Are You A Right-Wing ‘Super’ Patriot?

…a left-wing patriot, to government, is a real American patriot.  He or she is a good little wimp who believes in the power of the collective instead of the God-given, inalienable rights of the individual, that millions sacrificed their lives to defend. 

From Ron Ewart:

scene_at_the_signing_of_the_constitution_of_the_united_states-crop.jpgYou had better run for cover if you are a right-wing ‘super’ patriot.  The FBI could be looking over your shoulder right now and watching your every move.  If you don’t think so, then see what FBI Director, Robert F. Mueller, had to say in a speech before the U. S. Senate Committee on Intelligence, on February 16, 2005 In his speech he spoke these words:  However, the right-wing Patriot movement — consisting of militias, common law courts, tax protesters, and other anti-government extremists — remains a continuing threat in America today. Sporadic incidents resulting in direct clashes with law enforcement are possible and will most likely involve state and local law enforcement personnel, such as highway patrol officers and sheriff’s deputies.  

But you say that you are not an extremist.  Well consider this.  There was this little flier put out by the FBI a few years ago to local law enforcement that indicated those who believe in the U. S. Constitution were a threat to national security.  No!  We are not kidding.  See for yourself.  The flier is attached as a JPEG file with our annotation in red.  We who believe in the U. S. Constitution and believe that the UN is undermining our very sovereignty, the FBI calls us SUPER PATRIOTS and we are on a to-be-watched list. 

So if you want to protest and take legal action against our government, at every level, that has lost all allegiance to the principles of our Constitution, if you believe that our government, at every level, is corrupt and violating your individual rights, as codified into the Supreme Law of the Land, our constitution, you are a target of our benevolent, all-wise government.  If you believe that government should be bound by that constitution, you could be in their sights.  If you belong to organizations, like this one, that want to see a return to the freedom, liberty and property rights as promised by that Supreme Law, according to your government and its law enforcement arms, you are an extreme danger to national security and must be monitored.  We know.  Every month our website is “hit” by the U. S. Military, the federal and the state government, even though we are about as much a threat to national security as a flea on the hind end of an elephant is a threat to the health of that elephant. 

Now you know from the news that it is definitely OK to be a left-wing patriot.  You can support the troops but be against the war.  You can support Karl Marx’s socialist manifesto and support taking money from hard-working Americans and giving that money to someone else, deserving or not.  You can support spending so much money on entitlement programs that it devalues the dollar and breaks the financial back of this once great, wealthy and proud nation.  You can support the waste of our tax money being spent on nefarious, do-gooder, programs that create more jobs for government, but nothing else.  You can support laws and regulations that drive businesses out of business.  You can support government bailouts for people and businesses who make bad decisions.   

You can support open borders that let thousands (nay millions) of unsavory characters into the U. S. with intent on doing us harm.  You can support giving those illegal aliens social security checks and safety net, education and health-care benefits from out taxes, to the detriment of American tax-paying producers that bust their butts feeding their own families but have to feed the illegals and ner-do-wells as well.  You can support the destruction of property rights through thousands upon thousands of draconian environmental regulations.  You can support the radical environmental movement that is trying to drive America and Americans back into the dark ages and steal their land, because of some cult-like, religious belief that man is a threat to the Earth.  You can support the idiot arsonists who would torch homes because they aren’t “green” enough.   

Because, you see, a left-wing patriot, to government, is a real American patriot.  He or she is a good little wimp who believes in the power of the collective instead of the God-given, inalienable rights of the individual, that millions sacrificed their lives to defend.  The FBI won’t monitor you, because you fit right in with their Absolute Democrat Monarchy.  See no evil, hear no evil and smell no evil, even though our government, at almost every level, has become the very embodiment of evil.  Government has the power to tax and with that power they can do whatever they want to do and you can’t do one thing about it.  Unless………! 

In a previoius article, we said this: 

YOUR MONEY IS GOVERNMENT’S MAJOR POWER OVER YOU:  “The first power that government has over you is YOUR perception that YOUR money is their money.  The second power that government has over you is by using the money they take from you by force, against you.  The third power that government has over you is that you will religiously obey their laws.” “Only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to environmentally enslave them; only when the people realize that their tax money is being used to “feed” a growing population of other people dipping their bills in the government “pig trough” and those “takers” voting for those very same politicians who take our tax money by force to keep the “trough” full; only when the people realize that our government is using our tax money to merge America into the one-world-order; only when the people realize that the only way to stop this insanity is to resist government in every legal way possible and withhold their tax money on a grand scale, will principled changes ever occur.” 

“When you know all this, freedom could be in your grasp.”    

If you want to learn more about this “stuff” we encourage you to log on to the following website:  This is where we found the FBI Director’s speech.  It has a host of excellent information about what our government, in cooperation with the UN and international social and environmental groups is doing to America and Americans, while we look the other way. And speaking of busting our butts.  We are busting our butts for your freedom, your liberty and your property rights and we could use YOUR help, unless of course you are a left-wing ‘super’ patriot.



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