Why Are We So Divided?

From Ron Ewart:

the-american-conservative-what-is-left-large-75.jpgHow is it that a country whose freedom and liberty are based on the foundation of a Constitution that contains 10 basic individual rights, a gift from our creator, be so divided?  How is it that a country that has shown the rest of the world how successful freedom can be, be going in so many different directions and away from freedom?  Such divisions amongst us are so clearly illuminated by the strange odors eminating from our current presidential primary season. 

We have the religious right-right looking for instant salvation from an Arkansas pastor, turned governorWe have a broad range of independents casting their hopes on a prisoner-of-war, turned liberal senator, masquerading as a conservative.  We have fiscal conservatives looking kindly at a Mormon-businessman-governor who promises to magically return every job lost in Michigan, if he is elected president.  We have the remnants of those holding on to the memory of 9/11, looking to a prosecuting attorney-turned Mayor of New York City, (saying he is a Republican but espousing Democratic views) as the answer to foreign aggression.  Then we have the ultra-conservatives buying into a candidate that wants to return America to a Constitutional Republic, but promoting isolationism.  Meanwhile, we have a couple of truly great candidates that are largely ignored

On the other side, we have three front-running presidential candidates fawning over every promise they can make to those with their hands out.  These same liberal candidates for president, who if were compared to each other, side by side, issue by issue, vary by a hair’s breadth.  Liberals want government to control every aspect of our lives and tax us into oblivion for every socialist and radical environmental law they can dream up.   They want to take away our guns that is our only protection we have against a despotic government.  They want to take away our money by force and give it to someone else to buy votes to remain in power. 

Then we have the socialists in our society who want everything that government can steal at the point of a gun from those who are producing and taking care of themselves, handed over to the non-producers on a silver platter, without any obligation to do anything in return for those who were forced to give it up.   And a government only too eager to give it to them. 

We have the environmentalists using government to pass law after law, restricting all of our rights to the ownership of our own property, in direct violation of our constitution.  These same environmentalists use government to impede, or outright stop, any new crude oil recovery, power generation (by any means, except very expensive, in-efficient alternative energy) or new crude oil refining capacity.  Their actions have driven the price of crude oil, gasoline and other derivative products out of sight, creating a devastating Inflationary spiral.  They have even convinced government to convert corn to ethanol when that conversion takes more fossil fuel to produce than the ethanol delivers in energy.  According to them we have to save every wetland no matter what the cost and save every species that some radical environmentalist determines (by divining rod) that are supposedly going extinct.  We have to limit our output of CO2 to the point that our economy could go into a tailspin, in order to save the planet from the scourge of man-caused global warming, that has been debunked by every credible non-political scientist in the world.  They have convinced the government to take away our incandescent light bulbs for the same insane reason.  Ludicrous! 

We have large corporations and the unions that get in bed with the socialists, environmentalists and the government to assure they will get their piece of the pie.  Each and every one of them is fighting for special favors and federal dollars that the feds take from the rest us by force.  We have the legal profession chasing ambulances to make money and getting in the way of any legislation that would limit their power, or driving up prices for everything due to outrageous, multi-million dollar court settlements.  And since most politicians were once attorneys, getting in the way is very easy. 

Then we have ethnic groups that receive special treatment because the government wants to stay in power by buying the ethnic groups’ votes with our money.  We attended a budget hearing for a large county in Washington State.  We came there to give testimony about leaving the rural landowners alone.  What did we find? Almost the entire room was filled with ethnic groups with their hands out to government for whatever they could get, or special treatment, or more money for their specific social programs.  Government didn’t even hesitate to give it to them.  The land of the free has morphed into the land of government handouts, based on the false, emotional premise of mis-directed compassion. 

Of course there is the illegal alien who sneaks into our country by the millions, takes our jobs, eats up our safety-net dollars, floods our schools and hospitals, won’t learn English, brings in disease and hides in the shadows, with no intent of assimilating into the American culture. 

