From Ron Ewart, National Association of Rural Landowners:

robosaurus-2-33-75.jpgWhen in the Hell are you people going to wake up to the ENEMY within, that will attack Americans and their lifestyle until it drives us all into the dark ages, to save the planet that doesn’t need saving.  Environmental groups are so drunk with power they are now lobbying legislatures, at every level of government, all across the country, to penalize you for daring to own and drive a car.  In Washington State for example, environmental groups have written bills that the legislature is going to pass that will put global warming tolls on major roads.  Global warming tolls on roads!  You have got to be kidding.  Washington state already has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation and our state government, at the behest of this insatiable environmental enemy, wants to tax us even more because we have the audacity to own and drive our cars that are somehow exacerbating global warming.  Ludicrous! 


Man-caused global warming hasn’t been proven yet and their is much skepticism in the scientific community.  The more we know, the greater the skepticism.  Most believe that it is nothing more than a political ploy to control human behavior and not backed up by true science.  In other words, the jury is still out on this folly, but government will spend our money and pass laws to penalize us for what will turn out to be nothing more than a natural, cyclical event.  Further, CO2 is not the major greenhouse gas, water vapor is, as the following graph, graphically portrays:




This country was built on individual freedom through a unique and beautifully framed bill of rights and constitution and the wide range of choices that freedom allows.  As the eastern half of the U. S. became more crowded in the mid to late 1800’s, people went out West to find more open space and more freedom.  The west was truly the “freedom” frontier.  We first traveled by horse, coach, covered wagon and sometimes train.  But individuals traveled mostly by foot, by horse, or horse-drawn wagons.  The horse represented our individual “freedom” of movement.  Then the car was invented and it replaced the horse and it broadened our “freedom” of movement, exponentially.  There was hardly a place we couldn’t go, excepting over water of course, but we could build bridges and ferries for that.  The government responded, appropriately, by building roads, freeways and bridges to expand on this freedom even more.   However, under current environmental law, our Interstate system would have never been built because the environmental law would have made the costs prohibitive.  Now, the environmentalists and the government they incessantly lobby, want to take our cars, our freedom of movement, away from us, without a firmly established government purpose to do so.


For over 30 years the radical environmentalists in our midst, America’s sworn domestic enemy, have been trying to steal from us our freedom, our liberty and our standard of living, that has never been equaled in all of human history.   Millions of lives were sacrificed to maintain that freedom and liberty and the lifestyle we enjoy.  The radical ones say we are selfish and evil.  Sounds a little like the Islamo-fascists who say we are the Great Satan, doesn’t it?  This scurrilous enemy has stopped the exploration and production of new crude oil sources on our own shores, such that we have to buy 60% of our energy from foreign nations that can hold us hostage on a whim.  Environmentalists have stopped any new energy production, dams, coal or nuclear.    Our electrical energy system has about 3% to 5% reserves, leaving us highly vulnerable to brown and black outs.  They have already happened and will happen again.  This enemy has stopped any new refinery construction, leaving existing refineries running at full capacity, 24 hours a day.  Any disruption in refinement sends chills through consumers and huge spikes in energy costs. 


At the urging of the environmental groups the U. S. Congress passed laws and incentives to turn corn into ethanol, even though the production of ethanol costs more to produce than what it delivers in energy.  It also increases the cost of corn-based foods and livestock feed, through the roof.  Complying with totally unnecessary environmental law has driven the cost of everything, including gas and food out of sight.  Who pays for this insanity, all Americans do and yet they sit there like a bunch of pawns and do nothing.  Perhaps they get what they deserve.


This domestic enemy wants to drive us off of the rural land and force us to live like rats in large cities, totally under their control.  You see it is far easier to control people in cities, than it is in rural areas.


Do you want to know whom to blame?  Let’s get it out in the open.  Blame the environmentalists among us!  That enemy that would suck out our life blood, our sovereignty and our freedom from us. 


This out-of-control, insane, mass hysterical, on-a-crusade group of people have made saving the environment a God.  This God has a greater priority than our very sovereignty, our freedom and liberty and our constitutional property rights.  To them, environmental law supersedes constitutional law.  Legislatures and courts have picked up on this mass hysteria and are passing and adjudicating law and regulations that have no clear government purpose, nor do they meet the test of the Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution.  Whoa be to the poor soul who would dare to violate any law of the God of Environmentalism, for you shall be made an example to send a message to the other poor souls, “violate said law at your own peril”.  We are but serfs, chumps and slaves to the environmentalists’ God of Environmentalism.


Well we have a solution to this madness.  We strongly suggest that every environmentalist that believes that man is causing the destruction of this planet, sell their cars and their houses, quit their jobs and move onto some desert Island somewhere where they can’t push their cult-like religion of save-the-planet at all costs, down our collective throats.  We will even pay for their deportation.  In the end it will be money well spent.  Let ’em fight over the meager resources of the desert Island where only the fittest will survive.  The planet will then heal from the environmentalists who allege the scourge of mankind and mankind will heal from the real scourge of the radical environmentalist. 


God save America!  Unfortunately, God can’t save America, or its freedom and liberty.  Only WE THE PEOPLE can and we aren’t doing a very good job of it.


Frankly, we are growing more than just a little tired of being run around like sheep by a bunch of young, immature and inexperienced ideologues, telling us what to do.  It’s high time we said not NO, but Hell NO!


Unfortunately, it could very well be that we are among the few, that think this way.   Perhaps you will tell us different.



2 thoughts on “HOW DARE YOU OWN A CAR!

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