Advertising Age’s Jonah Bloom, Peddler of Organized Misandry

not-jobs-bloom-60.jpgJonah Bloom, the editor of Advertising Age recently took an outrageous position backing advertising that either severely denigrates men, pictures them as subjects for sexual or social abuse, or portrays them as fools in a world of wonderful women. 

In his article “When It Comes to Whining About Ads, Father Knows Best”, Bloom makes the grave mistake pontificating there is something wrong with real live men who object to men being generically treated like manure by writers unable to find one ounce of respect for anything other than women. Perhaps Bloom would so ardently support agencies if they crudely portrayed women as brain-dead sex objects, or broad-brushed blacks with Klannish racist insults? 

Mr. Bloom has an expensive lesson to learn.  It should start by costing him his job.  Both racism and sexism are unacceptable under any circumstances.  Since Mr. Bloom has ardently endorsed sexism, Advertisers must call for him to step down.   

Corporations rely heavily on advertising agencies to invent creative advertising.  When that advertising alienates or disaffects half the customers, the agency must be fired. 

Years ago, I was a sales manager for a medium-sized chain of retail stores.  I gained the position by having equal concern for the customer and equal concern for the sale.  I wrote and laid out a lot of print and radio advertising.  Much of it was funny or somehow striking.  I never once insulted customers and did not need to.  When you touch the heart or funny bone of all potential customers, the merchandise disappears quickly. 

Advertising agencies often forget who the customer is.  Agencies care far more about their contract than the customers of the client.   To lock-in the client, agencies sell slick theories and self-generated “surveys” to convince clients that their style of anacanapanastan is more effective than the whizzlepoofle offered by the next agency.  Agencies that forget who the customer is are the ones who lead advertisers into ugly gimmickry that end up hurting the advertiser. 

We are the customers.  The best pitches ultimately make us feel smart, wise, or better-off for purchasing a product.  Insults or sexual harassment repulse us from your products. This is not a theory – men talk about these things around the water cooler every day. We dislike it, and avoid offensive products like the plague.  Any agency that tells their client otherwise should have been fired millions of dollars ago.  

There are parallels in the world of finance.  Are you going to believe in Bear Stearns or Morgan Stanley?  The answer this week is unquestionable now that the cat is out of the bag. 

It is astonishing that Corporations accept shoddy advertising that clearly violates their own corporate harassment policies.  Corporations must treat potential customers with the same respect they treat their own employees.  In fact, any employee of a corporation who finds an advertisement by their own corporation sexually harassing may have grounds for a lawsuit against their employer.  There may also be grounds for suit by the general public as well. 

As a creative person, I know how much work it takes to give birth to a captivating original advertisement.  Corporations should not settle for advertising agencies who take the cheap route of banal misandry.   

The great legacies of comedy and advertising – the ones we all remember, never did their work at the expense of others.  Consider Red Skelton, the Three Stooges, David Letterman, Lucille Ball, and Johnny Carson – all who moved tons of merchandise by simply being there.   Recall Tom Bodett, whose entrancing fiddle tune and “leave the light on” tag line filled up Motel 6 for years.   

Now, consider actors who are not liked by the public – actors you will never see shilling for anything other than their own struggling careers.  Roseanne Barr’s comedy career was founded on insulting men.  Phyllis Diller never made it past insulting her deceased husband either. Sam Kinison, whose rants about women were legendary, never sold anything to anybody. 

In contrast, look at the 2007 Clio Award Winners.  In radio, Bud Light ran off with most of the awards doing advertising attractive to men and women.  Television and Cinema winners were often silly, but not insulting to men. All the billboard winners are also male-friendly.  Where Bud is the #1 beer, does that not suggest that Anheuser-Busch’s advertising sets a standard that should be an unwritten industry rule? 

I now call on responsible corporations and major advertisers to call for the immediate resignation of Jonah Bloom, and to terminate their contracts with agencies who have fooled them into thinking that below-the-belt sexual harassment of men is anything other than “absolutely unacceptable”. 

To prove my case, I now offer two brilliant advertising campaigns to major corporations in the soft dessert and deodorant businesses that will empty the shelves.  The advertising I once did had cars lined up down the street and we emptied the shelves.  Let me show you an award-winning campaign you will never get from the self-serving agency wasting your advertising budget.

David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network.