But then there are the groups of bleeding hearts and politicians looking for votes, who support the illegals’ lawbreaking and lobby government or pass legislation to give the illegals more money, or amnesty and let them stay here, while the federal government turns a blind eye to the injustice of it all. 

Most of government’s decisions aren’t based on constitutional principles, much less common sense.  They are based on almost wholly political or highly-charged emotional issues that fly in the face of our constitution and common sense.  Anyone that has any moxie at all, knows how to fix most of what ails America.  Unfortunately, those solutions will never be implemented because some special group gets its ox gored and has a powerful lobby in Washington DC or some state capitol, to shield it from, or stop the proposed change. 

So that is why America is decaying into oblivion.  We are so divided that consensus is virtually impossible.  We pull the government in a thousand directions and we pull on each other, instead of looking inside ourselves for our own solutions.  But a nation divided is a nation in free fall and like a large ship, it will take miles (years) to shift direction, or stop and reverse course.  We have met the enemy and it is truly us.   But then, does anyone really care?  

NOTE:  Rural landowners, don’t forget NARLO’s “Declaration of Rural Independence” event for the week of July 4th, 2008.  And be sure to check our our new barter/trade feature on the NARLO website.    



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18 thoughts on “Why Are We So Divided?

  1. Ron,

    First of all let me
    say I respect and agree with most of your views.

    However what does pointing out Romney’s religion have do with anything? If you’re going to do that then tell everyone
    that huckabee is a Baptist minister and Then list everyone else by their religious affilation as well.

    Secondly, I’m going to have take issue about Romney’s statement regarding jobs in Michigan.
    You have distorted what he actually said. He did not promise every job would return to Michigan.

    What Romney said was that he thought the economy could be turned around in Michigan. I know Doug I’m paraphrasing a little but he never Promised every job would return to Michigan.

    For the record I have not decided who I’m supporting president at this time.

  2. Phil:

    First of all, I didn’t name a single name in the article. That was left up to the reader to infer. Second, I watched and listened on TV to what Romney said and he said exactly the way I presented it in the article. Maybe you heard a different version.

    In any event, thanks for your thoughts on the article.

    Take care,


  3. Jan 27th (pass this date along to friends) there is going to be a free public screening of the film “Uncounted” beginning at 5 PM at the Federal Way Regional Library 34200 1st Way S, Federal Way sponsored by a group called federalway-matters.org. with discussion to follow and information on how to participate (fix?) in the upcoming caucuses.

    What makes me so mad is that the Left so often falsely accuse us of what they are actually doing. I didn’t even bother to search the net to see what it is about but it is obviously a conspiracy theory movie about how the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” have rigged the elections.

    Can you imagine the gall. In this state where the Democratic Controlled King County gave the election which was rightfully won by Dino Rossi to his Democratic opponent. And then they outlawed the most accountable form of voting (the booth) and instead is now forcing everyone to vote by absentee (just see how that worked with Russia). I hope that conservatives would go up to that meeting and give these people a piece of their mind. At the same time THEIR SIDE is fixing the elections THEY ACCUSE US of doing so.

    You know they say it takes two to tango, but not in this case. It’s the left that has been divisive for years. But whenever we respond to their outrages we are accused of divisiveness. Until we realize that the left is not about honest discussion of issues and settling things in free elections but instead is about destructive demonization we will continue to find ourselves at the losing end.

    “Uncounted”, huh? In King County ballot after ballot during the Governor’s race seemed to pop out of nowhere and most happened to be for the democrats. This movie is hate propaganda at the worst.

    Oh, by the way, if you live in King County this year YOU WILL be voting absentee. There will be no polls open.

    Here’s an article about how well absentee voting is working in Russia.




    Why are we so divided? Because we are in the midst of a “Culture War”. That is why we are so divided. And accusing one group of rigging the elections is quite divisive especially when the truth is the exact opposite.

