American Right To Life vs. National Right To Life: debating Romney

Mitt Romney claims, ‘On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life.’

That is a lie. ” ~ Steve Curtis, American Right to Life


DENVER, Jan. 16 /CNW/ — American RTL Action president Steve Curtis is challenging the pro-life leadership of South Carolina’s Bob Jones III and of National Right To Life for their support of pro-abortion Mitt Romney for president.  Curtis is the former president of the Colorado Republican Party.

The anti-Romney TV ads his new 527 group is running in early contest states like South Carolina have garnered media coverage including being aired by ABC’s World News Tonight and the Fox News Channel. The political group’s website,, documents with links to mainstream media sources, and audio and video clips of the candidate himself, Romney’s aggressive and most recent pro-abortion record:

“Mitt Romney claims, ‘On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life.’ That is a lie.”

  • In April 2006 he signed the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan that pays for even elective abortions. Romney today falsely claims a 1981 court ruling about “medically necessary” abortions forced him to provide tax-funded elective abortion, showing he prioritizes socialized “health care” over protecting kids, even when it pays to kill them.
  • Romney gave a permanent seat on the Massachusetts health payment policy advisory board to the nation’s leading abortionists at Planned Parenthood.
  • Romney signed the 2005 bill that promotes chemical abortions with Plan B.
  • As Governor he appointed openly pro-abortion Democrat Matt Nestor to a district court; and,
  • disputing a ruling from his own state health department Romney personally argued that pro-life hospitals must dispense abortifacients.
  • Romney claims to have been personally pro-life for many years, but also claims a recent pro-life conversion on Nov. 9, 2004 while talking to Harvard researcher Douglas Melton about embryonic stem cells.   However Mitt still openly supports killing the baby of a rapist, and killing the tiniest of humans for research. Dr. Melton has even disputed Romney’s account of their conversation.
  • “Pro-life” Romney even attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.
  • In October 2005 Romney asked the federal government for a waiver for a major increase in funding for abortion “counseling” and for tax-funded abortifacients.
  • During the years that Romney says he was “personally pro-life” he aggressively claimed to be second-to-none in asserting abortion as an essential right.
  • And the Weekly Standard reports him telling the pro-abortion activists at NARAL, “you need someone like me in Washington.” [ see corroborating links for all claims ]

“The evidence is indisputable– Mitt Romney is lying to get Christian votes,” said vice president of ARTL Action, (Columbine dad) Brian Rohrbough. “Pro-life leaders like Bob Jones III have been deceived by Mitt Romney. American Right To Life Action calls upon Dr. Jones to retract his endorsement of this pro-abortion politician.”

Denver-based “American Right To Life Action also calls National RTL’s support of Mitt Romney a betrayal of the innocent,” said Curtis. NRTL is playing the odds, and “doubled down,” officially endorsing anti-human life amendment Fred Thompson, while supporting their own longtime general counsel for serving as a “key advisor” to the Romney campaign. “The Republican National Committee has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to NRTL, which calls into question NRTL’s loyalty to the unborn,” added Curtis, “especially now that its political architect, James Bopp, is endorsing a pro-abortion candidate like Mitt Romney who plainly lies to deceive pro-lifers.”


11 thoughts on “American Right To Life vs. National Right To Life: debating Romney

  1. Doug
    I couldn’t find anyone to back this up (but I didn’t look very long), however on the Michael Reagan show the other day Ann Coulter said that the American Right to Life was created by the Huckabee campaign a few months ago.

  2. I seriously doubt that ARL and Huckabee are working together. This rift in the pro-life movement has been a long time coming. I would think that ARL would have some problems with Huckabee too.

  3. Trevor,
    You must have become confused something Coulter said or something. I don’t find it credible that Ann would make up something like that.
    She’s always so meticulously careful never to offend anyone.

  4. you can download the audio file from the 2nd hour of the jan 24th Michael Reagan show.

    Coulter said “[it’s] some front group for Huckabee”

  5. Taking your word for it that she said that…
    She’s guessing.
    She’s wrong.

    And regardless, the point they’ve made is right on target. Romney is a juggernaut of rhetorical fabrication. One thing he says may be as true as the last thing he said, despite that they contradict each other and the record. He is in constant change. Would you take the word of a tape recorder? He is just as accurate and just as reliable.

  6. I was part of the group of leaders that met in Denver to form American Right to Life. Unlike National Right to Life, our organization does not endorse candidates (NRTL is on the republican payroll – literally. Most organizations donate money to political parties for favors, but NRTL gets paid via the Republican party. This might help to explain why they are so quick to place a rubber stamp on republican candidates that look like they might win in the early part of the race.

    American Right to Life Action, however, will target the leading candidate for exposure if they falsely claim to be pro-life. Hopefully, this will put future candidates on notice that they need to truly reflect on whether they are pro-life before going on the campaign trail.

    Tony Robinson

  7. PS: Huckabee is not, and I doubt ever will be, affiliated with us. Nor is Thompson, or McCain. Alan Keyes was invited because he is likeminded. Keyes is a friend to many pro-lifers, but again ARTL does not endorse candidates. It also does not have a retirement program that requires $$$ to continually roll into the bank account. In fact, the paperwork calls for ARTL to be dissolved in twelve years. Either you are serious about getting rid of abortion, or you go the NRTL route and regulate it so that your pension is not threatened.

    Why are so many Christian Pro-Choice? Read the following page and find out.

  8. Those TV ads are pretty expensive and we’re a new group, so Romney may be the only one this time around. However, one of our group, a pastor, has a radio program and you can bet that McCain has been exposed (and will continue to take a beating on the show). His radio archives are at

    On the other hand, if someone donated some $$$ for the occasion, I’m sure Steve Curtis would be able to put something together.

    It really chills me to hear men say that abortion is a state’s issue. Isn’t that what they said about racial slavery? No level of government has a right to butcher the innocent, and other governments have a good excuse for stepping in and knocking some sense into those that think they do.

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