BLACKLISTED! Michael Young’s anti-Republican War

gossett-addresses-reunion-cap-50.jpgIn honor of Dr. Martin Luther King we’d like to re-publish this article that originally appeared in 2005. It centers on the revisionism that opposes the things that Dr. King stood for and it upholds the true meaning of his life.

If you’re old enough to have known the America of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne you must regard the fact that a man like Larry Gossett could even hold public office as stuff of the Twilight Zone. That “Mainstream” King County Republican Chair Michael Young would work to keep Marxist Gossett in office is off the charts for irony.

Malcolm X with rifle, Gossett with fist.

Profile of a King County Radical

King County Councilman Larry Gossett says he keeps a picture of Malcolm X on one side of his computer. That makes sense. When, in his formative years, Gossett was avoiding the Draft, learning to organize, changing his name to Aba Yaruba, and becoming a Revolutionary in New York City, Malcolm X was one of Gossett’s role models, along with V. I. Lenin, Karl Marx, and Che Guevara. Malcolm X was, at that time, perhaps the premier voice of racist, anti-white violence as a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims). The Islam of the Koran, like Marxism/Leninism, is a totalitarian ideology designed as a disciplined foundation to support its own, distinctly human, ruler(s). Whereas, today in the Middle East, Islam’s Arab factions have common enemies in Israel and the United States, in 1960s America, there was another faction, Elijah Muhammad’s “Nation of Islam,” (the “Black Muslims”) and their “Great Satan” was the white man and “capitalism.”

Panthers era Seattle street flyers: Gossett (mentioned by name) “brutilized by pigs” (left) and “Off the Pigs!” (“kill the police”) (right) {CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Some Malcolm X Quotes:

“You can’t have capitalism without racism,” 
“The white devil’s time is up; it has been up for almost fifty years now.”
“Show me a capitalist and I’ll show you a bloodsucker”
Malcolm believed the US Government was the black man’s enemy and he promoted armed resistance.
So did the Black Panthers, but they were Marxists, not Muslims.It was all the same to Gossett.

Larry Gossett occasionally now denies that he was a Black Panther, but the FBI holds a contrary opinion. And Larry wasn’t denying it when he was an honored speaker at the Black Panther reunion in 2005, the same year King County “Republican” Chair Michael Young began working hard for Gossett’s re-election.

As a Black radical Gossett was involved in illegal activities for Marxist revolution in an era when in a roughly five-year period there were over 3,000 terrorist attacks inside the US by Marxist revolutionary cells . Arsons, Bombs placed in public places, elementary schools, commercial businesses, property destruction and violent takeovers. Gossett participated, was arrested, and still brags about his involvement when he is with like-minded leftists. Gossett was a participant, for instance, in the illegal seizure of the Beacon Hill School by the El Centro de la Raza group that now partners with KCGOP Vice Chair Lori Sotelo’s Plaza Bank in providing mortgage loans to illegal aliens.

The only change Gossett will admit, in his radical political outlook, is that he once believed his objectives would only come through violent revolution and he now believes they can be achieved through the ballot box. The Panthers were working for Communism. His own electoral success, and the overwhelming financial prosperity of their partners, El Centro de la Raza, at the expense of taxpayers, are good examples that he might be right.


The “other” icon

On the other side of his computer, Gossett keeps a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
That, by contrast with Malcolm X, makes no sense at all. Because, other than the fact that they are both racially black, Gossett and King have nothing in common. King dedicated his life to integration. Gossett, along with the Panthers, Malcolm X and the Democrat Party are “Diversity” Quota Separatists. King believed that men should be judged, individually, by the content of their character. Diversity Separatists (including, incidentally, the Mexican Illegal alien movement) believe that society should be measured, collectively by the color of its citizens’ skins, their gender, and they are now also adding sexual preference.
But the name of Martin Luther King and his image have been hijacked by the Separatists as if he had worked for the same thing they do. You can see it at the NAACP. They claim that free enterprise is racism and that racial quotas are civil rights. They make blanket racist assertions about white people and overtly deny that discrimination against whites is, itself, racism.The fomentors of racial hatred now march behind the picture of Martin Luther King who dedicated his life to fighting racism. They impute racism where none exists and deny its obvious presence in their own hearts. They openly preach that racism is built in to Judeo Christian culture while embracing racial discrimination for their own purposes. They are a movement to acquire superior rights through government. And the Republican Left has begun to mirror their approach.But the American people have rejected racism. Political opposition to racism began with the founding of the Republican Party and we have been the strongest enemies of racial hatred from Lincoln forward. In 1998 the great Republican Tim Eyman’s Initiative 200 settled the issue of Government based racial discrimination in our State. Tim’s initiative said there should be no racial discrimination paid for by tax dollars and Washington voters, despite the typical confusion campaign from the usual suspects, by a big majority vote, passed it.
King County Republican Chairman MICHAEL YOUNG OPPOSED INITIATIVE 200

