Party Corruption: McCain 2008, Nevada

County by County, District by District, State by State, the John McCain Presidential Campaign is continuing to establish a legacy of blatant, unbelievable, intentional, Rules violations to dominate the Caucus/Convention process. These are extreme abuses of the Republican Party that I believe foreshadow the fate of our nation under a McCain Presidency.

RENO — The state Republican convention was called off Saturday evening without electing national delegates, prompting protests from a record crowd that included many supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul.

State Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, the convention chairman, announced that the convention would recess indefinitely about 6 p.m., saying the party’s contract with the Peppermill Hotel Casino had expired and the gathering would reconvene at a later date.

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For those of you tempted to believe Beers’ story: The rules of the convention provide for a way to handle the kind of adjournment the McCain team claims they needed – and they didn’t even attempt it ~ it is the motion to “Fix the time to which to adjourn” and it is the motion of highest priority possible. There is absolutely, positively no conceivable excuse for the illegal actions of the McCain/GOP-LEFT RINO establishment in this case.

Here’s Michelle Malkin on the topic:

Ron Ewart to Ruth Gibbs

Ms. Gibbs:
A couple of years ago I ran into a lady in Federal Way who was a victim of your vitriol and over-bearing personality.  I had never met you before but this lady’s description of you made an indelible picture of just who you are.  Upon occasion we all run into a person who has a mean spirit, ugly on the outside and the inside and that is also over-enamored with their own importance.  They are rare, but they do exist.  They build themselves and their inflated egos up, by tearing others down.  Somehow it empowers them, in their own mind.  It probably stems from an unsettling childhood.  In fact this characteristic is more prevalent in young children.

“If Ruth Gibbs were alive today, she’d roll over in her grave”

McCain  Gibbs  HageeAttention Gibbs watchers! Over at Salon:


Texas televangelist John Hagee has called the Roman Catholic Church “the Great Whore,” the “apostate church,” the “anti-Christ” and “a false cult system” that inspired Adolf Hitler to initiate the Holocaust. He also endorsed John McCain‘s presidential campaign after the Republican senator sought out his support.


Ruth believes that if you support a candidate you are responsible for all his positions AND all the positions of people who support that candidate AND the positions of all the people who support the people who support the candidate AND all their behaviors. So Ruth now, by her own logic, believes that Catholicism is behind the Holocaust.


We don’t know if Ruth ever intended Gibbs logic to be applied to Gibbs, but we’re certain that this is just the beginning of the fun.

Russians using McCain election techniques

Using many of the same methods for virtually the same reasons, Russian election officials were reported to have mirrored some the same techniques as GOP Party officials working Republican Conventions for John McCain as they rigged recent polling according to a new study.


Up to a third of votes cast for Dmitri Medvedev to be Russia’s next President were likely to have been rigged, a comprehensive new study of the election results has found.

Millions of votes for the Kremlin’s favoured candidate were the product of mass fraud or the use of “administrative resources” by government officials to pressure state employees into supporting Mr Medvedev, the study states.

The results inflated Mr Medvedev’s margin of victory and the overall turnout, making it appear that he enjoyed massive popular support as Vladimir Putin’s chosen successor. CONTINUE READING