Return of the Undead (Chris Vance)

chris-is-better-than-you.jpgEntering discussion on another post (here) is former State Party Chairman, Chris Vance. Vance has now connected himself, right here on our site (by the revelation of inside McCain information about former King County Chairman, Michael Young) to the campaign to control the Convention Process, in Washington, for the liberal cause.

The Stars are aligned.

But for those of you who have not followed the WSRP since before 2005, or those that have a short memory, here is a crash Reagan Wing course on just exactly who Chris Vance is: the most openly corrupt and dishonest State Party Chair in Washington State history. And that’s saying quite a lot.    

(We’ve just added the urls to cut and paste into your browser if your computer has trouble accessing the links)

General Liberalism:

Chris Vance defends Gas Tax (

Vance Incompetence: Taunting the Libertarian Bull (

Chris Vance’s Education Sins (

Chris Vance & the Libertarian Factor (

Vance vs. the Constitution: Hostility to the rule of Law  (

Vance vs. the Constitution: The “2001 Federalist Papers”  (  

Political Failure:

The Vance Record: A PROVEN LOSER. (

GOP had lousy year with Vance at helm (

The Vance Record: 2004 PRIMARY DISASTER  (   

Cheating to win:  

TIME FOR A CHANGE: The Twelfth Commandment of Chris Vance (


The Vance Record: Candidate Censorship and the $10,000 Challenge (ttp://

Musketeer to the rescue! Why Vance’s Drama is not in Rossi’s best interest  ( 

Dodging, then illegally seizing State Chair debate, in violation of law:    

Introduction: TIME FOR A CHANGE: Reagan Revolution in Washington State Now (

Time for a Change: Vance desperate to stop process (


Fireworks, Anarchy and Spin: the Final State Chair Debate.   (

More links to old articles about old political corruption at the old site: <HERE> (;name=PagEd&amp;file=index&amp;topictoview=23d)


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