow almost anyone to accept a ballot.  I sat in the rear and saw ballots being passed out willy nilly from handfuls of bond paper.
There was no doubt in my mind, from the applause give their respective speeches that Lonergan was the favorite.  When I later heard he had lost I sensed a great injustice to a very fine person.
It appeared various speakers were briefed to endorsed Shawn Bunney which I found offensive.  After the first endorsement the convention chairperson should have put a stop to it. Out of county candidates had no right to use the convention platform to influence our vote.  And then there was an apparent GOP caucus order that no elected official was to support Lonergan or…..”   
Bob Williams said about the 2008 Session Legislative Session in Olympia  “In the 32 years I have been following or participating in the legislature, this was the ugliest session I have seen in terms of legislative arrogance, attacks on individual liberty….” etc.  I can almost make that same remark about that Saturday’s convention.  Many of my friends have left the party and others have shown a non-interest in becoming involved because they don’t trust the party process.
What’s going on in this state?
I intend to research possible action and talk to more people to see what can be done at this point to prevent the Pierce County Party from getting a black eye and giving potential Republicans and possible candidates the impression that they can be more effective politically in working through other parties. 
Because of Lonergan’s one vote loss in these circumstances I think a grave error should be rectified by an appropriate GOP body allowing Lonergan to carry the GOP endorsement.  I feel that maybe Lonergan doesn’t need it but the Pierce County Party does!
R’spy, Frank Rogers,

2 thoughts on “Aparent rigged convention in Pierce County

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  2. The KCGOP convention was no better. They barely had a quorum for conducting the county’s business, and that fragile quorum was so lousily managed (or cleverly mismanaged) that the quorum was lost before platform debate. I’m not sure what the county convention is SUPPOSED to be fore, but ratifying a platform was clearly not on the agenda.

    You know, I have been trying to find a place in this party for about 8 years now, but I can’t escape the fact that it smells like a rotting corpse…, a dying party. I am seriously looking for some conservative party I can really get behind. KCGOP as it exists now ain’t it, and I have my doubts about Washington State Republicans as well.

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