White Racism

ferraro-wright-crop-85.jpg From Nancy Morgan:
Let’s see if I understand the rules.
Blacks, African Americans, or whatever the politically correct nom du jour is, are free to rail against whites. But if a white dares to mention race, the consequences are dire.
Geraldine Ferraro is the latest casualty in the ongoing race war, which, oddly enough, has only white casualties. Geraldine was forced to step down from Hillary’s campaign because she dared exercise her first amendment right, suggesting Obama wouldn’t be succeeding in the Democratic nomination battle if he weren’t black. Whether or not her comment is valid will never be debated. For daring to offer an opinion on the subject of race, she has been cast from polite society. Her sin? Opining on race while being white. According to unwritten rules, only blacks are allowed to discuss, well, being black in America. The Sharptons and the Jacksons have cuckolded two generations of blacks (Blacks?) into white racism. The accepted party line on race is, anything that goes wrong is whitey’s fault. Everyone is racist (if you can’t see that its because its silent ‘institutional’ racism). And the only way to be an authentic black  is to join the grievance community and make victimhood the defining characteristic of one’s being.
Americans are a moral people. Something which is increasingly being used to our disadvantage, with our permission. Consider: Just as terrorists consider appeasement a sign of weakness and thus feel emboldened to further acts of terror, so do racial hucksters become emboldened and validated every time a white is forced to sing mea-culpa for even mentioning race.
In any debate, the side that defines the issue has the upper hand and sets the rules. Racial hucksters realize this, and have been extremely effective in stifling any debate on race unless the debate is framed around issues of their choosing.  Under these rules, honorable and heroic black men, like the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, among many others, are automatically excluded from the national conversation because they hold conservative views. Views that directly challenge the ‘its all whitey’s fault and everyone is racists’ line the hucksters promote every day.
The end result is a monologue, not a conversation. Whites are not allowed to mention race unless their views accord with the sensitivities of the reigning, media anointed, ‘spokesman.’ 
Corporations are forced to adopt policies that negatively affect their bottom line for fear of being branded racist. Politicians are forced to toe the line or lose their offices. Talk show hosts, sports stars and celebrities could lose their careers if their comments don’t comport with the current racial talking points. White Americans have been put in in lose-lose position of constantly being forced to prove a negative. Can you spell blackmail? Just as the left has declared the issue of global warming settled, case closed, so has ‘society’ accepted and allowed racial hucksters to define and decide who is and who is not a racist. This is enormous power. Black racial hucksters have captured the moral high ground based on the suffering of their ancestors. The suffering good Americans acknowledged and corrected, first, by following England’s lead in abolishing slavery. Secondly, by accepting responsibility with trillions of dollars in social programs over the last forty-five. Programs which, by the way, have turned out to have done more harm than good, destroying black families and breeding generations of blacks who know only the entitlement mentality. Dare I say blacks had a choice? Dare I say they willingly handed responsibility for their fate to government instead of deciding to take responsibility themselves? No, if I say that, I’m branded a racist.  
Meanwhile, under the ever-changing rules, blacks are free to preach hate. One recent instance was Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ. He stood up and declared “We won’t sing ‘God Bless America,’ we should sing, ‘God Damn America’.”  This is not an isolated incident, but one preached in black churches across our country every day.


Racial hucksters are encouraging black separatism under the guise of empowerment (as defined by them). Blacks are told they can’t be authentic blacks, again, as defined by the hucksters, unless they embrace their own culture. Only thing is, Thomas Sowell, in ‘Black Rednecks, White Liberals‘ proves that what blacks claim as their ‘culture’ actually originated in Northern England, from what was then called the redneck culture. Not Africa.Inconvenient facts are not allowed. The rules stipulate that only blacks can be oppressed, because they have no power. This flies in the face of reality. When the black community has the power to destroy businesses, organizations, and politicians by threatening to brand them racist, I’d call that power. I’d also call it a misuse of power.

America is forced to dance the race dance. To abide by whatever rules the black community decides to sets. Its hard, however, because the rules differ from group to group, depending on skin color. While a white could possibly be jailed for saying nigger, the airwaves are filled with blacks saying nigger. Oh, and when is the last time you heard of a black-on-white ‘hate crime’? 
The rules stipulate that blacks are not to be held accountable for their own actions. Whatever they do wrong is either because of the oppression of their great-grandparents, or whitey’s fault.The rules stipulate that the barest mention of race is enough to earn the title of racism. Unless you’re black. The rules also stipulate that black conservative role models like Thomas Sowell, Condoleeza Rice, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas, etc., are not part of the authentic black community. Colin Powell, a liberal, is.
Martin Luther King’s dream has turned into a nightmare. Instead of being judged by the content of one’s character, Americans are now judged, in large part, based on their skin color. (At least, white Americans are.) All Americans are being forced to ignore reality and parrot whatever nonsense is deemed acceptable by the powers that be. No debate, case closed. Its enough to make one a racist. 
* I’d like to go on and extoll the virtues of many blacks that have not embraced the party line, but that would be patronizing. I will not be coerced into proving I am not a racist and I will not be forced into playing by rules I never voted on or agreed to.

Nancy Morgan is news editor for Reagan Wing partner, www.RightBias.com.


3 thoughts on “White Racism

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  3. With no love for Geraldine, I think this is absurd that she is forced to resign for stating the obvious – and if you find that statement disagreeable, I will restate that to say, I think it is absurd she is forced to resign for stating her benign opinion.

    Why isn’t Obama forced to resign for the statements of his close friend. If he was white, he would have been forced to resign long ago – proving again, Geraldine was correct.

    But the media loves the Tower of Babel, and they are fascinated with the black man who promises to rebuild it. “We are the people we have been looking for!” What can be more babel than that? The state will be our god and Obama will be our demigod.

    God save us, black and white.

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