Who Is John McCain?

mccain0508-75.jpgFrom Ron Ewart, President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS:

With the Democrat candidates for President chewing each other up and heading towards self destruction and melt-down at their national convention, and with each of the Democrat candidates being so far left of any definable center, John McCain could easily be the next president of the United States.  Other Democrat candidates who were far left-of-center, suffered a similar fate.  i.e. Dukakis, Mondale, Kerry, etc.


So just who is John McCain?  This is what we could find from usually reliable sources.  John McCain is a member of the Trilateral Commission.  But besides being a member of the Trilateral Commission, John is also a member of the following other national and international organizations.  Each is linked to a Wikipedia page describing what each does and who are their members.  It is very illuminating to see what company John keeps.

1.    Council on Foreign Relations

2.    World Economic Forum

3.    International Republican Institute

4.    Center For Strategic and International Studies

5.    Pacific Council On International Policies

6.    Republican Main Street Partnership

7.    Republicans for Environmental Protection

8.    Herzliya conference

There are other organizations that we have not listed, but it is worthy to note that most of these organizations we have listed, have a significant international one-world-order, social equity and environmental protection component, as promoted by Europe and the United Nations.  Each organization, whether intended or not, appears to be determined to dilute the influence of America on the world stage and chip away at America’s sovereignty.  Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, figures prominently in these organizations.  Here is something Mr. Kissinger said sometime ago: “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer.”   What could he be referring to?

And here is a quote from the Council on Foreign Relations:  “The new world order will be built as an end run on national sovereignty.  Eroding it, piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.”  (from their Journal, 1974, page 558)

Many of these organizations are attended by the elite of the world elite;  bankers, financiers, industrialists and prominent politicians.  Most subscribe to power over the people and the power of money in politics.  In a front-page article to our March 2008 NARLO newsletter entitled: “The Forces that Mold Nations”, we wrote this:

“Nations tend to reflect the character of the people.  Cultural and religious influences color that character considerably.  Some of those cultural and religious influences can be highly restrictive and tend to hold the people in a sort of self-induced bondage, while still others lose those tight influences and many times end up testing the bar of acceptable behavior.  This feature of a nation’s character ebbs and flows over time, sometimes producing exceptional societies and other times creating very inflexible ones with a low happiness factor and even lower national production and pride.”

“The characteristics we have described are internal ones, but they are even further molded by much more powerful outside influences.  These powerful outside influences tend to be shrouded in secrecy, hard to define and purposely so.  The other human characteristic that allows these outside influences to grow and flourish, is greed and the lust for power.  This greed takes advantage of some absolute human need (i.e. food, water, energy, space) or a human weakness, like drugs, alcohol or sex.  The greater the human need, the greater the opportunity to amass huge profits.  With huge profits come the lust for power and finally, power itself.  Power over people comes in the form of politics, whether that politics from a democracy to a dictatorship.  No matter what form of government a country has, it is still vulnerable to shadow control by these outside forces.  Which leads us to the outside forces that mold nations today.”

“The accumulation of exceptionally large amounts of money, legal or illegal, brings with it a corresponding large influence on power.  We all need food, so large food producers accumulate large amounts of cash. We all need energy, so energy producers accumulate large amounts of cash.  Way too many of us require the application of large doses of mind-altering drugs or alcohol, which allows the producers to accumulate large amounts of cash.  Central banks, who store our money and have the discretion to dole it out or not, become power brokers in the grand power scheme as well.”

By participating in these national and international organizations, presidential candidate John McCain represents the concentration of international power and the interests of international power.  He represents social equity and environmental protection, as espoused by the United Nations.  He is soft on illegal immigration and strong on environmental protection.  He is against drilling in ANWR, but he is for saddling our economy with draconian CO2 emission limits.  He is for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.  He says he is strong on protecting our borders, but his previous actions belie that pronouncement.  It is almost a certainty that as president of the United States, his actions will reflect his strongly-held international positions on these social and environmental issues.

John McCain is a socialist and radical environmentalist and is only one step up from the two aspiring Democrat candidates.  It is abundantly clear that he does not represent the true conservative principles of the American Republican Party.  Some choice we have in 2008, three socialist and three radical environmentalists.

Unless………………………..!  Could the presumptive nominee be unseated at the Republican convention?

Stranger things have happened.


10 thoughts on “Who Is John McCain?

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  2. What do you do when you have no choices?

    Or, as the Bible asks, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

    Our only refuge is in the Lord. I continually pray that God will change the outcome at the Republican Convention because it is clear the conservative movement has been hijacked. – in fact, so have the moderates!!

    If McCain receives the nomination at the convention, then it will matter LITTLE who wins the election. McCain might be five degrees to the right of Obama/Hillary but he dances to the same beat. – there is no longer a lesser of two evils!!!

    God raises kings and deposes them. My confidence is in the One who controls the hearts of the kings. This whole world is going to go the way He determines, regardless the Trilaterals and all the related hosts of conspiracies.