You heard me correctly. KCGOP Chair Michael Young opposed removing “Diversity” quotas from government. His is the mentality that says “anti-discrimination” actually should mean discrimination in favor of certain chosen groups. Subsequent events have confirmed this several times. In 2005 he made it unmistakable. We now know that the Young Administration took a formal (and indefensible) position NOT TO RUN ANY OPPOSITION TO LARRY GOSSETT in the 2005 King County Council elections. We can’t even imagine a good reason for that decision. For one thing, Gossett was facing a historic challenge, a newly-drawn district with fewer minority residents in areas with no incumbent advantage.
Nevertheless, despite Young’s back-room compromise, the King County Republican Nominating Convention of 2005, on its own, by strong majority vote, against Young’s wishes, chose a fully qualified candidate to oppose the 60 year old Marxist.The candidate chosen by the Convention was an architect with extensive involvement in numerous community organizations, Republican Party experience, Congressional campaign experience and was a conservative with a surprising grasp of, and experience in the transportation and “community development” issues.He just had the misfortune to cross Michael Young.

Michael Young at a cocktail party

You’re not going to believe this

In 2005 Michael Young Administration went on a crusade to keep this same Marxist, Larry Gossett, safely ensconsed in the (2nd District) King County Council’s “black” seat. All of their actions were subversive to the interests of the Republican Party and the operations were extensive.
The Republican Party had clearly chosen a candidate against Young’s will, and, apparently just to look good for the Republican Delegates, the Young Administration responded with a promise, at the convention, to pay the candidate’s public filing fee. But Young administration staff, at the Convention, in my hearing, within an hour of the 2nd District Nomination, termed their failure to prevent a nomination, “a disaster.”
In private Michael Young said “That doesn’t mean we endorse him.” (Just who do you suppose Young meant by “we”?) Michael Young has repeatedly demonstrated that he thinks he is empowered to act for, and instead of, the Republican Party grassroots, even to the extreme of doing exactly the opposite of what they vote for. This was to be a supreme example. I know of no series of events more traitorous in the history of the Republican Party.
Young, acting as the Chair of the Republican Party, literally launched a war against the Republican Candidate:

The Young Administration:

1. Promptly withdrew their pledge, at the convention, to pay the filing fee, protesting they “had not planned to run anyone.”
2. Banned the Candidate’s name and photograph from the King County Republican Website,
3. Got the Candidate’s name and photograph banned from the Washington State Republican Website,
4. Banned the Candidate from using the “Voter Vault” database (that has, repeatedly, been touted as being for all Republican candidates),
5. Effectively eliminated Republican-targeted mailings, phone campaigns, doorbelling, fund-raising, polling and get out the vote efforts that were dependent on the Party database,

6. Banned the Candidate from speaking at any King County Republican event,

7. Banned the Candidate from getting a booth at the King County Republican Picnic,

8. Refused to notify him of any meeting of his own Republican legislative district,

Despite all this the candidate proceeded to win the public primary by a huge margin of the Republican Vote.

But the Young Administration was just getting started.

Just to absolutely insure Republican defeat, Young’s administration:
9. Had the Party office keep a confidential “file” on the Republican candidate whose contents were never made public but was intimated to contain dark secrets about him to explain why the Party was opposing him.(I was personally able to inspect this file. It contained nothing but letters of complaint by the candidate himself, about the behavior of the Young Administration!!!)
10. Began a rumor/whisper campaign to convince people that the Republican candidate was:
. (a) a racist
[look who’s talking!]
. (b) anti-Semitic
. (c) “harassed” or “attacked” women, and
. (d) had a police record.
(All of those rumors were blatant slanderous lies, but ended up as declarative statements about him spread throughout the Republican Party and on SoundPolitics).

11. Convinced Jennifer Holder, then President of Washington Federation of Republican Women, to go on a vendetta against the Candidate (a (male) associate member of several of their chapters) falsely claiming he had broken their rules and “banning” him, without any hearing of any charges, from their member clubs.

12. Dissuaded Republican donors from contributing to the Candidate’s campaign.

13. Convinced other Candidates not to support, or even to associate with the Candidate.

14. Told their District Chairs not to support him.

15. Removed the candidate’s name from Party e-mail lists announcing meetings and events within his campaign district.

16. Refused to notify the candidate of campaign events in his district for County Executive candidate David Irons and convinced the Irons campaign to do the same.

17. Told the Reagan Wing to disassociate our organization from the Republican candidate.

18. Telephoned people whose names were listed on the candidate’s PDC report to criticize them for donating money to his campaign.

19. Used their influence to get the candidate’s membership banned, without any hearing, from the Eastside Republican Club.

20. Threatened to “blacklist” Republicans who questioned how the candidate was being treated.

21. Said his (entirely fictional) “police file” at the Seattle Police Department included “restraining orders by some very prominent Republican elected officials”


Brian Thomas
The candidate targeted by Michael Young is now (as then) a Precinct Committee Officer, Brian Thomas. At The time the Young administration was spreading rumors that he is anti-semitic, Brian had been flying an Israeli flag on his roof for several years.  This was a campaign of slander and ethical corruption so vile it is repulsive. It would have been completely unacceptable to use against a Democrat.  But Michael Young used it against a Republican to protect Larry Gossett.  
Next to Young, Gossett, the Marxist, actually begins to look honorable

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