Strange News of the Week

clinton-mccain.jpgAt we have a thread for the strange news of the week. This is our latest and we thought you might be interested:

First, at the end of the last set, two weeks ago, I promised to tell you about the “I’m my own grandpa, in reverse, almost.” It seems in the nineteen-sixties, Earl Pauk and his brother started an independent charismatic church near Atlanta, Georgia. At its peak in the mid nineties, the church boasted ten thousand members, twenty-four pastors, two schools, a Bible college and a worldwide television ministry. Today, all that has been whittled down to fifteen hundred members and eighteen pastors; most of these are volunteers. The Bible college and the television ministry are gone: victims of years of sexual scandal.

Earl was sentenced to ten years probation and a $1,000 fine for felony lying under oath. It seems in 2006 a former church employee sued the church because she was coerced into an affair with him. At the deposition, he swore that he had never had sex outside of marriage with anyone except the gal that was suing him. However, eight women have now given sworn depositions to the contrary. 

Further confirming that this man is a sociopath disguised as a minister were the results of a court ordered paternity test. According to the tests, Earl’s nephew, who is now the head pastor of the church, is really his son. As is typical with modern Christians, or at least church groupies, the people are defending him and his position because of all the “good works” he has done. You’ve got to admit, he is a generous man, while his brother was helping him build the church, he was helping his brother propagate his family.

Here’s a strange one from King County, Washington: Thirty years ago, Karen Martin (Karen Cox, at the time) killed a man on a contract for which she was never paid. In 1976, she turned herself in and offered to provide details about certain mob activities and contract killings in exchange for immunity. It seems while the prosecutor’s office and the sheriff’s office were trying to figure out what to do, everybody eventually forgot about it. 

The thirty year old confession was resurrected by a task force looking into unsolved murders linked to organized crime. Nobody on the task force agreed to immunity and King County Deputy Prosecutor is recommending fifteen years to life for the woman. Moral of the story: if you turn yourself in, make certain you get arrested.

This one is from Cumberland, Maryland: a local Vietnam Veteran donated a 48-inch rocket, similar to those used on helicopter gunships, to the county museum. The rocket sat there on display for two years before it was discovered the rocket was live! Bomb experts removed the ordnance and rendered it safe. I bet that was a commotion! 

Last, but not least, in Malaysia, thieves stole an adult cow and stuffed it into the back seat of a car (don’t ask how!). They were spotted by villagers who gave chase. The thieves lost control of the car, in the chase, and crashed into a tree.

When the villagers arrived at the scene, the thieves were gone and the cow was injured. So, the villagers slaughtered the cow and ate it!

Who knows what strange events are in the works this week? Maybe Super Tuesday will render America with a McCain / Clinton ticket to the Whitehouse and Obama will run as an independent.


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