King County Chair calls it quits…


convention-face-crop-50.jpgThe Reagan Wing has learned that “Mainstream” King County Republican Chairman Michael Young will announce his resignation next Tuesday. No reason has been given for the impending announcement. King County is one of the most populous counties in the nation.

Speculation is high that Young will become a part of the John McCain campaign team. He was rumored two years ago to have coveted a top Washington State position with the “Mainstreamer’s” Presidential campaign that has the favor of Washington State’s Republican pro-“Comprehensive” Immigration brass,  and with McCain’s new front runner status, the money, once again, has begun to flow.

Known as both an enthusiastic supporter of the Republican Left as well as a skilled practicioner of negative (and often clandestine) campaigns, Young would add a real dose of killer instinct to the Senator’s Washington team.

His most recent foray into candidate strategy was the string of personal attacks on the election opponent of Liberal Republican County Councilwoman Jane Hague: Richard Pope. Creating a phoney newspaper “The Truth on Pope”, Young’s unattributed stories falsely accused Pope of a bankruptcy and questioned the sanity of the King County attorney (and former front-running Judicial candidate), spurring a libel suit.

During his tenure as King County Chair, Young orchestrated sneak slander attacks on several Republicans, illegally confiscated campaign literature, protected radical left-wing King County Democrat Larry Gossett from Republican opposition, and used support for his favored liberal Republicans against conservative Republicans in contested primaries as a litmus test for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) appointments.

I, personally locked horns with Young many times, such as the over the issue of Gay Rights on the 2006 Platform Committee. Young spoke at length and repeatedly against my “Natural Family” plank and opposed any support in the Platform for Tim Eyman’s referendum to repeal the State’s then-new Gay Rights law. Young wanted nothing in the platform that could offend the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered community.

During his chaimanship the number of PCOs dwindled, the winning percentage of elections went down, fundraising dropped drastically and the KCGOP was fined forty thousand dollars for hundreds of violations of Public Disclosure Laws, directly under his control and authority.

He won re-election by effectively preventing candidate speeches (the locations and times of Party meetings were continually changed at the last minute), taking an hour onstage at the County officer election meeting in promotion of his candidacy (while his opponent was given five minuites) and using private King County Republican Party Assets (the email list) for his exclusive  benefit.

His first act following re-election was to institute a rule that gave him and his cronies the exclusive right to kick his political opponents out of the Republican Party on any criteria whatsoever. (Gag Rule 19 – It was never used and was certainly illegal, but designed for intimidation of his political opponents.)

Will all these skills now be available for the use of the McCain campaign?

Stay tuned…

Link: The “Natural Family” plank that Young opposed


2 thoughts on “King County Chair calls it quits…

  1. I was wondering where all those well funded and well staffed Log Cabin Republican tables were coming from. I suppose I’ll have to grin and bear it at one more GOP WA State Convention.

    Hopefully Youngs successor will be a Conservative.

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