DEDS Investigation

These folks are
trained investigators and they need solid information to help us all.
Jack Venrick sends the following:
To Property Owners Who Have Had an Encounter with the King County Department of Environmental & Development Service
1.  Anyone who has had an encounter with the King County DDES Gestapo, here is your chance to tell your story.  
2.  Please take the time to compose your horror story about the DDES directly to the two auditors per Jeff Wrights instructions, below . 
3.  Also please forward this to any neighbors or friends you know who have had an encounter with the DDES. 
4.  Also cc me.
Thank you.
Enumclaw, Washington
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 8:58 PM
Subject: DDES auditors need your help

To all Citizens Alliance for Property Rights supporters,Independent auditors are currently conducting an investigation (audit) of code enforcement activities of King Co. DDES.  The auditors, Cindy Drake and Rob McGowan, were at the CAPR King Co Chapter meeting this past Thursday night and took input for nearly 2 hours from those in attendance.  They are set to take public feedback during April and May with a report due to the County Council in late August / early September.  The audit will be released publicly at the same time and their presentation to the Council will be aired on the County television channel.

The auditors are looking for input from people who have been involved in an enforcement action.  If you have had difficulty with an enforcement action, they want to hear from you.  They need hard facts, case numbers, how you felt that you were handled unfairly, etc.  Leave the emotion (most of it, anyway), threats and raw language out of it, please.  These folks are trained investigators and they need solid information to help us all.



This was their first public gathering and I received a telling comment.  On the way out to our cars, I thanked Rob McGowan for coming and he said “You’re welcome.  We didn’t know that things were this bad.”  Take a few minutes and give them some help.They can be reached at “” or

“.Jeff Wright




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