Mexican Tractorcade

130,000 farmers protest in Mexico against NAFTA


Thousands of farmers marched through the streets of Mexico City to express their opposition to the agricultural section of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Protesters also burned a tractor in front of the Monument to the Revolution, and also demanded the dismissal of Alberto Cardenas, the head of Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico.

I wonder what Ron Simms would have thought of that.And related story — NAFTA threatens rural Mexico, bishops say 

A quick Google of this didn’t reveal any coverage in the MSM.

Memo to the pro-illegal immigration crowd: the average Mexican doesn’t like the globalization project any more than the average American. It’s hurting folks and their way of life. It has the potential to destroy true diversity and devastate local communities. Farmers and their families are now being driven to migrate to cities in Mexico or to the U.S.

I had to post this story because the provincialism and duplicity of the globalist pro-illegal immigration politicians became so blatantly obvious when I read it. They simply want to use these people for their own ends. The accusations of racism or lack of concern for the poor or greed against those who do see the larger picture and don’t support their agenda just don’t hold up when stories like this come out.

It was also noted that Mexico may not be able to feed itself if it succumbs to demands to produce biofuels from grain, they said.

Thank you Big Environmentalism.


One thought on “Mexican Tractorcade

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