9 thoughts on “Advertising Age’s Jonah Bloom, Peddler of Organized Misandry

  1. UPDATE: Jobs Bloom!
    Picture changed. Bromage was correct. (Mark your calendars.) The new picture has Steve Jobs on the left, Jonah Bloom on the right and the erroneous photo we originally posted (Jobs labeled as Jonah) is in the middle. And, as Brad pointed out, it wasn’t difficult to correct. I don’t think Steve is a fellow misandrist, but we didn’t want to remove his picture from the article altogether and make Brad’s comment look mistaken when, in fact, it was our error (and not Usher’s). We didn’t want to delete the comment, either, though, because it is just so refreshing to hear Bromage make a true statement…

  2. >”…Mark your calendars…”
    >”…refreshing to hear Bromage make a true statement…

    Doug Parris (Hilton) at his best – Making lame excuses when his mistakes are exposed. I am not surprised about you making excuses but I am surprised that you are not ashamed to say something even on such stupid mistake.

    If you have followed basic news, you would not have made a mistake of not recognizing Steve Jobs. I doubt if your general knowledge is any better than Paris Hilton.

    The more I read your blog, the more it proves that you are just a arrogant person with half-baked knowledge just like a frog in a well thinking that the entire universe is just the well…Add to the fact that you show racist attitudes too – remember why you were kicked out of WA republican convention in 2006?

    You can continue loathing or glorify whoever you want without any flare of truth and practicality. Your analysis and final endorsements/outcome of republican presidential candidates is just an example. Add to fact that I have never seen you accepting your mistakes in any mature way.

    I seriously doubt if you are respectable conservative. Goodbye.

  3. God only knows, I have had my disagreements with Doug. But, as I have engaged, and debated, I come to the realization that he articulates about 40% of what I do, as conservatives. The 60% balance is more left toward debate.

    The attack on a mistake of a simple posting of a pic, is probably not necessary. Actually, I found Doug’s reponse clever and funny. It is obviouse you and he will not sit next to each other to come up with a master plan, but I would encourage, that we all not take ourselves too seriously, and debate.

    Doug, I would be curious with a post from you, on your take of the Obama’s pastor! I think this dooms him, in terms of judgement, opening the door for a really entertaining Democratic convention! If only Fred were there to clean up.

  4. Brad,

    I didn’t see Doug making an excuse for his mistake, but instead, admitting his mistake and making a joke.

    As for the reason he was “kicked out” of the 2006 Republican Convention, first of all, he wasn’t kicked out. The Reagan Wing was forbidden from having a booth. Why? Because the Republican Establishment (the Executive Board) didn’t like the fact that this website exposed the truth about the real racists who are in power in the GOP, making big money off of low wage illegal immigrants and demanding amnesty so they can continue to wallow in the cash.

    But far from being kicked out of the convention, he was there, making motions on the floor that were passed unanimously by the body of Republicans on the floor. And I suppose you were reading about all of this with your Paris Hilton headlines and therefore have a distorted view of things: what the media wants you to believe.

  5. It is disagreeable to me that the modern mindset is to call for resignations every time someone makes a mistake, be it ever so minor – especially if we dislike that someone.

    RBN and Michelle are right on. It appears Brad has a hate thing going. If we are voting – I vote to keep Doug on board.

  6. “It is disagreeable to me that the modern mindset is to call for resignations every time…”

    I am not asking for Parris’ resignation, neither do I have authority – I am just better off visiting other conservative blogs which are practical, straghtforward and polite. I hope now you (cominus & RBN)understand my older post.

  7. Brad,
    You’ve dropped by, now and then, to leave an occasional post over a long period of time. Virtually every time your posts have started name-calling and shouting “racist” against anyone who doesn’t accept your exreme liberal views on giving amnesty to illegals.
    You are an antagonist to conservatism, that is to say, you do not agree with the founding principles of American Freedom.
    This time you wanted to use a minor posting error to impute shame and begin false accusations.
    It is clear, over that long history, that when you say, “practical, straghtforward(sic), and polite” what you actually mean is “amoral, humorless and unwilling or unable to respond to insults and false accusations.”
    We are none of those things.
    Nevertheless, despite your constant string of hostility and derisive comments, we have studiously avoided making fun of your constant errors in grammar, diction and spelling.
    Count your blessings.

  8. re: “I am just better off visiting other conservative blogs which are practical, straghtforward and polite.” – Brad

    No you’re not. You are better off here, where you can read the truth – not some whitewashed, feel good, socialist forum disguised as conservative. The only reason you react as you do toward the Reagan Wing and Doug is because you know this is the truth but you have a hard time handling it.

    No, we don’t “finally understand your older post,” because it is as Doug says. You don’t come in to debate on the merits, you come here, sickle in hand, mowing down everything in sight. If you want to convince the readers you are “practical, straightforward and polite,” begin by arguing on the merits and allow for those who don’t share your views the right to life and the right to participate in the public forum.

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