  4. A prosecuting attorney-turned Mayor of New York City, (saying he is a Republican but espousing Democratic views)

    Have you seen Rudy in drag.

    This are his own words/

    “I am already playing a Republican, playing a Democrat, Playing a Republican.”

    And check this video out.

    This is going to strike terror into the hearts of the Islamofascists?

    Smooching Donald Trump certainly doesn’t reflect well for someone who will be the Head of State for the United States


    Reagan might have appeared in Bedtime for Bonzo, but you would have never caught him in drag. Giuliani when you look at all his personal behavior only one word comes to mind. I apologize for having to say it but he is a douchebag.

  5. Steve,

    What’s wrong with
    that? I happen to agree with Mitt as far as that’s concerned.

    Look I don’t agree with everyone else’s religious beliefs but I won’t hold it against them either.
    Unlike you I’m not a religious bigot.

  6. I don’t think taking a man’s basic beliefs into consideration is at all off limits when considering putting him in the position of being the single most powerful man in the world for four years.

    I will not support Mike Huckabee because he has traded on his “Christian” image and lingo while proving with his constant distortions, lies, re-definitions of what he said earlier and anti-Christian political positions that his “faith” is a fraud. If his faith is a fraud and he wants to win with his faith we must conclude he is a total fraud. Yesterday he began the day saying the “Constitution is a living document.” That is the central theme of a lawless Constitutional liberal. During the middle of the day he was exposed. He ended the day saying that was the opposite of what he means. I wouldn’t trust him to hold my place in line at a theatre.

    I am more concerned because Mitt seems to me to be the antithesis of a Mormon than because he is a member of that church. He has lived his whole political life on the far left, supporting abortion, making it cheap ($50) with his healthcare, supporting the gay rights movement and every facet of socialist goals (while claiming to do it more efficiently). That is not my understanding of what the Mormons are. My reading of the politics of Mormon culture is family conservatism. I don’t pretend to be an expert on Mormon doctrine, but Mitt is no Mormon when it comes to politics. I have met few people in my entire life as chameleon-like as Mitt Romney, changing (miraculouisly) his stipes overnight to seek the GOP nomination. That’s not my experience of Mormons, either. It is my hope the LDS can see the truth about Mitt.

    Rudy Giuliani is a “Roman Catholic” but I’m not sure there is going to be enough millenia in pergatory to palliate his moral culpability for his mortal sins. His disregard for the faith he claims is breathtaking: in his politics and in his personal life. On his hands is the blood of over 47 million slaughtered innocent children. (And that’s before we get to his sexual sins.)

    At the heart of Islam is a wicked religion. The teachings of Muhammad were a call to strict, disciplined adherence to murderous blood lust. On the periphery, where they don’t really take the teachings seriously, is the “Religion of Peace.” THEY are the heretics. We need more heretics among Muslims. We should all pray that the religion gets hijacked.

    So, with the exception of Barak Hussein Obama (whose muslim ties are denied but not refuted), I’d rather have our Presidential Candidates more in tune with their religion, than less, even the beliefs I don’t share.

    God Bless America, land that I love.
    Stand beside her, and guide her
    Thru the night with a light from above.

    This is the night.
    May God deliver our nation.

  7. Ron,

    Thank you I appreciate your response. Will just agree
    to disagree on the Michigan statement and leave it at


    That isn’t what was Steve was doing. Its one thing to
    question someone beliefs and another to just openly
    take a cheap shot. My guess is like most people who say
    those kind of things Steve knows very little about the Lds
    church. Or what he does know comes from distorted

  8. Michelle I still have problems with Paul’s foreign policy but weighed against all the good his presidency would have brought they were problems I could live with. And also I have a belief in him as a person and knows how much he loves America. He wouldn’t allow anything to harm our national security. If he was faced with a situation where our national security was at stake I believe he would react appropriately.

