Who Would Pay $4300 for Sex? The Male Politicians Now Selling Male Civil Rights, That’s Who

Rumors are now flying that the anti-male Democrat super-delegate, Eliot Spitzer, was preparing to endorse Barack Obama for President after having endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2007. But he just resigned as Governor of New York after Hillary’s cheerleaders, the editors of the New York Times, revealed that he had been with a prostitute named Kerstin (the feds were completely on top of the matter at the time as well).


Now, I realize that Governor Spitzer (also known now as Client #9) had a lot of enemies, not the least of which were all Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), a constituency of heterosexual males whom he had no respect for and whom he helped persecute by helping the feminists dishonestly link shady sex tour operators to innocent international dating agencies by calling it all sex trafficking. I also realize that the Republicans and their sympathizers in the FBI and US Attorney General’s office, would have been gunning for him.

However, it is intriguing to hear the rumors that Governor Spitzer was about to switch to endorsing Obama. If this had happened, it would have been fatal to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He was the most prominent Jewish supporter she had and, after older white feminist male-haters, the East Coast Jewish voting bloc was her lynchpin voting bloc.

In any event, the verb *spitzered* will probably go viral to indicate what could happen to a man in America today if he:1) cheats on his wife2) betrays other males while being the gofor-boy of feminists3) betrays Hillary ClintonThe charges that Spitzer could face are not just for violating the anti-male part of the Mann Act that makes it a crime to pay for an adult woman to move across state lines (the act just refers to *for immoral purposes*). Apparently, because this 48 year old idiot was willing to pay $4300 per hour for sex, he spent years shifting more than $40,000 between various bank accounts and transferring money to the illegal shell account of the Emperor’s Club Escort Agency and other overpriced sex outlets.

It appears like the feds are going to nail this guy for “structuring”, which is illegal financial maneuvering. They might even catch him for using taxpayer money for sex, but he would have to have been certifiably insane to have done that.I think most men’s rights activists would prefer that Spitzer be charged and even jailed for the violation of the Mann Act. This would force him to challenge the constitutionality of the Mann Act and get the part about *immoral purposes* struck down. It might also force him to challenge the phony statistics on sex trafficking (that are used to back a wide variety of unconstitutional anti-male laws) and ask the government to finally define sex trafficking as the transport of someone across borders against their will.

Meanwhile, the most important point of all regarding this matter:While Germany’s most elite (and fully legal) bordello charges $375 per hour and German politicians and celebrities patronize the place without much fear of anything except mild personal embarrassment if they are married and caught in the act, their American counterparts are apparently no longer getting sex for free from interns.

If it is costing a whopping $4300 per hour from escort agencies, then this might help explain why US male politicians have been betraying males so viciously recently with unconstitutional laws like the Violence Against Women Act –VAWA- that makes men second class citizens, and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act –IMBRA- that forces American men to submit to background checks before being allowed to say hello to foreign women even if the women want everyone and anyone to initiate contact.

As the price of sex goes up, weak-kneed and desperate males sell their souls for female attention. Whether a man like John McCain gets friendship from a 40 year old lobbyist (feminist lobbyist?) or whether a federal judge just wants his 22 year old court clerk to like him better it is NOT in the interest of males that the price of female attention be so high for our politicians.

If we have to, we might seriously want to start a fund to keep US male politicians in the company of admiring young women…who would constantly tell them to keep the interest of other males in mind.

I mean that quite seriously. These scandals are happening so fast that one can extrapolate that almost the entire US Congress is filled with men who want to pay for female attention in whatever way they can. The legal rights of other men are obviously cheap currency for them.

Jim Peterson

Veterans Abroad

Munich, Germany



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