    Conspiracies flourish in darkness. The Old Testament prophets warned that when the people reject God’s Law – the foundation of all law and the foundation of the United States of America – conspiracies will abound. When we return to God, i.e. bring Him back into the public arena, including schools, courts, business, families and churches, conspiracies will run back to the darkness.

    It is clear, our nation will either repent or be destroyed.

    God save our nation.

  3. My very good (and well connected) Democrat friend has said that McCain doesn’t present a problem for most Democrats. They feel they have a no-lose situation. Hillary, McCain and Obama in that order. Only Obama represents a bit of the unknown, but Party insiders do not believe he can get the nomination. If he does – all bets are off because the DLC will be out of business.

  4. While I am not thrilled with the presumptive Republican nominee, I fail to see the rationale of painting McCain as a socialist on the order you are suggesting, based on the list of organizations he is associated with.

     CFR- The very namesake for this blog, while not a member, but his Vice-President, George Bush, was a member and further, he angered most Conservative supporters in 1980, when he named an unprecedented number of CFR members to his Cabinet. Are we to assume Reagan’s endorsement of CFR members makes him a proponent of a One world Government?”

     Your listing if the International Republican Institute (IRI) is puzzling, wasn’t the IRI conceived and launched by the Reagan administration? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this was Reagan’s attempt to combat revolutionary efforts in Central America. So, not sure why McCain’s membership, and leadership within the IRI supports your point

     Center for Strategic & International Studies- I believe this also was an organization, that while not a member, Reagan also depended on quite heavily as he recruited many members to be his main defense advisors.

    The point of all this is not to establish McCain as a perfect conservative, but counter the argument that you can selectivley point out orginzations that he belongs to, and ignore otheres others. Sometimes, there are simply disagreements on policy, as opposed to the web of supposedly nafarious conspiracies.

  5. RBN-
    The point is not that McCain is a conspirator.
    Just because someone recognizes the CFR for what it is – an elite organization with undeniable ultraliberal, internationalist proclivities – does not mean they believe the CFR is Satan or plotted JFK’s assassination or 911 or faked the moon landing.

    You’re right. What is indicated, here, is DISAGREEMENT ON POLICY. Huge disagreement. Lots of disagreement. A disagreement about the whole direction of our nation so profound that it is clear Mr. McCain is going in the opposite direction, toward the erosion and gradual eradication of American Sovereignty.

    On Environmental Communism…
    On Internationalist Bodies that usurp American Rights…
    On the First Amendment…
    On the very security of our Borders from terrorists….
    On the appointment of Constitutional Judges…
    On internal Republican Party appointments…
    McCain is on the other side.

  6. john mccain is an illminded man and he rcv fm satanic advices
    he is a terminator of peace.a criminal.
    he will be not niminated as president/ even he put all his plan he will loss/as we want that he loss and he loss
    if he get power /the amrica nation finished
    as he is one who trying to treminate america nations and wealths
    as saddam husein have dpne in iraq and finally terminated
    he is like one as sadam husein in iraq
    as a jelious and some one who like power and money
    but in final like a mouse he shd hide himself in a hole.

    as still he dont know and cannt understand
    that in this world there is more power (that their secret power )is more stronger than this mouse-maccain)

    but he will see , that he is noting , and finally he like to kill himself and will terminate himself by his hand.

    now is the time of light of god power and solijer and warrior of ALLAH IN THIS WORLD AND any satnaic mind and heart and soul will be destryoed sooner and later.
    now y will see /as a matter in history
    so all american shd be aware for this type of allien(satantic)
    and dont let be fooled by them
    the way america can survive is to come to god and come to peace /and try to do better responsibility toward other nations
    and humans by peace and talk and understanding.

  7. Yikes, Ameri!
    I’m not at all sure we’re on the same side, but if, in fact, you are a muslim I certainly hope you don’t begin to take the Qur’an seriously as it strongly suggests your responsibility to eliminate infidels by whatever means necessary.


    From Free Republic: When battling the pirates, Thomas Jefferson used a Marque of Reprisal, the tool the Constitution gives us to seek out and punish individuals who attack us, not acting under the directive of any official government.

    Ron Paul wanted to seek out Bin Laden and his ilk with the exact same tool – essentially hiring private mercenaries to bring us heads on sticks without installing troops on Islamic lands.

    His plan might have worked – apparently President Bush’s didn’t.
    We still don’t have Bin Laden – remember him?

    You don’t want to go up against Ron Paul in a history debate. The man not only knows his stuff, he learns from it.

    And he absolutely voted to go to Afghanistan.

  8. Doug while I agree what you said we shouldn’t shun a possible ally in the culture war because of religious differences.

    Yeah, we should fight these people if they try to put in their Muslim law as the constitution should prevail but most American Muslims are principled people who should be as upset about the direction of the culture as we are and to reject them as a possible ally in this fight would be tragic indeed.

  9. Oh, and I totally disagree with the guys last sentence (which I hope goes without saying) but he is right about McCain being a mouse.

    McCain wants to give terrorists at gitmo lawyers. To me that just is a sign that he will lead our country into defeat (so will Obama but at least Republicans won’t be blamed for his failure).

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