    And I really believe that we can’t solve the threat abroad if we don’t deal with the problems at home. So that is why I believe our next President needs to focus on domestic issues to strengthen us. I believe one who focuses on the war on terror but not the culture war will not even succeed in the war on terror for victory in one depends on victory in the other.

    The reason we are losing in Iraq has much more to do with what is happening within American society than it does with what is happening in Iraq.

  9. Steve,

    Did I say I was supporting Romney? The fact of the
    matter is I have not decided at this point who I’m
    going to support. Unlike Democrats Mormons don’t vote
    like robots. Most of them make an informed decision.

  10. Steve @ #3

    I don’t understand the fear of all mail voting. ALL the counties that voted for Dino in 2004 voted by mail. It is not the process that is unfair orvulnerable, it is those that administer the process. I believe the hand count in 2004 was correct and honest. I first met people who belong to Reagan Republicans at that recount. They were counting the ballots for Republicans. The real question in 2004 was the ballots that were thrown into the count (poll ballots I might add) after the fact. The real reason to stop the VBM effort in King County is it will turn out a huge increase in voter participation in the most Democratic county in the state. Remember: Paul Weyrich(?) told us “frankly, our(religious conservatives) influence increases as the voting population decreases”.

  11. “briansbest” (at 14),
    The only secure voting system is one that can be monitored by the general public at every point, not one that depends on blind faith in the good intentions of those who administer it, or who program its computers.

    We used to have such a system. It had no computers or hand-marked ballots. Double voting was impossible and tabulating its results was faster than we have today. It was secure at every point and could be monitored by the public. Yet leftists, including former GOP Secretary of State Ralph Munro and his “Mainstream” Republicans, worked very, very hard to replace it with a more fraud-friendly system, even going to court to force it on counties that didn’t want it. Munro is now the head of VoteHere, a computer vote tabulation company.

    Voting by mail virtually makes every characteristic of public monitoring impossible. We are, in such a system, at the complete mercy of the elections agencies that defrauded Washington State Voters in 2004; the people who lost valid voters’ ballots and “found” ballots from voters who do not exist.
    We need to be able to tabulate voting at the precinct level. That’s how they caught “mistakes” in the New Hamshire primary.

  12. briansbest did you even read the articles that I provided the link to?

    I knew that is how it would work even before we had the Russian example. All one has to do is sign the ballot and give it to the Union boss or whoever and they can fill it out any way they want.

    When you are in a booth. It’s just you. You can vote your conscious and no one will know it. But when you have absentee ballots you can fill it out with others around and would be more influenced to go with the group than with your own private conscience.

    With a booth there can be no intimidation but that isn’t so with an absentee ballot. Now there is place for the absentee ballot like for overseas military, but not for everyone.

    Of course the Democrats are famous for rigging votes. LBJ used to do it all the time. And in Cook Council (Chicago) it was common as well. That is why most historians believe that Kennedy really didn’t win the 1960 election. And then the Democrats claim Republicans do this despite the fact that every major news outlet did complex studies into the 2000 elections, spending lots and lots of money to do so, yet still couldn’t find anything that would say that Bush didn’t win the election. Not so with the 2004 election here in Washington State where ballots in King County were magically found in desks and such. Rossi I believe won two of the three recounts, but in the end the democratically controlled council found enough votes to give it to his opponent. And as much as I dislike the owner of Sound Politics he has detailed all the questionable things that went on to deny Rossi the victory.

    Now with all voting being done absentee I really have no reason to vote anymore. I have been denied my franchise. Elections will be decided by Union Bosses who will force workers to give them signed but not filled out ballots or they will watch them as they fill out the ballots. Yeah, I have thought that this would happen for a long time, ever sense the King County Council outlawed voting at the polls but now the Russian example gives real world proof in how its done.

  13. By the way the truth is that there was voter fraud in the 2000 election – by the Democrats but still it wasn’t enough to get Gore the win.

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