The Winds of Disaster

oztwisterbg.jpg(Caucus results are in.)

Before a severe storm the air is still. The birds stop singing and seek shelter. The Phenomenon was noted at least four hundred years back in history.

GOP nominations have been “closed.” It brought the Republican Calm.

I have the final, actual results of the Republican Precinct Caucuses in the 32nd Legislative District where I chair a Precinct. It illustrates the landscape of a McCain “win” in Democrat-dominated King County.

Activists at the location of the pooled precincts were highly motivated, you could tell by the unprecedented turnout, but the clouds forming above the GOP are unmistakable.

My 32nd Dist., 1 of 49 Washington State Legislative Districts, elected 172 Delegates to add to its 59 “automatic” delegates (making 231 total), all going further in the Caucus/Convention process that will determine, eventually, our State and County Platforms and our Delegation to the Republican National Convention.

John McCain went into this caucus with a virtual “lock” on the nomination, by all media accounts. Normally a candidate who seems destined for the nomination can count on the demoralization of his opposition. I remember how, when the media told us the nomination was down to George Bush (I) and Bob Dole in 1988, it dried up the waterhole for the other contenders.

But listen to this.

In the 32nd, a “strong” McCain area, He got 70 of 231 delegates. 70 were for the presumptive nominee. 161 don’t want McCain and wouldn’t vote for him, even though his nomination seems unavoidable.

This is a nomination in serious trouble. We are a Party in serious trouble.

Take a good look. This is a “winning” district for the “Comprehensive Immigration” Senator: 30.3% of the delegates were for him and 69.7 don’t want him as the Republican Nominee. He is the choice of Democrats for the Republican Nomination.

I talked to one of his “delegates,” part of the 30%, an experienced Party activist. She said she hadn’t liked him much until the day before the caucuses, except on the Iraq War, but had to choose a candidate. She said she wasn’t happy with her choice, afterwards, either. She said she agreed with Ron Paul on most issues, except on the Iraq war.

I think it’s like that for a lot of Republicans. Leaving the Iraq war behind as an issue is like leaving your family car behind in the hands of vandals to escape a natural disaster. It just can’t feel right. Now that we’re parked there, we can’t let the vandals win. They’re low-lifes. They’re punks. They deserve to have the U.S. kick their rears.

George Bush (or is it Karl Rove?) has reduced the conservative movement and the Republican Party to a single issue: the Iraq War. Our leadership has, over eight years, made government much larger, tried amnesty for habitual criminals and treaded water on social issues and taxes. The cuts were tiny and McCain opposed them. But we invaded Iraq. We lost our majorities in 2006 as a direct result of this spiritual/intellectual bankruptcy and are on the verge of much worse. Iraq wasn’t the problem, it was the absence of anything else. We had nothing. There has been no conservative leadership.

We know McCain will be much worse. He was to the left of Bush: that’s why Bush got the nomination in 2000. And the new McCain is far to the left of the old McCain. He has wedded the Democrat Party, seemingly as revenge for not being chosen in 2000. He’s vindictive. He doesn’t like GOP conservatives any more than they like him.

This is a nominee the Party doesn’t want and won’t support.

The John McCain candidacy is a coming disaster approaching in slow motion, like a tidal wave you can see four months in advance. Like a twister ambling up to the house. You could just go out the front door and walk away, but you are frozen.

You sit on the couch looking out the front window.


5 thoughts on “The Winds of Disaster

  1. This election is a single issue election for Republicans. If you want the war, nominate McCain. If you don’t want the war, nominate for Ron Paul. Seventy percent of the American people don’t want the war, so if Republicans want to support a candidate that has a chance of beating the Democratic nominee, Ron Paul is the only candidate who qualifies.

    Perhaps it should not be so simple, but it’s time we accept the reality for the good of the party.

  2. Au contraire, mon ami!
    SINGLE ISSUE Republicans will be voting for McCain because the war is the only issue where he agrees with the majority.
    And most Americans who believe in peace through withdrawl have long since decided to be Democrats.
    70% of Americans don’t want the war in about the same sense they don’t want to go to work on Monday morning. They see it as a “necessary evil.” They don’t want to lose as a matter of pride.
    Ron Paul wins on all the other issues.
    Property Rights.
    Only true conservatives will have the courage to buck the tide and go for Paul.

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