obscured-by-hand-3.jpgLongtime followers of the Reagan Wing website have noticed that my additions to it have been sparse since the publication of my series on the Presidential race starting here:

 Two men. Three first names.

.and culminating here:


It has not been for lack of important things to write, but, to the contrary, because of my direct, time- Continue reading


Are You An Authentic White?

whte-guy.jpgAre you an authentic white person? For the answer to that, we need to go to the current authentic black community. They are the ones who define who is and who is not an authentic member of their race. Be they black or white. (Since Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., have not yet amassed political clout, they’re excluded from being categorised by their skin color.)
The reigning Black elite have decided that authentic ‘typical white people’ are inherently racist. As Obama so blithely stated, this prejudice is inbred and rears its ugly head every time a white encounters a black. For those whites who believe reparations to date, in the form of trillions of dollars, affirmative action, special dispensations and a color-coded justice system, have adequately addressed the shame of their ancestors’ sin of slavery, well, it hasn’t. Continue reading

There Will Be No Property Rights If ……………….

house-of-cards.gif…what if we told you that this event… could be prevented?  What if we told you that an arm of the Federal Government has already made this prediction and that they have already come up with suggestions on how to forestall a financial meltdown?”

 Ron Ewart, President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, points with alarm to

America’s Financial House of Cards: 

As we keep saying, “the inmates are in charge of the asylum” and we have the proof.  A “House” who does not have its financial affairs in order, is doomed to collapse and for our “house”, the United States of America, collapse is where we, as a nation, are headed.  We know what you are saying, Continue reading

Who Is John McCain?

mccain0508-75.jpgFrom Ron Ewart, President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS:

With the Democrat candidates for President chewing each other up and heading towards self destruction and melt-down at their national convention, and with each of the Democrat candidates being so far left of any definable center, John McCain could easily be the next president of the United States.  Continue reading

McCain liberal takeover under way

novak094-33.jpgWho knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The “Prince of  Darkness” knows for he walks by night.

The “Prince of Darkness” is paleo-conservative reporter Robert Novak and his reputation for inside-story scoops is legendary (see: Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame). His latest is the following: Continue reading


francesrice.jpg From Frances Rice, Chairman of the National Black Republican Association:

In his Philadelphia speech on race, Senator Barack Obama justified his 20-year relationship with his anti-American pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, by castigating as racist a host of people, including his own white grandmother who he later lambasted as a “typical white” racist.  Conspicuously omitted from Obama’s culpability list is the architect of modern day racism—the Democratic Party. Continue reading