From Ron Ewart, National Association of Rural Landowners:

robosaurus-2-33-75.jpgWhen in the Hell are you people going to wake up to the ENEMY within, that will attack Americans and their lifestyle until it drives us all into the dark ages, to save the planet that doesn’t need saving.  Environmental groups are so drunk with power they are now lobbying legislatures, at every level of government, all across the country, to penalize you for daring to own and drive a car.  In Washington State for example, environmental groups have written bills that the legislature is going to pass that will put global warming tolls on major roads.  Global warming tolls on roads!  You have got to be kidding.  Washington state already has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation and our state government, at the behest of this insatiable environmental enemy, wants to tax us even more because we have the audacity to own and drive our cars that are somehow exacerbating global warming.  Ludicrous! 

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William F. Buckley (1925-2008)

buckley-reagan-crop-54.jpgWhen Rush Limbaugh was accused of thinking himself the smartest man in America he protested, “I think the smartest man in America is William F. Buckley.”

He was right.

When my son was born and still in search of a name, “Buckley” ended up coming in the middle, both as homage to the modern conservative movement’s founding genius, and as the kind of avatar you vaguely hope will bestow attributes of character upon your children.  Continue reading

American Right to Life Misunderstands Ron Paul

Cross posted at Life of the Party.

SpeakerI would much rather be writing a positive and promotional post about the American Right to Life.  I have lauded their organization, their efforts and their leader from their beginning, early this year.  I agree with their approach, to focus on the personhood of the unborn.  Restoring the unalienable right to life ultimately depends on our recognition of personhood.  It’s right there in Roe vs. Wade: “(If the) suggestion of personhood is established, the [abortion rights] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”  Whether we do that separately in all 50 states or through a federal Constitution Amendment (ratified by all 50 states), that is the goal.  No amount of child killing regulation will restore the right to life.  We can’t just “chip away” at Roe vs. Wade.  We must challenge it outright. 
The decision to “focus on the strategy” is a good one, so long as it includes an approach that is lawful.  The American Right to Life Action league would do well to consider constitutional arguments from a presidential candidate who shares the principles and goals of their organization, but instead, they have chosen to slander him.  That’s right.  Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who has given the pro-life cause enough thought to write a book about it, has championed the cause of personhood in his Sanctity of Life Act, and has even won over former pro-choicers to his principled pro-life position.  Ron Paul has been ignored or written off by the media, and now more than ever, is assumed to have no chance at winning the Republican nomination, barring a miracle (which I still hope for and still believe can happen) yet is now being slandered by American Right to Life in their hit piece, “Ron Paul is pro-choice, state by state.”  The timing of their anti-Romney campaign made much more sense, when he was leading in the polls, unless they know something now that we don’t know about Ron Paul and his chances.   

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Tim Sutinen’s Open Letter to Senator Honeyford

sutinen-reagan.jpgCowlitz County’s Republican State Committeeman, Tim Sutinen, though young, is a longtime Reagan Republican running for the Washington State Legislature from the 19th District.

Frustrated with the status quo of a Party that seems to stand for nothing, he sent along this open letter to Senator Jim Honeyford (R?), of the 15th District, who just endorsed a bill that would create a new bureaucracy for regulating Home Inspectors, and comments: “This is profoundly sad.  Not only are we fighting the Democrats, but also big government supporters within our own party!” Continue reading

Mexican Tractorcade

130,000 farmers protest in Mexico against NAFTA


Thousands of farmers marched through the streets of Mexico City to express their opposition to the agricultural section of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Protesters also burned a tractor in front of the Monument to the Revolution, and also demanded the dismissal of Alberto Cardenas, the head of Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico.

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John McCain is NOT Pro-Life !!!

mchrc.jpgDo you wonder why McCain is endorsed by Republicans for Choice?

From Steve Lefemine:

  • John McCain supports exceptions to a ban on abortion.
  • John McCain has repeatedly voted to fund ESCR
  • John McCain has voted to fund Planned Parenthood
  • John McCain has voted to fund selected surgical abortions
  • John McCain has voted to fund chemical abortions
  • John McCain has voted to fund fornication
  • John McCain has voted to fund government distribution of contraceptive and abortifacient birth control to unmarried adolescents, even if their parents object !!!
  • John McCain is not supporting a Human Life Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • John McCain is not supporting legislation in the US Senate similar to US House bills HR 618 (“Right to Life Act“) and HR 2597 (“Sanctity of Life Act“), which would end abortion in America if they became law (see bills at: Continue reading